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Referral Bug!!

So I’m have a little trouble, well not little, but a lot of trouble. We all have this wonderful refer a friend link for SW:ToR that well gets passed around and shared with people via forums, blogs, and etc. Well here is what mine currently looks like

As you can see the names have been well erased to ensure privacy, but what is bugging me is I was told contact CS with an in game ticket , so I did that, then in game ticket gets closed with this comment.




Thank you for contacting us regarding your Star Wars: The Old Republic Account.

In order to better protect your account, all Billing, Subscription and Account Security issues are dealt with via our Customer Service telephone support.

You can contact our Customer Service team over the phone for the price of a local call by calling the numbers listed below:

USA: (855) 345-2186
UK: (020) 3014 1826
Germany: (0221) 82829212 (Phone support available from 09:00 CET – 21.00 CET)
France: 04 81 68 10 51 (Phone support available from 09:00 CET – 21.00 CET)

Please note: Calls made from landlines are local-rate, while those made from mobile devices may be subject to additional charges from your provider.

If you’re calling from a country that is not listed above or if you would like to learn more about VoIP services such as Skype, Viber, Google Voice etc, please see this FAQ: www.swtor.com/support/helpcenter/5200. International calls made using VoIP are generally substantially less expensive than calls made from a mobile phone or landline.

Customer support will be provided in English, French, and German only.

You can also avail of our self-help section on the website which contains many articles which can provide you with further information on our most frequently asked questions. For Account and Billing enquiries, you can visit our Help Center here:


If you have any questions relating to our Free To Play option, you can view them in our Help Center here:


Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. Should you require further assistance with any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Protocol Droid M0-T0,
Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Customer Service

So I did just that, and was told “well you have to create another ingame ticket because we don’t have the fancy tool that they have to access that information. I mean really? So yesterday I submit yet another ticket because I waited for a few days, called CS again and got the same information yet again. If you want us to refer people but not fix the current list of bugs for it, then why even have it. I mean granted I don’t care about the bugs , but for someone that lives on a fixed income meaning I’m on straight disability so I can only put some money into the game, I thought oh great people have used my referral link. I’ll be granted some Cartel Coins if they decide to stay, but instead shortly after they used this link all that ” subscriber has been inactive for over 90 days.” showed up and I just figured okay I’ll wait a while and see if anything changes, well upon looking at my cartel coin history via website in account settings, I see that I’m not being granted the 100Cartel Coins each month, as a matter of fact I’ve only gotten 200 Cartel Coins on this back in September. They use the link I get the initial credit, but nothing after that. I’m at a loss here because Customer support says file a ticket, the ticket says to call them. I mean it can’t really be like this can it? How hard is it to fix their mistake and say “Hey we screwed up?”, but alias Oh well I’ll try calling them again later  today and be in game during the time I’m on the phone with them so they can try and look for the right person to help with this. But onto my next topic here.

Heroics +2 for Star Fortress


Daeqius is now level 65 and he is who I am using at the moment doing the Star Fortress for the alliances in Knights of the Fallen Empire. If you should see this one running around on the planets I usually keep him companioned with Xalex, doing his story to get him back was fun none the less. I won’t say how it goes, but if you’ve done it for another character, it’s not the same as doing it for the Inquisitor since Xalex was originally an SI companion. For him I have opted to not use the terminal in the Commander’s quarters there at all. I want to get these companions back as the story progresses, even though I’m not entirely sure how Raynasia will take to not having her pirate husband around at first, but she’s on another server and I will get to her sooner or later. The reason I hold Daeqius in such a high manner as the rest of my characters is because well he was done the old fashion way before the Epic XP boost we had over the summer, I learned how to take a serious approach to crafting even if it was just for reverse, or for my alts on that server. He has never belonged to a guild once. I have done some low level pvp with him, I believe his valor rank is only like 4, and that was when he was on the Jedi Covenant server before I moved him to The Ebon Hawk server over the summer. I think if I recall correctly he hit level 60 right around Valentine’s day after working on various characters for a month. Plus with him I did every single planet quest, and etc that I could stomach, also spent like close to 400k in credits unlocking various things to help boost XP. It was truly a slow grind with him, but I am proud of myself for sticking with him. So right now I’m using him and doing the Star Fortress quests along with the alliance thing. Going to different planets, doing what I need to do since even Heroics are easy on the planets now. I think though once I unlock all the Heroics+2 for the star fortress itself, that is when I will see if anyone wants to group up and help me on it. I know it can be done solo, but I think he needs to earn some social points now. He’s been a recluse all this time. Which some may even find this funny, but for the life of me, I had literally forgotten what species he was. It wasn’t until all the cut scenes in the expansion did I realize he was a pure blood Sith. Once he got his mask I forgot what he was. I kept his mask on him for 2 reasons, 1 was because I wanted to show him as emotionless and 2 well DS V is hideous to look at.


Anyways thanks for reading and if you wanna drop a comment, feel free to do so. Happy gaming Thursday!!

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