Screenshots and What nots!!

Screenies & How good they are

I am like some in the game that love to take that epic screen shot of my character even if I never show it off, or I’ll take it with hopes of uploading it and just never get around to it in a blog post, or I lose track of what screenie I wanted to show off. I call them screenies because well I’m lazy like that, but most know what it is anyways. Now when I first started playing SW:ToR I didn’t take screenshots at all. I did not know how until a friend told me that Fraps was good for it. I still didn’t pay much attention and tried using the infamous Printscreen button on the keyboard while in game, and only sometimes it would take a snap for me, so that was when I was talking with a friend and they sent me their registered version of Fraps so that I could have all the functions of it. Then of course along the way I also got involved with the AMD Gaming Evolved program since I run an AMD Quad Core CPU chipset with the graphics built right into the chip.

So this is my little gallery of game shots that I have taken and love to death. Mostly all are from ending of Chapt 3 on certain characters, and of course the infamous screenie from SoR as well. Yes I have one with HK-55 from the new expansion as well. I just don’t get the understanding on why some hate screenies and hate showing off their achievements this way. For me it’s a mark of honor and pride because I did that, not anyone else ,but I did it. Course though I also love taking certain screenies of the planets I’ve traveled and what not, but SW:ToR is not the only game that I’ve taken screenies in. Guild Wars 2 is such an amazing talent of graphics that when you hit the view point achievement for each area they give you a full shot of how beautiful that screen really is. For me my best gaming experiences come from just traveling around and finding those beautiful images that I think would make great desktop wall papers, or backgrounds for here on my blog. Yes as you can see I love to change the background often and try to make certain color of text to the background. Right now I’m into a green scene. I don’t like my characters looking green, but I do like the neon color of green.
fGJ79iy Reminds me of the Monster Energy Drink that I love. I only ever drank the Import Monster Energy and this was why I loved it so much.

monster-resealableThe top had a resealable lid on it along with a little wing sticker with the Monster Logo on it. Anytime anyone seen me in the past I always had a Monster Energy drink in hand too, or stuck in my back pocket. I also drank a lot of other energy drinks like Mountain Dew’s AMP, and their Kick-start which I still drink to this day from time to time.  Most drank these for a boost , I drank them to help with headaches that I suffer. But a lot don’t like taking screenies, and I do , I just tend to forget about them a lot and yes I know the monster had nothing to do with this post, but in a way it did because of the colors. I get side tracked a lot, and it’s sometimes annoying because I have a post all in my head, but yet something odd and off-topic pops in and shows up in the post as well. Right now I’m working on yet another Sith Inquisitor this time I took the Assassin spec with a tree of Tank, I remembered the rotation I had for the Jedi Consular who was a Shadow with a Tank spec as well. For me to remember these, I just look at them as a mirror class. I’ll break down how I remember my rotations a little later on, but over all I am proud to know that the screenies I take sit on my external Hard drives and that I never lose them because they are my proudest moments in SW:ToR and Guild Wars 2.

This is my little list of how I remember my Rotations for each of the 8 Classes.

  • Sith Warrior (Juggernaut)=Jedi Knight (Guardian)
  • Sith Warrior (Marauder)= Jedi Knight (Sentinel)
  • Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer)= Jedi Consular (Sage)
  • Sith Inquisitor (Assassin)= Jedi Consular (Shadow)
  • Imperial Agent (Operative)=Trooper (Commando)
  • Imperial Agent (Sniper)=Trooper (Vanguard) (Even though technically not the same)
  • Bounty Hunter (Mercenary)=Smuggler (Gunslinger)
  • Bounty Hunter (Power-tech)= Smuggler (Scoundrel)

Again the bottom 4 really have nothing to do with each other, but that is how I remember rotations the best for me. But it’s how I reference each class and how I’ve explained it to my husband who may just join the Galaxy one day in the far future if we get another computer to play together, and when we do. I will get him a subscription only cause well I can’t see him playing as a Preferred player.


Forums and the rants there

Yes I have a terrible habit of reading the SW:ToR Forums and laugh at all the rants going on still about over powered companions and how every thing is so hard now. I just recently finished yet another SI story line and killed Thanaton before I even hit level 50, matter of fact before heading to Corellia I went back to Korriban and got Xalek all cause he was due to me since Thanaton killed my others off and I’m not a fan of having a whiney jedi padawan as my current companion. I switched between Khem and Andronikus, now I switch between Khem, Andronikus, and Xalek. I think it is mostly because I am not a huge fan of Togrutas, anyways. Just like I only like the Twi’lek for the smuggler story line, even though I haven’t finished my smuggler for her yet. I already did it, and just stopped at I believe level 53 or something along those lines. I think my problem with those two races is that I just do not like the lekku’s, They just look freaky in my eyes, but eh, everyone has something they don’t like about the races, just like I’m not a huge fan of Cathar’s either, but I have them unlocked as well on one legacy. But I went from I believe like level 31 up to level 50 in just a few hours of game play, and that was with a lot of side things I was doing as well. I’m still trying to figure out this new crafting system on Daeqius so that I can craft with him again. But I did not find the leveling hard at all, I mean I was only level 45 when I finished the last quest on Voss for the SI’s story, then went back and did the planetary story arc. I did that in Belsavis too, but that I went with the story for the SI since it was all gonna be in the same areas. Only true challenge I had was with an  Assassin spec is little harder then say my madness or lightening spec I was use too, but I did it and am still doing it, Course my SI also has the Ceremonial Mystic’s Gear finally. Daeqius had over 2 Million in credits so I bought the full armor set from the GTN for 1.2 Mill creds and then unlocked it account wide just for Domicolt to wear it. 1Domicolt I used the Orange/Brown Dye on his armor and when he draws out his double-bladed Reckoning’s Exposed Saberstaff it has a Black/Orange crystal added to it. While Xalek runs with Black-Red Color crystal but same Saberstaff, only cause I love the sound of it. Xalek for cosmetic purposes is  running around in the Intimidator set I had previously unlocked a while ago and never used it. I didn’t like the chest guard, and didn’t feel like mixing and matching them up so to speak. I haven’t changed his color yet, but when I pull out Andronikus he’s running around in the Niko duster, ravagers face mask, and Synthetic Bio-Fiber and a few other odds and ends, and his is dyed Dark Green/Grey with a Cartel Customization for him. I’ll have to snag some screen shots of them both. He’s also running with Niko’s blasters too. I couldn’t see them just sitting in my inventory going unused so I placed them on him without anything added since I no longer have to worry about his gear either.

But there you have it my screenshots and what not post about anything my mind could install on me today.

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