Am I the only one

That wasn’t let down

By yesterday’s developers stream live on Twitch.TV with everything that is going on in the SW: Tor community. I did not pay much attention to the fast chat as I called it,because you couldn’t see a damn word half the time because all you seen were New Ops, PVP, Etc. I did however notice that there were over 7k fans watching the live stream, then it drastically dropped to a little over 5k before I myself just closed the window and opened up the forums, and seen all the hate start flying about because the ones that are called end-gamers did not get anything new. I feel for you guys that love to end game stuff, but I’m also laughing too because I’ve seen the word MMO thrown around again. When will people realize that the word MMO stands for massively multiplayer online. BioWare stated when they started the idea of KotFE that it would be about story this time around. The only thing I did get upset with was the release of Chapter X which is what I’ve been waiting for since I blew through the 1st nine chapters in under 2 hours. But that was actually eased for the wait when they announced that HK-55 would come back as yet another permanent companion for those of us that love HK. I heard a lot of people say how they hated the HK series, but loved HK-47 in Knights of the Old Republic.

 The Summary if you did not see the stream.

Or even read the forums. I decided I would block quote here for you in-case you don’t want to travel that far back in this forum topic.

Hey folks,

Here is a wrap-up of the things we talked about on the Producer Letter Livestream…

Chapter 10 – Anarchy in Paradise will be launching on February 11th. Along with Chapter 10, will be Game Update 4.1 which will include Fighting for the Eternal Championship, Bowdaar as an unlockable Companion through Alliance, and updates to Crafting. We will have more details on those changes in January.

We have a whole host of new subscriber rewards for you as well:

  • Be a subscriber on January 11th and receive HK-55 as a playable Companion when 4.1 launches on 2/9.
  • Be a subscriber continuously from January 11th through the launch of Chapter 16, and receive an entire bonus Chapter where you will play as HK-55!
  • Be a subscriber on the 1st of each month, and receive 2 days of early access to any Chapter which launches that month. This includes Chapter 10 in February.
  • There will also be additional monthly subscriber rewards throughout Season 1, most of which will be themed around HK-55.

Throughout the month of December, we will have plenty of things going on as well. The Gree, Rakghoul, and Bounty Contract events will each run for a week. Log in any time from 12/8 to 1/5 to receive our 4th anniversary rewards, including an HK-51 Stronghold Decoration, more information later this week! We will also be running Life Day and Double XP, more info on those tomorrow.

We hope you enjoyed the stream and want to thank you all for tuning in. If you have any questions about the stream or anything else, throw them in this thread and I will work with Ben on getting them answered. Thanks!


Now me, well I can’t wait to have HK-55 because I so loved my HK-51 and was happy to see that even though  they disabled him for a bit in the KotFE story , by the end of Chapter IX you get him and Treek back when you do the Alliance story line, which is really nothing more then getting to know the alliance, and hanging out in the Catina there on the new alliance base.

HK-55 is coming back!!


How will he play out in the story though. Well that is to be seen since they accidentally killed him during the Battle of Asylum. I for one asked for the return of HK-55 and it was mostly because of a few statements he made during his time in the story line. Well I will just have to stay subbed to find out won’t I? Of course I’m going to remain a sub during the whole time all because I love HK in general. I did not play Knight of the Old Republic to see the first HK-47, but I do remember fighting him in SW:ToR flash-points itself, and I loved it when it was HK-47 vs HK-51. But I so loved this line from HK-55 in KotFE when headed to Asylum I believe.

swtor 2015-11-06 20-48-44-37

Now my other take is how will he match up to the ones from the older games, and from the grind to get HK-51 in the past. Well who knows? I just can’t wait to be able to play as him and see how his story unfolds into the companion section of whatever class I have him in.

Ahhhh good old HK-47 screenshot I found online from someone that had uploaded a video of Knights of the Old Republic to YouTube with HK-47 in it.




