We all have them (pet peeves)

pet peeve


: something that annoys or bothers a person very much

I decided I would do something a little different then ask questions, show off a character, and just random other SWToR information about the characters I have. This one might actually make you laugh, or just shake your head. Either way we all these annoyances in the game that we well sometimes keep to ourselves. I decided last night to take a break from my Sith Warrior on the Ebon Hawk server, and create a Jedi Knight. Upon doing my usual thing on Tython, I particpated in gen chat, talking bout various older RPG’s and so forth when I saw these words cut across my screen. “Don’t spam gen chat with your RP, take it to PM’s” , I was like wow, did someone just say that , and we all started to laugh, apparently some don’t realize that when you roll a toon on a RP-PVE server, you are bound to see RP in gen chat. It was mild, they were talking about something that was just a one liner, and another person spewed that across the screen. But that wasn’t what annoyed me, was the fact that even me, a Non guild member, and just a general player who occassionally threw out random comments about RP. I admit right now, I was active in Vampire Role play, and I know the mechanics because of that, but SW RP is a whole new area to me. I could go to second life and learn from there, but that shit is just boring anymore. Most don’t even RP in there , just spew hate across the screen and call it Roleplaying. My biggest pet peeve is this and I’m sure most would agree or disagree, that is the best thing about opinions. I’ll describe the scene below.


Combat Leadership : You’re asked to take on challenges that would enable you to lead the republic army or something along that line,and told to go beat on some droids.


I run over to the console, and just as the droids appear, some level 2 twerp, decides that I wasn’t fast enough, but sorry running while in combat and waiting for Force leap to run it’s cool down isn’t a fast cool down at low levels, and comes in and takes the last droid, which sadly because it was my mission and NOT his, I had to repeat it. Probably a glitch or bug, but none the less I had to find yet another console and restart it again. He does this again to me. Finally I say piss on it, and just abandoned the quest all together because with 12XP it’s not needed anyways, then he prompts to follow me around Tython for a good half hour, sending me those uninvited group invites, doesn’t talk, doesn’t do anything cept follow me. So I do what I normally do, I go grab those datacrons and he’s trying to mimick my every move, so I decide, well I’m going to be a smart ass and go for the one that most use the cave system to get to, where I just jump up the side of the mountain, and get it set to where I can grab that datacron without using the cave system.

Endurance +2

He falls and doesn’t come back. I think to myself , good. Nothing more annoying then someone following me around, not speaking, and on occassions sending those annoying group invites. Normally I set them to auto-decline but figured since I was on a new server I wouldn’t need to do that anymore. Then as I’m finishing up the main class mission for the Jedi Knight on Tython, I’m fighting those annoying droids in Kaleth and I am near a chest, granted I know the items I’m going after will probably be for the Consular since they rarely give you the things you need for the class you are playing then just as I’m done beating on the droids, a damn ninja looter comes from out behind a pillar or something, grabs the loot and fights the next set of droids. I’m standing there like, “WTF, you people make me sick. I don’t do it to you, but yet you tards do it to everyone else all the time.” I shrug my shoulders in RL and go oh well. I’ll go beat up the Flesh Raiders now in my story area. Do just that. I finish up my story, and this twerp from earlier finds me yet again, only having leveled himself up to I believe 7 decides to message me with , “Why is the Jedi knight so hard to play?” I’m like , “What are you serious?, it’s not hard to level up if you actually listen to the story and follow the keys.” He goes, “You’re mean, I’m placing you on ignore.” I have leveled up at least 2 other Jedi Knights on different servers, It’s simple really, I mean you follow your class story, do missions, learn how to use it, and bam you have a leveled character.

Now onto my other pet peeve.

Those people that just stand in the landing areas of the Fleet when you first arrive, and don’t move, or whatever it is they do. I tend to run off to do minor things while I have the infamous loading to new area screens. swtor 2015-04-29 11-44-09-48That screen or well okay not that one, but you get the idea right? Where you have the bar loading and so forth. I come back to a fleet of morons standing right in the shuttle way, and I have to hit the space bar to see my character so that I know where the hell I am. I understand RL comes first, and when you need a drink, bathroom break, those are the best times to go and do them quickly. Or you get them standing in front of those damn annoying check in terminals they insist you doing on each Capital Planet. You know the ones I’m talking about, you have to do them with every character on Coruscant, and Drumond Kaas. I wish they would just allow us to bypass them because those are annoying in my opinion.

Now my third and final pet peeve.

Being told that I must install SW on the C Drive. Sorry but my SDD is only 120 gigs and dedicated primary to running windows 8.1  Professsional with Media Center. I got this computer from my father because my last one died, and I was bummed out. He builds computers, and doesn’t realize that a bigger HD is sometimes good. This one he did as a whim and decided he wanted to build himself a new one so he gave me this one. My specs aren’t great, but they run the game and I’m happy with them.


Processor :AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 4100 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB
Total Physical Memory 15.2 GB
Available Physical Memory 13.2 GB
Total Virtual Memory 30.7 GB
Available Virtual Memory 27.7 GB

It’s also a micro tower, so it’s even harder to find a good graphics card that I could afford to install, but I’m not upset up about the Radeon HD graphics installed on the MB (Motherboard). It gives me good graphics, and I can watch things in HD once I get a new monitor. That was my other issue when I first got this computer was that I wouldn’t be able to play SWTOR anymore. I have a smaller 19inch LCD and when I first tried to play SWTOR it wouldn’t let me until I went tweaking the ini file where I disabled the fullscreen, now I play it in full screen, not sure if that was because the graphics software finally decided to allow it or what, but now I can play it in full screen again. black-red-xion-matx-mini-itx-slim-desktop-case-xon-720p-rd-1x-5-25in-bay-300w-psu-5-in-1-card-reader-front-usb3-0-and-hd-audio-ds-2.gifThat is what I have for a tower, Not big, but big enough for an average user. I will build myself one eventually when I can afford to sit down and be bothered with what I want in a system, but for now this will work. I just love being told though by others that by rights I shouldn’t be able to run SWTOR ,  since I still use VGA cause as I’ve said. Money is an issue. Granted yeah I could cancel my sub to SWTOR and save that money, but then I’d have nothing to do while other half is out working.

But yet, this is a small list of pet peeves as I’m itching to get back into SWTOR, but figured since I got up late this morning, that I’d blog about this since it was forming last night, and I’ve come to learn that sometimes my frustrations need to come out and well the quite honest, Husband does NOT understand my termology about games, gamers, and etc. He tries, but he’s just not all into that like I am. (He’s 10 years older than me and complete computer dumb, even though I try to teach him, hell he plays Zygna Texas Hold’em on Facebook, Only browser he can use is Chrome if that says anything)….

If you want to do this as a ping back, have fun adding your own Pet peeves, as well have them, Happy gaming and have a wonderful Day/Night………………….

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