Not sure why I did it


As the title states, I am not sure why I did it, but I’ve started yet another Legacy. This time over on Ebon Hawk, and I must say, I’m impressed, while I’ve only seen negativity surrounding Shadowlands, and sometimes on JC server. I was surprised to say the least that I did not find one rude thing about last nights run on Ebon Hawk. People were friendly, nice, and even helpful. I chatted in gen chat for the first time in probably a year now. I gave up chatting as well DK chat (dromund kaas gen chat) is usually toxic.  I tend to stear clear of all negativity in any form of social gathering , just I don’t see the need to degrade, even insult anyone. I may have my opinions, and thoughts , but I tend to keep them to myself because I don’t like it when someone does it to me, so I won’t do it to them. I believe in the age old method of “Treat others how you want to be treated and so forth.” I tend to treat everyone with respect, even those annoying interweb bullies you see. I understand that some have issues, and their issues are not my concern because I try not to judge anyone. Also I did not see a lot of gold farmers either, or unless it’s because I haven’t made my Agent on that server yet. I started out this time with a Sith Warrior again (Always my go too story cause I enjoy the character so much), or a BH , but this Sith Warrior is going to be like Radqa, he is specializing in Tanking again. I just can’t see using a dual saber, or making him anything but Immortal. Probably cause of how I characterize that role with Vader so much.

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Start of this character

Name: Shawcade

Legacy: Spiderbane

Species: Human

Age: 33 years old

Personality: Dominating, Laid back at times, Strict uphold of Sith Code.

Likes: To piss off Baras, Shocking Vette, Teaching his new apprentice Jaesa,

Dislikes: Quinn , Nagging Vette for wanting her collar off, Baras,

Dark or Light side: Dark II

Level: 32

Title: Lord


Bio: A Human male that was dominating as a child that grew into his own during the years. He spent most of his life alone. Only because he was unlike other children. He was brutally honest, and big for his age. Unsure of himself. It wasn’t until he was in his mid twenties that he started to realize how strong he was. While horseplaying with a friend of his, he accidently choked him until he passed out. Others witnessed it and they saw his rage just consume him. It was then they realized he was force sensitive. He spent most of his teenage years on Coruscant, and his family thought he would train to be a jedi knight, but that was not the case. While the Jedi Master’s thought he could be one of their strongest Knights,  they noticed that he could install fear,and feed off that emotion that they kicked him from the Academy as they were still trying to rebuild what had been destroyed. So Shawcade so this as an chance to travel the galaxy and see various planets and fell off the grid for a good 10 to 15 years. It wasn’t until a trip near the Sith galaxy that he was noticed. Someone saw in his the power of the true essense of what it was to be a Sith Warrior. So he was drafted to try Tremel and rushed into the Sith Academy where he excelled it everything that was a true essences to be a Warrior. He trained hard, and fought til the others yelled for a “Yield” , never having seen such raw power in a human before, they knew he was to become a great Sith Warrior. He then decided to take on his newest challenges with ease, he began installing fear, rage, and everything that he hated about the light side of the force into his personality. Dominating weaklings, Challenging anyone that would dare get in his path. Craving a path of death along the way, leaving no witnesses, no signs of anything but a blood bath. He was not there to make friends, he was there to prove himself and to change the old sith ways into something greater. His story continues as he travels the galaxy seeking new adventures with his crew.

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