Off and On Again


Not a full hiatus, but a mini one

I’ve decided to take this time to sit back and enjoy life outside of SW:ToR. I know a shocker right? Since I’ve seen the Knights of the Fallen Empire a few times now. I’ve just decided that I would take a break, step back, and reconfigure SW:ToR into my daily habits again. For the last few days between PC errors, and just not wanting to play. I’ve been inside second life with another alt of mine, and watching stupid crap on TV like “Are we there yet?” , and “Are we done yet?” , and Ghost Adventures, Ghost Asylum, etc. Yeah some comedy, some horror, the usual for me. Plus spending time with Raven, and naturally my hubby as well, even though if I’m not right in front of the computer, he goes on and plays his Facebook games. He no longer has interest in SW:ToR until Chapter X comes out in February.

The wait is killing me!!

I’m also waiting for the drop of the new Decoration  that we will be getting during the 4th anniversary. Yes I can not wait to have him in my collection. I am a HUGE HK fan in general and I’d love to put this in all my strongholds. I do not know what it is about this damn droid that I just love so much, but I honestly do. Many would  think I have a serious HK habit, and I probably do, but alias one can only dream. It’s not so much as the voice actor I adore, it’s just the one liners he has , and  then of course HK-55 is gonna be some freaking awesome to get once they allow that to come through. Just like I won’t be letting my sub run out anytime soon, even when I have to move and etc. I’ll still let my sub run it’s course, even if I’m offline for a few days, but that is in the far future at the moment.


I guess with all good things we must wait, and well even though patience is not my strong suit here, just like everyone else though, I will suffer through it. Just like I decided to finally dust off my latest trooper who hit level 65 about a few weeks ago, and start the grind for my alliance to boost them up to level 10 so I can use their buffs in the Heroics when needed. I’m still very much a solo player and really doubt that will ever change to much. Plus I’ve decided since I got a level 50 something Sith Marauder that I’d go ahead and jump over to a Jedi Sentential and start leveling her up. Yes it’s a female this time. This time I’m doing something totally different since now we have solo modes in most of the flashpoints that I want to do, as I level up along the way. So far I’ve done The Esseles flashpoint. I may go and head off and do The Hammer Station next, as I progress through the story for the Jedi Knight one. I’m only doing this because it’s so fast to level up, and now with the solo mode out there for us, I can finally sit back, play it how I want without anyone yelling “SPACEBAR” which makes me think of an off the wall cantina that would be good on some odd ball planet in the outer rim. Course I just want to play differently then I have been in the past since this new experience boost system has been put into place, plus I like doing odd things and watching the stories play out. Usually it takes only a few hours to level up a character, but this time around I wanna grind this thing out so that I can make the waiting for the next chapter less painful. Oh well.

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