Part 2-Beyond Light and Dark

I said I was going to touch base once I took a non force user through KotFE ,and etc. Well I did just that and finished the chapters. So now I will be talking about how a non force user might actually fit into the this theory of mine about … Continue reading

Beyond Light and Dark

A while back, well not that long ago I put an interesting theory out there about Non-Force users, and Force users have an impact back on Chapter XII-Visions in the Dark, and well today I am going to talk more about it from a force users perspective and hopefully when … Continue reading

Influence and Companions

So this is going to my little guide to help people out that just don’t want to take the time, or don’t know how to achieve a good influence rank with their companions. Now with this new system there is no right or wrong way to achieve a good influence … Continue reading

Thoughts about

Various things So this blog post will be my thoughts about various things throughout the SW:ToR game, and etc. I decided today I wanted to do a blog post about things that I have had some time to think about and etc. I understand that some may agree or disagree … Continue reading