Update on Radqa as a Tank for FPs.

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Now this is an update on Radqa as a tanking Jugg that I’ve been working with. I’ll post his before mod stats, to the one’s he currently has. Oddly enough I’ve gotten some good feedback from people that are on diff servers then me when it comes to creating him as a full blown tank. I admit I’m a total noob when it comes to gearing him up for endgame stuff. I kept him alive through all his class missions by focusing a lot on his Endurance then strength, and from the tips I’ve gotten, I believe now that I can find a way to combine the two into an unstoppable machine. I don’t think I’ll be doing PVP with him because I just keep reading about the DDOS attacks, and how people feel that Juggs are impossible to kill. Well yeah Juggs are suppose to be harder to kill because of how much stronger they are in the force then say a Sorc. I play both, but right now I’m focusing all my endgame mind frame on him, Probably to be able to make more tanks with various classes that have that option in the future, but right now I’m trying to learn his stats. Now from the post I had earlier, This was his stats before the upgrade (See image below)

RadqastatsDuring that time I was on Ziost and had all 4 class buffs and a Endurance Stim boosting him. So yeah he was good. Now I’ve managed to find some good mods, if not my Erizack is a cyber monkey, so I may just have to craft him some good mods, now I understand after a certain level you don’t get “Might and Guardian” anymore, they are named differently now. Also most of his gear was I believe 178 and a little higher, due to mods I ripped outta the Rishi pirate gear cause NO WAY in hell was I putting those funky things on him, braces are one thing, but that cloak, and those pants along with the hat. .AHAHAHA NO!! But back to this topic. Now I updated his gear, and let me say this, people charge outragiously for Mods on the GTN. Why I don’t know? It’s not like in second life where you can cash out the credits you have and live fairly comfortably. Yes I do use SL as a reference because even though it’s not a game, it’s still considered an MMO just differently stated in various things, but anyways back to Radqa. So I was able to get a few items for him, be nice if the Vendors on the Fleet sold lvl 60 Mods instead of the gear, I didn’t like anything that they offered, so ran to the GTN and got some new mods. Have to check later on which he got, but most of his gear now is decked to 190. Even the lightsaber, is now 190.  (Image below) Radqastats1 This is with just the 4 buffs you get from your class stories, (Inquisitor, Agent, BH, and Warrior), I didn’t add the higher stim on him because I was just running around the Stronghold. He’s still a work in progress as I’m always willing to listen to open suggestions on how to boost him up even more, and I’ll keep updating his progress as I continue, now as for my keybindings, Sorry I’m a fast clicker with a mouse then I am with a keyboard, even though I can type 150 words per minute. Go figure. lol, I’m thinking another way I can boost his strength now is with new implants and ear piece, along with an orange mod belt with Strength mods in it, Just a thought, but this is what I’m leaning towards. I took him on a few solo FPS , the earlier ones. Even did Kaon Under Siege on reg mode, and went through it without a hiccup. Didn’t go onto Lost Island as I remembered reading that one truly does require a group specially on two of the bosses. As you can see it’s truly a work in progress and I’m willing to learn this just so I can go and adapt all of his over to Zo’ris on the Jedi Covenant server as well. But I’ll keep him updated as I work with him. Still a long ways to go, and even searched and talked with a few guilds on Shadowlands but didn’t suit what I’m looking for in a guild. The ones I talked too I won’t name them because I respect them, but yeah, they wanted people that did more so pvp then Raids, and Ops, and so forth. For pvp, I may  try to take him into unranked with diff gear, but doubtful as I know some pvpers have a bad attitude. I learned that last night just watching chat and all the smack talk they do to each other. But I’ll find a guild that fits me and doesn’t mind me having multiple characters scretched out across various servers. But for now, I’m gonna go earn him some creds, he deserves them. LOL

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