HK_51_icon2comp_icon Now we have the one that we all pretty much did the countless grind to get him into our crew when he was first released. Even though I did not get him until later. I much loved having him at my side during the summer in the Epic XP Boost we had and all the comments that well made HK himself.





hk_55 And now we had a taste of this HK series and well I instantly fell in love with him when he made the “Declaration: Meatbags can’t fly” comment during the escape in the beginning. Then there was his “Theory: It will be a challenge to throw anything without your arms” and of course his “Request:Die meatbag!” , when it comes to the writers for HK, they have given him some of the best one liners in the game. My other favorite saying of his was this in the Endless Swamp

“Protestation: I have not done anything to these pitiable meatbags, master!”

I am not in the least bit displeased with hearing about having HK-55 in my crew. I know a lot are and well I’m not sure what to say about that because apparently a lot more asked for HK-55 then one would believe. I know I asked for HK-55 to come back all because well I loved his quotes.


Other Companions!?

I know they are releasing more of the classes companions through the alliance system and I think this is a great set up because it will allow us to get more companions from other classes and factions into our crew. I know some do not like this feature, but I actually enjoy it. I just don’t think it should really be hidden behind a wall of PVP with 4X and Pierce because well let’s just say this right now. Not everyone wants to PVP when they are PVE.  Now with that being said. I do wish they would either change that, or just get rid of it all together because even though I have some characters on a PVP Server, my PVE ones don’t PVP at all. Especially not at higher levels. That is just well suicide in my eyes. Granted if I do go back to the PVP Server which I probably will because I want to learn more about it, but it doesn’t mean I will become a hard core PVPer. Nah that just really isn’t my style for it. I do try hard when I play PVP but for some that doesn’t mean jack shit to them and it’s sad because if you find a good group to PVP with it can be actually quite enjoyable. But I do plan to try and build my alliance up even more with influence because it would be nice to be able to try and solo or even small group up for the heroics that currently sit in my mission log for some of the characters on Ebon Hawk that I have taken through the KotFE so far.


4th anniversary & Life day

So in 6 days they will be releasing the new anniversary gifts to everyone for being apart of the community and to celebrate when SW:ToR was officially released. Wow has it been 4 years already? I keep seeing threads in the forums about how the game is dying, or so-so will be the death of SW:ToR and etc. I have to disagree because most that are on the forums crying and saying this believe they are the majority of SW:ToR and well let’s be honest here. The forums are extremely toxic and very much one sided about 65% of the time. I’m being nice here so laugh at it if you will. From what I know even in the blogging community a lot don’t even go near the forums, or even have main planet general chats open for long because of the toxicity that goes on in them, specially if you are landing on DK. I have Gen chat turned on, but rarely pay attention to it. I will pay attention to it when I see someone asking for advice, help, or just being a noob and wanting to understand something a little more. I’ve even grouped up with blind invites if I’m in a heroic area to help out someone that couldn’t solo it. I just guess I’m the nice person at times, then there are times when I’m the asshole too. Depends on my mood really, but I do like grouping up to help out people that ask nicely or if we have the same open area goal I will group up and get things done quicker. I think that would be an ideal way for me to start a guild if I so wanted too. A lot of us love our Strongholds and etc and love to decorate them as a means to show off our personality. While I have maxed all the basic starter stuff. I am working on getting other stuff for my Strongholds now too. Since I have 4 of them and may just dump off one of the starter ones and get the hideaway on Yavin-4 as well once I fully unlock the others I have.

Summary or TL:DR


I was not disappointed with the live stream yesterday, and felt it was just right for what they were wanting to say. For those that feel they are being abandoned or neglected with the game and have opted to just quit. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do now that SW:ToR does not appear to be in your future. If you are staying and wish to be apart of the community still, I don’t know if it’s because of the holidays or what that I’m saying this, but try and be helpful to new players, even veterans that decided to give this game another chance. Help make our gaming community something we should be proud of. Start a guild with friends and accept noobs in it that are interesting in learning the game and don’t put time restrictions on them if they can not be online all the time. We all have Real lives that do not revolve a video game. Happy gaming Wednesday now. I’m going to go find something to do since I’m on a small Hiatus from the game in general at the moment.

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