It’s been tried


This week I decided  that I would try my hand at the Relics of Gree event that is currently going on in SW:ToR and well I did the dailies, then I joined up with a group without the PVP to do the Heroics, and it was semi-fun. Course I only did this on my trooper as I haven’t been on the Imperial side often as of late. I just wanted a break from leveling up my Jedi Sent that I just logged into the next name that was in my loading area, and it happened to be Zanedyl.


I may be small, but I pack a punch.

He looks funny being this small character with this HUGE ass cannon on his back or in his hands, and I often wonder if they thought about back strain from carrying something so heavy like that all the time. Then again Dasru I believe my other  trooper over on the JC server, well he’s this big guy with a small rifle. So yeah I don’t know why did not pick the right spec for him, but alias to late, and I love my cannon on Zane. Course the best part of this week so far for me was when the new HK-51 Decoration was placed in the vendor for free. I have the Ebon Hawk on my wall in a few of the SH’s I have, but I really do love my HK Statues. So much that later in this post I will post an image of how I set it up, and I think you’ll like it. I know I did when I finally placed them in the a way that I thought was awesome. Course I may go back and do the dailies again to get more Rep again for the gree, only cause I do like some of the outfits that they have in the Reputation vendors. I think a few of my characters would look sweet in it. I’ve also been playing around with Outfit designer using the 1 that comes unlocked when it was first introduced. I currently have all the higher gear in front, and the Orange gear that I had on my trooper in the 2nd tab and it’s active, so that is all the see when he’s running around. I forget where his stats sit at the moment, but I believe it’s close to like 70k HP which is good.


Stronghold on Nar Shaddaa

Don't argue so loudly you two. I have a headache.

Don’t argue so loudly you two. I have a headache.

As you can see I have two HK-51’s at the side of my throne, and Marr and HK-55 on each side, and it looks like they are arguing. About what though, well that is to be determined by the one that reads this post. I should have turned off the nameplates, but well I forgot too. And what took precise balance was getting Zane to sit in the throne without the invisible chair being seen, so it actually looks like he is sitting in the throne, and not high up, or way in front. I really wish they would allow us to sit in our chairs in the SHs but they don’t. At least not for the time being. Things do change though and this is one that will probably change in the far future. Yesterday I did not play much because I’m now having issues with my PC and it’s pissing me off. I don’t know if it’s because of the power that has blown a few million times in our apartment building, or just because well the MOBO (Motherboard) is going. I hope not as I don’t have the cash to get a new system yet.


Quick to take payment

But slow as shit to give my monthly Cartel Coins grant. I’ve gotten the one for the security key, but not the full 500 yet, last month I got it around the 9th, now here it is the 10th. I have not gotten it yet. I’ve gotten the friends one, the key one, but not that main one. They sure do love to take the $15.69 a month I pay for it, but are sooooo damn lazy on granting the coins. They did manage to give me some coins when they finally answered my ticket about Referal’s being broken, they claimed it was right, but alias they did not understand that when I said it was showing people inactive within minutes of using my link, course right now the referrals are taken offline. I do hope they fix it soon, as I know I’ve gotten a lot of referrals from my blog. I don’t post often in the forums, so I know that is not how they are getting it, and even as a shameless plug I linked my referral code in second life in my profile as well.



Not much of one, but alias I wanted another header here for my closing. With all the headaches we have about the game in general. I will always support them and play for how ever long they last. Which I hope is a long time. I would be bored in general if I did not get my SW:ToR game play in each day. Yes I’m addicted and damn proud to be……..Happy gaming Thursday or where ever in the world you may be!!

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