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Nerfed already?

So if you have recently played SW:ToR and went through that long round of updating last night, you know that our beloved companions got hit hard with a HUGE nerf. So thanks to all the whiners out there that cried that Companions were overpowered. Because of your boohooing they nerfed them, and it was not a small nerf either. They have lost most of their zeal that I loved having them with me. So I have an image for the whiners that got what they wanted.

J101-skull-with-two-middle-fingers-black-02 That’s right, I present you with the double salute. I honestly preferred to have my companions overpowered. I did not care that they did more damage nor healing then me. I wanted them to out heal me, and have a better attack rating then me. I had watched the forums and read gen chat so much that I became numb to the “Overpowered Companion” threads, and discussions taking place. But they were warned too, bitch about something and it’ll be taken away. Some players bitched about other classes being over powered and they got hit with a huge nerf. Like the Sith Inquisitor and their Force Storm, and Jedi Consular with the Force quake. Both were heavily nerfed that well most had to learn how to use their other abilities  I always tried to use all, and set up my own rotation that I enjoyed. I don’t do raids, I don’t do endgame content, so for me to be able to play solo has well hindered a lot for me now. Now this is not a deal breaker for me, nor will it make me unsub from this game because I do love it so much. I am just disappointed that the ones that cried out for the nerf got it.

How will this hurt the new player?

Easy, a new player that started to play before the nerf had a good start with a companion being almost god like if you want to call it that, could do a lot more without legacy unlocks and etc. A new player with no high level legacy was able to play their mandatory class and planet missions with a little ease being that the start companions were doing what they were intended to do after this release was done. For an example lets take Vette on the Sith Warrior. Once acquired she was able to become a healer, tank, or just straight up DPS, before KotFE she was just a DPS that stood in the back ground doing whatever it was she did. Just shoot things, then came KotFE and a completely revamped companion system that allowed us to use all our companions again. So for the new player this was a HUGE difference to them, they get to play with a super companion and did not have to worry about them dying, or their companion dying. Now the latest patch has killed that, because what new player has the influence build up on their newly acquired companion? None that I know of unless they are an ALT of an older toon. I haven’t done to much at the moment on some of my lower level alts. But I am going to test the theory today since I have another yet Sith Warrior only this time I made an Marauder and didn’t use him because well he was super duper squishy even in good gear. At the moment he is level 39 I believe and sitting on Taris awaiting to go after the War Trust. So I’ll see how bad they are now that he doesn’t have a high level of influence, and with no adaptive gear on the companion anymore, course at the moment he is running around with HK. My preferred companion when I decide to unlock him on certain characters. Course I may try to run with Jaesa since I got her now and yes she’s a psycho again.


Odd outfit for Jaesa

swtor 2015-11-17 21-21-26-91 Now this has me scratching my head. I bought the Imperial slave outfit from the security key vendor on DK when I was there getting my mission from Baras, (Fat ass wanna be Darth), While talking to Jaesa aboard the ship, this is what her outfit is, but outside of the outfit it looks normal. Odd that I know, because it should show her skin, but it doesn’t. I even opted to get her a customization from the Taris vendor , but I am not sure if I plan on keeping her like this, because I am not sure about it, may just send her back to her default when you get her as a Dark side

Swtor_Jaesa_Willsaam_Dark_Customization_4 I like the tattoos and the hair, but she is just sooooooo pale. so you can image what she looks like running around in a slave outfit with white/red dye pack installed. I know I don’t have to customize her gear anymore, but still hate the traditional crap they put them in when you get them. It’s bad enough that they won’t allow us to throw different outfits on the KotFE companions we recruit, so we all run around with clones of Lana, Koth, Theron and what not. I mean if you wanted to take crap away from us, take away the outrageous prices on some of the shit you place on the Cartel Market. Give subscribers better perks and what not to keep them happy. Don’t just take away strong points in the game that make those of us that play solo and make it to where you are forcing us to “GROUP UP”,  I am sorry but I still don’t group up for a lot of things I know that can be done solo. By forcing people to group up, you are ironically saying that this is not a “Solo” type deal. A lot of people are finally coming to the realization that SW:ToR is just an MMORPG, and that doesn’t always require to be forced into grouping. For months I watched the debates on the forums and etc. to help some understand that SW:ToR is just an MMO for multiple people online. It is a community driven gave with a role playing game added to it. If you take out the PVP, the chat, the GTN and etc. You end up with a story driven game that is well Solo in style.


Refer a Friend bug


For years, from what other forum posters have posted, to even my own experience this past year. Bioware Austin has finally admitted to finding a bug in their refer a friend program so for the time being they have disabled it. Well it’s about damn time this bug is being looked into. I had a response from a ticket I created back at the end of Oct. about this bug, and they said it was working fine, and credited me 100 Cartel Coins for the long wait. I used the coins for a transfer of my instant level 60 character to another low ball server I was on, because I wanted room. So in their words I got screwed because of this bug, they claimed that they checked into the past referrals I had gotten and suggested they did not subscribed or whatever, but sorry they are still wrong because within a day of them using my link, I got the initial credit grants, then nothing afterwards because of the bug that claimed they were inactive for over 90 days.
Stillnothing This image is from an older post, but still shows the truth be told. Subscription has been inactive for over 90 days. That was just a day after they used my link, so for the time being, you can’t use anyone’s link. Now on Monday night I had checked it again and seen that 2 more people used my link so now I’m up to 15 in game referrals, but what about those in the past that used my link and got hit with that, Nothing is going to happen. They claimed it was working just fine. WRONG! I was denied the monthly grants and they suggested that I get in touch with my friends and see if they got their rewards. Funny thing is , these people who used this link are not my friends. I have no friends listed in my friends list on my names. I am a SOLO player who had links used via forum signature, and or my blog here. So really how do you contact people you do NOT know? I guess I just got the good over bent over the table and screwed without lube because of this bug that they claim was “Working as intended”, but if it was working as intended, then why did they suddenly decide to disable this feature?? I guess it was NOT working as intended. I know most used the link for the free transfer and etc. I wonder if the person that I used their referral link is still getting the coins each month I stay subbed or did they get the screw too. Oh well who knows. Hopefully they will get their shit together one day or maybe not, but in the long process of this post. I will NOT unsubscribe because of bugs, I will just find other work around that will not be considered an exploit.

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