Haven’t disappeared

I haven’t disappeared just with issues now with this PC, and etc. I just haven’t found much time this past week to play. Matter of fact I didn’t play any this week unless you count a little bit on Monday, then PC issues struck me and of course it was my Birthday too back on the 15th. Ironic  to be born in the month of December, not only do I have Christmas knocking on my door, but also new years, but a little fun fact I found about Star wars in general. The year I was born was a strange year at that.

Star Wars was released theatrically in the United States on May 25, 1977. It earned $461 million in the US and $314 million overseas, totaling $775 million. I guess that was a good bit of money back in the day, now for some in the movie industry it’s like chump change, but overall that was when we were all first introduced to the Galaxy, and Republic, along with Empire. Now here we are 38 years later bring in the 7th movies, and yes folks there are 7 of them. Hence their titles, I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII

Some other strange facts for those that did not know what happened in the year of 1977 , This year also marks the 38th year that a full moon will happen on Christmas as well for those that celebrate it. Strange I did not get to enjoy any of that because well on Dec 15,1977 I was brought into this crazy hellish world we live in. So I am an 80s child. I grew up in that time, and I loved  that time to be honest. It was truly when kids were just that kids. We actually went outside to play, did not come home until street lights came on. Played Tag, made mud pies, and just had fun. Even our Halloweens were different back then too. I am sure most of remember getting dressed up in costume and going out at nights to get our treats. Course I was not a typical kid. Since I’m an only child with no siblings. I had a vivid imagination to keep me happy. I had imaginary friends. Then again I’m not even to sure they were all that imaginary now that I think back to being visited by dead relatives as a child so much. Namely my grandfather’s loved to pay their grand-daughter a visit here and there. But I also got a lot of slack for that kind of stuff so I kept it to myself, and of course I did come from the classic broke home. Parents divorced by the time I was 12 years old, and life became something else.

I did not disappear I just took last week off to do things outside of SW:ToR, and then the computer started acting up so I had reset windows 10 twice to get it to act right. Now it is for the time being, but hopefully next year will be a better year for myself, significant other, and our pup Raven. Course there are also 20 more days before I even get to dream of having HK-55 in my companion list. That’s right, 20 more days until they lock the deadline to be a subscriber to get HK-55 in my companion list. I am so excited I can hardly wait. 51 more days until the next chapter comes out in the Knights of  the Fallen Empire. I so can’t wait to play Chapter X too. The beginning of next year in SW:ToR for me is going to be awesome because I love the stories I’ve played so far, went back and restarted a few. I also finally got my reputation up on the Gree event when it ran too. I believe I’m close to Newcomer status. I know it’s not a big deal to most who have done it and got Champion status, but for me , I wasn’t around the first time they ran it, so I did not know that some of it has PVP, and I did damn well to avoid that. Grouped up with a few to do the heroics, and etc. Had a blast too. I mean it’s good when I am overcoming a lot of my shrug offs I did in the past. I wanted to do the Rakghoul event this past week, but they broke it and never fixed it. So oh well right? No sweat, they are running them monthly now so it’s not like a huge disappointment. I’ve even been doing the GSI dailies, Czerka’s dailies. Anything really to boost rep for me at the moment. Some flashpoints and etc. It just all depends on my mood when I log in on which I wanna play.


Plus on Facebook and Twitter I have changed my user pic so to speak. I opted to use this dual faction symbol

swtor-icon-silver I just like this one better than the gold. Probably cause I love silver. Also over the weekend Star Wars:The Old Republic had a birthday, and this is how we are celebrating it. Using the dual faction icons as user pics. Nice way to give them a warm birthday greeting. Anyways. That is all for now. I did not disappear, just had RL stuff to deal with. Happy Gaming Thursday or whatever day it is for you.

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