What I do when not playing now.

I am sure everyone has a hobby or two that they do when not working or playing SW:ToR or any other video game in the sense. Now me, my hobbies vary day to day anymore, from reading things online from swtor news related to watching my favorite angry squirrel named Foamy. I’ve been watching his videos since 2007, now while watching him this morning I found this video that well was for the consoles , but well fits all video games in my opinion.

 WARNING:STRONG LANGUAGE (if offended please do not watch, )

As you can see I am a big fan of foamy and all his partners in crime so to speak, between foamy and pil-z I’m very addicted to him. It’s just something with his ranting that I love, but you can find them over on YouTube and he even has a website called illwillpress.com but I’ve added the links for you in case you wanna check him out for yourself. Now mind you that there is graphic language with Foamy. Now that is just one of my hobbies, the other is that I do go to twitch and YouTube to watch videos on various games. Like Need for Speed, other players in the SW:ToR community and etc. I also listen to music when writing blog posts, or just browsing and reading various things online. Only topics I steer clear from are Politics, and Religion. The two worse bedfellows out there because I’ve seen debates that ended badly in families because of having various views. So I just refuse to follow those topics to closely,plus my feeling with politics is this. “They are all LIARS” , and  they are, they will promise just about anything for us to elect them in,  then when they fail to provide with said promises ,we bitch about it, well in my opinion we are the asshats that elected them into office, so we bought into their lies. Plus once a upon a time in Middle school I did do the presidential crap for class president and got it too. I didn’t promise anything I just told them the honest truth that I’d try to get something better for them and with enough hard work I did get it. I didn’t lie to get elected I just gave them a better choice. Course when you’re labeled “Insane” in school that really boosts morale so to speak too, but back to my hobbies they are far and few between. I use to write poetry, I have a story on my external hard drive that is like 32 pages long, a Vampire romance short novel is what I think it was. I even taught myself graphic altering as well.

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This has been my biggest and longest hobby to date. I started learning how to use various things to give me effects in photos back in 1997 I believe, and haven’t quit yet. I just grow tired of doing it, and well to be honest I learned in a 2d chat world called eXcite chat, that eventually was sold and bought and dismembered. Then another company called Halsoft chat created a duplicate of eXcite and named it VP Chat. Then of course in 2010 I found second life where altering your images for your profile there is a hot thing course now a days most morph an image, and I shiver when I see them morph a cartoon onto an actors/actress, or sports figures bodies. It’s unreal and unnatural in my eyes.


Now as you can see this is freaky to me. I can’t for the life of me imagine plastering a cartoon face onto a real model, or whatever. They do it. I use to take same images of people and transform them then slap a virtual name on them. Mine was either Shadowz, Vampy, Daywalker, yes those are some of the chat names I ran under, as you can see I was a big vamp lover, still am in all senses, but now I play SW:Tor, and have fun doing so with a name generator for SW lore.




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Now as you can see this was what I use to do, smaller images, but none the less still works of art in my eyes. It really was something I was damned proud of because it’s not easy to learn how to manipulate images into different backgrounds. I think to this day my favorite one is the girl with ball cap on and snake near her face. Of course the “No more Pain” , those were the days for me. I was the most uninteresting person in chat too, only because it was during that time I was hated mostly for being a cruel bitch in vampire the masquerade in chat. While browsing online one day I even found our old Elysium I made over at Angelfire. Here is the link if you want to see some of the web page making I did back in the day too. I owned a domain back then called InsanityAsylum.org it is now back up on being listed as an available domain name. I guess that was the best I could think of back then. I was to pissed off at the world still for things that happened in my real life that I just couldn’t be bothered to make friends that would have a long lasting impact on my life. I may end up working on a story that is true on my real life blog about depression and what it’s like to live with MPD and etc. But I will give a warning first, when I do write that story , it’s going to be depressing and sad, because that was how my life was back then, now it’s just a ramble of insane emotions all over the place. But it will give an insight on who I am as a person and why I’m not so social in all reality too. Eh, anyways I think the servers should be up by now to play SW:ToR. Hope you enjoyed reading what I do when not playing SW:ToR.

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