Bodies everywhere

Is it a Murder scene from a movie?

swtor 2015-11-20 14-36-47-51 As you may have noticed recently that the despawning of dead bodies has been broken. So when you travel to a heroic area on any planet, all you see is the mass death bed with aliens, creatures, humans, etc. I for one saw this and instantly thought of the Drowning Pool song, “Let the Bodies hit the floor” a song that I still love to this day because it was something I enjoyed. It’s even funnier when you go into the Dark Temple there at Dromund Kaas and see all the dead explorers, imperial troops and etc. But seriously these bugs and that is all they are is bugs can be a deal breaker for some. So when venturing into areas on planets that you see a lot of dead bodies. Have fun searching for whatever goodies you are looking for in that area, it is a pain in the ass let me tell ya. But now onto the next topic of my post here. It’s a good one too. Well at least it was for me.

Some people never learn

I decided to venture over to the Jedi Covenant server today on my Bounty Hunter who is 60-61 and just go to the temple to see this mass murder site. Yes I’m an odd one and love to see things like this in video games. Upon entering the temple I see bodies piled up along the way. I am laughing hard because I know this is a bug, but also it saddens me because it does lag the hell out of any system at the moment. That much dead pixels clogs up your graphics rendering in an instant. So upon entering the temple I make my way through the bodies and see that the respawns are there already. Interesting to say the least.

J101-skull-with-two-middle-fingers-black-02I go to the heroic area there and get greeted by a guild who had me laughing as they were mostly just new alts or players. Whatever they are. Anyways I decided to use the infamous “/sit” and proceed to sit down and watch all the bodies still yet piling up when in general chat I get this “Dude please go away.” I ignore it, because I’m not there for the heroic and etc. Well I am, but I’m a nice player and let everyone have their chance before taking mine. It’s just called common courtesy. I tend to forget in any MMO not everyone is that nice, and they feel the need to whip it out and prove they are bigger and badder. Anyways I’m just sitting there watching the bodies pile up more and more with the two elites behind me, and the two in front of me. These guys respawn like crazy. Still just reading general chat when I see this. “Will all the people not with <Insert  Guild Name> Please leave the heroic area in the Dark temple.” That just made me go, “WTF” and well prompted me to turn into an instant asshole with a remark that had others just dying from laughter. My response was something along the lines of. “You can’t make me leave an area that is opened up to the entire public in an MMO, You don’t own this area, nor the game for that matter, and you tend to forget everyone has a right to go where ever the hell they damned well please.” Then he breaks out in all caps lock on me, and I’m like really dude? You’re gonna try and scare me with caps lock? Please I’m probably older than you, been online way longer then you have, and have words that even your grandmother would flip a lid on. By this time people are posting “LOL”, “LMAO” and etc because this kid if he was a kid thinks he is gonna scare me away from an area that mind you I’m not in the middle waiting for the respawn. I’m just sitting there watching them be dicks in my book. He says he’s been trying at least 10 times to get the respawn, but others just keep coming in and taking his kill after he attacks. Ahhh no it does NOT work that way pal. If you attack first, you get the goodies, not the other way around. Then another player says in chat that he was there about half an hour ago and all they were doing was dueling while waiting for the respawn. So Aha, you been busted there chump. I decide well hell with it. Let them be the little pussies they are, and before leaving I announce in gen chat that their guild name was wrong and should have named themselves “Unlimited Pussies” because that is all they are. They had to get their GM who was suppose to scare me at level 65, and all he did was stand there doing squat. So here is my two finger salute to you guys for proving a point I was testing out.

A recent whisper I had

So I went back over to The Ebon Hawk server and was doing things on Daeqius when a curious whisper pops on my end. They go, we’ve seen you around DK, and etc over the last few weeks, but when hovering it says you do not have a guild, so their question was why? It’s fairly simple. I don’t play on one character for long, and when I do, it’s only because I need something from said character, or whatever reason. Plus I am not really into the social aspects of a guild or anything. From the times I want to try Operations and etc. I just decline to even attempt because I do not want to become a liability for my fellow players. Same reasons I don’t really PVP anymore as well. I mean granted I watch a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot of mechanics and etc., but still I am just not into all that. I am a causal player that just does my own thing. I play solo because it’s what I’ve become good at. I do group up occasionally on lower things, or Kuat Drive Yards, but it is very rare that I do that now. Since the nerf of my companions Daeqius has all the Heroics for each planet sitting in mission logs not able to do them just yet. All I see on the planet are people asking for 220 Hilts, (main hand), 200+ gear and mods, and I haven’t been able to get all that yet. I don’t do end game stuff or I would have it. I know I keep trying and then just stop because I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to become a liability for another group. I have to much anxiety online even to attempt to make a real attempt anymore. I’m not a social butterfly as many think I should be. I just can’t deal with groups or crowds anymore. I want too, and I try, but I just fall short and realize that maybe just maybe. It is NOT meant for me. I’m sure a lot out there probably feel like this, and just are to afraid to admit it. It’s no longer fear of doing it. It is just when one’s anxiety level hits a point they know when to stop, and that is what I have done recently over the last few months. I stopped before it got to much to handle.

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