Flashy Friday

Leveling and Companions

So after the huge downfall of the nerf to our companions I decided I wanted to test this theory out on low level characters I did not get leveled up to at least 60 before the release of KotFE. So I’ve been working on Dredum who is a Sith Warrior in Marauder form with Rage as his discipline. When I stopped using him he was well squishy and still is, but he was sitting somewhere around level 30, still on Alderaan and hadn’t moved forward. So I took him through and got the insane DS Jaesa as well. I’ve been using her now and she has a influence rank of around 10 or something along those lines. While she does a base heal at the moment of 1218, her other heals get to be from about 210, and up. She sucks now as a healer. Course what I found interesting this time around is that I did not flirt with her at all and yet she still pursues the Warrior to sleep with her. I wasn’t going to romance her this time around as I wanted to see if she got upset that  I denied her advances. Well just have to see anyways. I went over to my other 60 lvl Sith Inquisitor who is an assassin hatred discipline and well he told Ashara no to just about everything. Even had a few disappointments along the way and at the end of their conversations they were talking about marriage, even after I had said “Forget it” to her. Now ironically when I made that Assassin I used a name generator to give him a unique name all on his own. He is named Noxaxa , so you can imagine my surprize at the end of the inquisitor story when Marr actually calls him Darth  Nox/Imperius/Oculus are the three you get. Nox if you are dark , Imperius if you are light, and Occlus if you are light. So he was dark, and got called “Darth Nox” and when my husband heard that, he smirked because he said wasn’t that the name of your SI anyways. Yes people had called “Noxaxa” Nox for short , so it had me laughing even because it was “Darth Noxaxa” who is a Zabrak.


Grouping vs Solo


Now I was reading on the forums and saw a post about why people do not want to group up. Well due to various reasons some had pretty pathetic rude comments about why they refuse to group up. Here are my reasons for why I rarely group up.

  1. The space bar screamers (Those that repeatedly yell to space bar a scene)
  2. The elitist mentality (The ones that require whatever whether it be gear, achievement, etc.)
  3. The other elitists (Ones that yell L2P at a noob who hasn’t been playing as long)
  4. The ones that need on everything (Not sure how it works now that comps no longer need gear)
  5. Just rude over all.

Now that flashpoints have a solo mode I plan to do them at my own time and everything, if anything just to get the story so that incase someone does ask for a group on a certain flashpoint I can space bar it , even though it will be rare, because I do like the stories they have made in the older flashpoints.

Heroics and grouping

While the planet heroics were something I rarely did until I was over leveled, I did not see the point in going back to the said planets and doing them, but during the alliance recruitment you have too, to gain the new companions and what not. While some are just a slow grid, others well it’s fun. I’ve seen a lot of people asking for the Star Fortress groups and their linking of the impossible. Okay I don’t buy gear to often from vendors because well let’s face it , the purple gear they sale is just way overpriced and ugly in my taste, and even though we have outfit designer, I’m not really into all that. Plus these people need to say right up front , must have “206/210/220 “mods in their gear. Only way I know to get stuff like that is from the Data Crystal vendors, and one vendor has a radiating crystals that you only get from Operations. First off I don’t do Ops, and second , not everyone plays the same style as they are demanding, so guess what , my heroics for the alliance are back burnered until I find gear, or something along the lines. I hate having to be forced into a group, so I’m going to work on a way to build up my influence with the base, and companions so that I can try to solo it, if not well I’m done until the release of future chapters.

Absolutely! It certainly may be a bit more challenging than before but you can complete them. The intent is that you can complete any [Heroic 2] with your Companion counting as one of the two. If you find this isn’t true for any Heroics tomorrow, let us know.


So this was an actual response on the forums during their talk about the changes in companions on the forum, and yet what they did not realize is by nerfing the companions like they did, the heroics are now not actually soloable at any stand point for a player. Course now they had a thread in the forums called Companion Feedback and it states what us as solo/causal players are now left to be in the grind again and laughed at because of all the recent changes. I can no longer craft mods because well they decided to move that to another crafter, and I haven’t maxed all the crafting things and etc. Plus Cybertech was my level 500 crafter who is well worthless now in my eyes. Dulfy’s guide on gearing in 4.0 so where does that level those that do know do operations and so forth. In the gutter is my guess. I don’t have the patiences nor the system to run an 8-man or even a 16-man run Operation. Vulkk is another one that I read a lot about and he has an interesting guide as well. So if you have a few minutes and feel the need to add your feed back, this is what they are asking on the forums.

Hey folks,

Following the Companion changes we made Tuesday in 4.0.2, we want to gather your feedback on your gameplay experiences. We hope by this point you have had some time to jump in and get your hands on the changes yourselves. First, before we get into the feedback we are looking for, let’s talk a bit about our specific design goals related to Companions:

  • Leveling Content – Challenge Level: Low. To complete this content, a player should have a basic understanding of game mechanics and have level-appropriate gear. Their companion’s role shouldn’t matter.
  • KotFE Chapters – Challenge Level: Low. Like leveling content, a player should have a basic understanding of game mechanics and have level-appropriate gear. Their companion’s role shouldn’t matter.
  • [Heroic 2] Missions – Challenge Level: Medium. To complete this content, a player should have a good understanding of their class and game mechanics, as well as level appropriate gear. Their companion’s role should begin to matter at this point, supplementing the player’s own Discipline. We expect some players to find these challenging initially—maybe even needing a friend’s help–but once the player earns better gear, a few levels of Influence with their companion, and has a greater understanding of the game, they should be able to solo the hardest of these missions.
  • Star Fortress – Challenge Level: Medium. These are similar to [Heroic 2] Missions. Star Fortresses should be similar to [Heroic 2] Missions. To complete this content, we expect you to have level-appropriate gear, a good understanding of your class, a companion with a few levels of Influence, as well as being in a role that supplements the player’s. We expect most players to be able to solo these with a little practice and effort on their part to gain some increased power.
  • Heroic Star Fortress – Challenge Level: High. At this point we expect players to really understand their class, their companion, and their gear. Players should have sought out gear upgrades, as well as increased their companions’ Influence level. These are meant to be challenging and difficult to do solo.
  • “The One and Only” Achievement should still be possible. As an Achievement, this is definitely intended to be extremely hard and rewarding to players. This means the Achievement can be exceptionally challenging, and similar to HM Star Fortress, you will need to be a skilled player, with moderate to high Influence level with your companion, and very good gear on your character.

Based on these statements above, do you think that these are true after Tuesday’s changes? What content is more or less difficult than you expected? Is there something that is just flat out impossible?

Please give us your feedback, and we simply ask you to be as constructive as possible. Include information such as:

  • Your level
  • Roughly Average Item Rating
  • Discipline
  • Companion
  • Companion role
  • Companion Influence level
  • Which Mission or Star Fortress are you playing (Solo Mode? Heroic Mode?)
  • Your personal experience while playing this content

If you have a video or other related content to go with your feedback, feel free to link that as well as it will allow us the best insight into your experiences.

The team will be reviewing all feedback, along with supporting data, to see what / if any future adjustments need to be made. Thank you all in advance for your feedback!


So in a nutshell of this all. SW:ToR was fun for me again and now it’s just a slow grind that well I’d rather pull out a console game and play that on an old PS2 system. Mainly my Need For Speed 2:Underground or Grand Theft Auto’s from back in the day. Happy Friday and have a great day/night gaming.

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