So I finally

Got my dream stronghold….

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Yes I finally got my dream stronghold in SW:ToR and it felt great going to buy it too.I know for some they will probably just roll their eyes as they have passed this one up, or just didn’t feel the need to grab it. But me on the other hand well I wanted the stronghold on Tatooine ever since they announced it a while back. While most were saving up for the Yavin-4 Stronghold. I just wanted the one on Tatooine because I love the sunset with dual suns in the background. So still to unlock everything I will have to grind credits for the 7 million to unlock the entire stronghold but I’m not complaining because I do have characters that have not finished running through Knights of the Fallen Empire yet, plus I do have some old armor that many look for and companion customizations that are high priced too. But Domicolt owns his own stronghold and it sits on Tatooine. I can’t remember what I ended up going with title I believe it was “Lair of Shadows” for his stronghold title, but I’m proud of myself. I earned this prize on my own without any help. Of course though I will wait on making a video tour of it until I fully unlock everything but I did notice a place to put a ship so I had one believe it or not, it was the Koth Shuttle and I placed it in the space ship hook that is until Daeqius finishes crafting the last 5 Universal Prefab MK-3 needed to buy. I have the Dark Projects done already and waiting in the storage so that I can get it. I’m really torn between wanting the Fury for my Warrior and Inquisitor or getting the one that Agent uses. I love them both, and want them, so we’ll just have to see what I decide to get.

Heroics Solo-style and Etc……..

Yeah I’m having a tough time getting my Inquisitor and Warrior to stay alive on the 3rd ray in the heroics for star fortress, so I’m thinking it’s my gear, and not having what I need, I mean Lana is sitting at I believe near rank 20 in influence, but I also need to find a way to boost alliances too so I can use the specials during the heroics and have an easier time. I see people asking all the time for a group on a heroic, and I had thought of jumping up and say, “I’ll go.” But it’s these same people that also say must have 200+ gear on. Sorry most of mine at the moment is only 190 , maybe a little higher. I could always try and farm for Data Crystals, but that may be a little harder. I’ll figure something out though I always do. I just don’t like farming for Data Crystals that I need. Ahhh how life was simpler when you could throw in your level 60 mods/armoring/hilts/enhancements and just augment the hell out of your gear. Course I’m also learning how to use the outfit designer finally. Throwing on shit they give me in game without losing the look I have created for my character.  Then again I have to figure out Daeqius’s Cybertech Skill again since they removed some things from it, and have to relearn again, I mean seriously they should remove the cost of learning skills, or at least lessen the price a little bit. My Bounty hunter just recently maxed out on Slicing mostly on the Yavin-4 planet. I did what most said to do, kept switching instances to get the nodes I need, and was able to max it out quickly. Now I’ve been wanting to start the BH part in KotFE but without having Skadge and one other one done in storys per character for BH, I haven’t been able too. I know it’s a current bug that is pissing everyone off that some things you just can’t complete. Most seem to have thought that with Early Access it was to work out the kinks and everything before bringing it live for everyone else, and that was not the case. A lot did not play early access, they still ran through old content and etc. to see what changes were good and bad before jumping into KotFE. I know a few right now that still are doing old content and just waiting until around Christmas before jumping into the new content of Knights. Which is smart by the way because let’s face it, by the time they work through all their characters and get them to level 65, a new chapter should be dropped into our laps. I think they should have rethought about how long those chapters were because you can just wipe through them quickly even if you stop and listen to the story along the way. Course every time I run it and hear that one line from HK, I just instantly smile. I’m hoping and from what theories I’ve read is that there maybe a new HK unit, not that I don’t love my HK-51. I will never give up my HK-51 prior to 4.0. He is and always will be my favorite companion.

swtor 2015-11-06 20-48-44-37

HK-55 is comical and love the fact that he called organics “Meatbags” a term we love to hear from him all the same.







HK is just one of my favorites. It was nice that they don’t make us go out hunting for him and Treek. If you haven’t finished KotFE yet I won’t spoil it for you, but just know this. You don’t have to hunt for them they come to you. Provided you have the acquired influence aka affection from them. Now I think I’m going to go close this post, and log into SW:ToR and start playing again. Happy gaming Monday!! Enjoy and thanks for reading if you’ve stopped and taken the time to read this post.

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