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Movie Pun of the year!

Now we all have movies that well if they make it into a video game as a pun, well it’s just saying something is going right with a video game. I don’t normally spot puns about movies so fast unlike I did with this one. By now most have probably dived into Knights of  the Fallen Empire and if not, well I’m sure you’ll understand this little spoiler if you want to call it that.

swtor 2015-11-06 20-48-44-37 I noticed this the first run through on KotFE and fell out of my chair laughing so hard at it, because it was the first time a movie I enjoyed a lot showed up in a pun in a video game. My husband knew exactly what was going on when he heard it too and laughed so hard we had tears streaming down our face because it was just the way HK-55 had said it. I don’t normally find movie title puns funny, but well I’m a huge fan of Ice Cube, and loved all his movies he’s done so far from Friday all the way up to Ride Along. Sometimes you just have to step back and watching something as messed up as that and get a good laugh going. I also know that there is a TV Show named Are we there yet as well, but well here is the trailer in-case you haven’t seen the movie “Are We There Yet?”

Random Ramblings

Now this week I haven’t really done much inside SW:ToR all because I was not feeling all that hot, and plus Hubby and I have been having issues, his issue, come home and drop bad news into my lap to piss me off enough that I just quit playing for the night. I swear at times I’d love to choke him, or just use duct tape on his mouth and make him shut up for a good 48 hours. Before it’s said, yes I have an evil streak in me. Despite having dropped a whole 1.2 million in credits for Domicolt’s Ceremonial Mystic Armor set and what not. I’ve been trying to save up my credits yet again so that now I can finally work on getting the Tatooine strong hold that I want so badly.

Just something about this one that I just truly love. Probably because it’s a permanent sunset going on or sunrise whichever you prefer. On my one character I have I believe 1.5 million credits sitting there, Domicolt also have over 1.5 million credits as well, and Ericzak is sitting at 500,000 credits at the moment. I’m finding it easier to go into the expansion and make a mad killing with credits with just killing everything in sight. Domicolt has that much because I sold some decorations like the Imperial and Republic Flags you get in the beginning when you get a new strong hold. Plus not to mention that I tend to let the basic stuff sit in my legacy storage until it’s enough to just go ahead and sale them either on the GTN or to a vendor for certain amount of credits, not to mention that when BioWare dropped the droid parts, my older names have a huge stack of droid parts I can just sale now to a vendor and be done with it. So fart I believe I’ve gotten close to like 200k just selling it to a vendor in my stronghold. My Kaas Apartment strong hold is completely unlocked and I believe sitting at or near to 100% completion. I don’t really use the Republic one all that much because I’m just not a fan, I travel to it when I make a new character and get the decorations to throw into the legacy storage and sale them at a later date. Daeqius has some credits too, but he was the one I used to buy the Ceremonial Mystic Set. I haven’t found many armor sets that I want, so therefore it’s easier for me to save my credits now, plus I don’t have many mounts I want, I still want a Tauntaun mount, but of the two ways I know to get it, well are both time and credit consuming. One is on the GTN and the other is using Dulfy’s Tauntaun guide and do it the hard way, but either way it’s time consuming and a pain in my ass all the way around. I guess now with level sync it will be more of a challenge to get one, course I could just say piss on it, and buy the one off the Cartel Market for I believe is 3,000 Coins, but I don’t ever put that much money into the game, and then again if Customer service would fix my damn referral problem. I could save up for it, I’ve had 13 in game referrals and do not get credit for it still. This has been going on since late July. Every so often I’ll get a 100 Coin grant but other than that, NOTHING, and it’s starting to piss me off.

Stillnothing As you can see in the image I’ve had more people use my link and instead of nothing I get the yellow box now. Yes to save on privacy I’ve blanked out the names, and etc. But this is becoming a troublesome issue for most of us in SW:ToR. We get people to use our link, how they get mine is well odd unless they are pulling it off the blog, or off my signature in SW:ToR Forums which I don’t really post there all that often, but I am thankful for those that keep trying. At least they get the bundles and unlocks along with the character transfer. I’ve only used one link since last year, and I haven’t let my sub lapse once , so hopefully the person I’m using is still getting their 100 coins a month. If not , well BioWare needs to fix this. I’m losing out on roughly about 1300 coins a month. I could have had my mount by now but NOOOOOOO they keep fucking around. (Sorry for language ) but this pisses me off to no extent.


Birthdays & Holidays

Course now this is the time of year again that most love, me I can take it or leave it. By that I mean the sudden mad dashes for holidays and of course for those of us born this time of the year for our birthdays as well. Everyone in my life knows I don’t really celebrate my birthday all that much because well let’s face it ,being born around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and etc. well kind of dampens the gift parade because for some if they are around Thanksgiving  that is great, because along with the infamous turkey day, they get presents, then again if you’re born closer to Christmas, well good luck there. I have a birthday coming up next month. December 15th to be exact. I will be 38 years old and still get asked “What do you want for your birthday?” , I know what I want this year, but I can believe I won’t get it. I’ve told everyone to go to our local walmart or even and get me a cartel coin card for SWTOR or even a game time card, or a bundle pack that includes both. I’m not asking for much, but I know I won’t see it, because that is just the way it goes. Instead I’ll get a card with $20.00 in it, and it won’t last because I’ll need to spend it on something for the apartment, dog, or whatever necessity comes up at the time. As a kid I loved my birthday’s now as an adult it’s like “Oh shit, another one of them is coming again.” I did not do the typical milestones either. No sweet 16 , nothing for when I turned 18 or 21. Then again most have a hard time grasping too that I have a 19 year old and a soon to be 21 year old (May) daughters and I’m only going to be 38 years old. I had kids young, and that is another story for another time maybe and on my other blog about Real life issues.  I was lucky to have my two daughters because now I can’t have anymore. Would I have loved another child? Possibly but I’m not all that hype on the whole thing now, course I’m afraid if I did have a child, they would have a pissed off attitude, oh wait, my youngest did have that attitude, now I’m not so sure because of past circumstances that changed their life, and mine for good. So for some the holidays are a joyous time of the year, for me they bring back memories I wish I didn’t have so if I fall silent in blog posts and what not. It’s not because I’ve given up, it’s just this time of the year I have a lot on my mind and etc. Anyways thanks for reading ,and have a wonderful gaming weekend.

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