Rants and Raves

About Heroics and Etc.

I have a huge rant about some of the things in SW:ToR at the moment. First off the one set of Heroics I’m gonna bitch about are the Heroic +4. I’m sure a lot will not understand this post, but some will. Okay so I was late getting into the Macrobinocular and seeker droid missions that well most have done and everything. As we all know that the majority of it can be soloed all the way until you hit the [Heroic+4] then after that you are required to group up for it. I’ve seen some be able to solo it ,and had a hard time, but most got a group together and did it. One of my characters still has that and the Opertaion on Oricon. I’d love to get the tauntaun mount, but looks like again I’ll have to wait, unless I wait for it to show up in Group finder, but I hate group finder, and some require some outrageous shit like having done it in the past, linking the achievement into gen chat, etc. Sorry but for those that are late getting to end game stuff don’t have the achievement, and well I’m slowly building up my gear on Daeqius because I have finally decided to use outfit designer. The other small rant I have as well as the Heroic+2 for the Star Fortress that I see now too.  Guess I’ll just have to keep farming for crystals so that I can get the proper gear to solo them as most are still stuck with their heads in the ass syndrome and don’t realize not everyone plays the same way.

Companions I don’t want

I hate having to grind for Qyzen, At least with Xalek if I don’t want him I can just do his quest and either kill him or say I don’t want him in my alliance. I don’t even get that option with Qyzen at all. Which to me seems unfair because really I can’t stand his voice , and I didn’t think he was all that great either. At least with getting Lokin on the Agent wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. I just wish they allowed us to decide whether we wanted to recruit certain companions and what not. I don’t dare go after 4x or Pierce on other alts because I refuse to do PVP. If I was into PVP heavily I could see this being a dream thing, but jumping into pvp at level 65 well that’s just murder and trolling someone that doesn’t pvp all that often. Let alone having a valor of 40, or even doing 20 unranked warzones to get them both. No thanx, I’ll be passing on these two companions on other names as well. And from what I read from Eric himself by talking with other Devs too, they have no plans on changing it at the moment, so there goes two quests that will probably sit on my alts since I have no desire what so ever to PVP. If I do, it will be on the ones that have low legacies, and no pvp titles and etc. I have no interest in PVP on a PVE server at all. I don’t care if  they try to force that all the way. If they do that, well I’ll do like most, probably drop my subscription and walk away all together.

There were bugs, bugs and more bugs

yes I know this title comes from the Sith Inquisitor Balmorra story line but if you like to complain about bugs, well they certainly gave us a good line to use. There is something at the moment that is bugging me to no end here, and that is the hype with the level 60 tokens. I don’t know if they are broke at the moment or not as I will not shell out 2,000 Cartel Coins for an instant level 60. What is bugging me is this. All those that have not finished the 8 class stories, and what not getting the unlocks for it via level up to 61. Buffs I don’t personally see the real good use for them anymore other then cosmetic’s on your character now, but if you got to the start of Chapter 3 in the main story, then you’ll have the buffs unlocked, you don’t get the legacy heroics until after finishing chapter 3 in the main stories. What I’m talking about is this. In the image below I took my level 50 Legacy, the first one I ever got to level 50, and all the unlocks for the chapters. By the end of Chapter 2 you get the buffs unlocked on each faction. Now what I’m seeing people saying via forums and reddit is they are getting the past part of the chapter 3 unlocks as well. To me this is a kick in the teeth. I worked hard, and busted my ass to get these unlocks, and for these people to take advantage of this bug well it’s a hard thing to stomach.




People are actually cheering for each other for taking advantage of this bug. While those of us that have put the time and heartache into finishing all classes and gaining access to all unlocks for both Imperial and Republic are now being slapped in the face with this bug. I know people are gonna take advantage of things, but really do they have to brag about not having done a solid class and gaining access to the end by creating a level 60 character. Even though specifically on the website for SW:ToR it states this about level 60s

Please note that creating a level 60 character will not complete Legacy Achievements for that class, and the class storyline of that character will not be available to you.
If you’re downloading the game for the first time and plan to start at level 60 you will need to allow the full game download to complete before hitting Play.

And yet because of their flaw with this, people are doing just that, creating a level 60 character and getting those Legacy Achievements for it. I have not seen a word edge wise about what they intend to do with those taking advantage of these bugs and what not. But I don’t expect much because let’s face it, the gaming industry is not without said bugs and exploits as one can wish for. I mean if you take advantage of something like a Legacy Achievement then something should happen, but it’s not, so it’s totally worthless in my eyes. People are gonna take advantage of everything they can in hopes they do get away with it. I mean lets face it. Sometimes something as simple as an achievement gets overlooked. But who knows with Bioware Austin.


Level Sync

Now you’ll hear a lot of negativity about level sync and all the complainers well doing what they do best. Now me on the other hand, I have a few characters that I did not level up 60 during the Epic XP Boost we had over the summer. I’m not complaining about that because well Real life happens, and takes time away from the game and etc., so I decided this past week to take my level 30 something trooper into the game. Well as of last night he was level 47, and that was before getting off Quesh. I breezed through Hoth with no issues even though I was sync to I believe level 42, now I’ll be heading off to Belsavis and will be level synced yet again and I won’t complain about it, because even being a higher level I’m doing really well course now I have to use a different companion as Aric Jorgan is unavailable for the time being. To be level 47 and not even anywhere near the end of Chapter 3 in the trooper story is just amazing. I’ll have to take a screenies of him once I’m done messing with his gear. But yeah anyone that says Level sync sucks, well just needs to have their head examined because this is the first time I’m welcoming level sync. Over in Guild Wars 2 their idea of level sync is different, you don’t get a high amount of XP when killing mobs and etc. They just tone you down, at least with Bioware Austin, they level sync you, and give you huge amounts of XP for completing a class mission or even the planetary arcs. So yeah I welcome level sync, if anything I think they mostly did it to stop us from being able to solo some of the World Bosses, and decided that since some wanted the XP boost they found a way to implement it into the game and see if it would work and I believe it is doing just as it is intended. So I welcome level sync if it’s going to make for an easier way to level up. Now while some are still using the infamous “Learn to Play” mentality they don’t realize that with the instant level 60s most aren’t willing to learn how to play. They see the words instant 60 and just jump right into it without realizing that there is a wonderful back story to their characters they have chosen. Now while some classes are just a dull drag and mundane to go through some have opted to just jump into the game and learn as they go. While this has both good and bad points. Its our job as a community to help the new comers, minus the ones that demand everything be handed to them. How to play. But alias our community is a mixed one, with a lot of negativity and with some that just don’t want to help out all the way around. To each their own I guess.


Summary of it all

It’s like this, we know there will be bugs and etc. in a game like this, but there comes a time when you can not accept the braggers about it. It makes those of us that have worked hard for theses achievements to see someone make an instant character level and get it, well it’s a slap in the face, kick in the teeth, or how ever you want to word it. Grinding to get specific gear should not be in question either. Most need to realize that not everyone levels and plays the same way, so a little understanding is well just that, understanding. Sadly most just want to do fast runs, and make others feel uncomfortable playing a certain way because it’s not their way of play style. So the next time one feels the need to put someone down, then ask them, “Why do you solo when you can group up?”, it’s because some in our community want certain things out of others that is well hindering some from the idea of grouping up . Think before you  type, and you’ll find a way into helping someone learn how to play the game. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday/Weekend!!!

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