SW:ToR-In Today’s (WARNING: you will probably laugh)

Breaking News:

While the life day event has been going on since December 15,2015. I felt it was time for an amusing post to make us all laugh and smile during this adventurous end of the year fiasco  (yes even though the year is not a total failure, some of the game breaking bugs are though.)

So in today’s headlines the breaking story for the month is this

Life Day Event in SW:ToR breaks some events.

That’s right all, Life Day that only comes around once a year and lasts until sometime in Jan, has broken two of the events that run monthly.

Now you may already know which two events got broke this month, but in case you haven’t been paying attention. Many of us are in a grind to do our alliance in KotFE and we couldn’t this month, because they have locked a companion to a specific event, and that first event was the infamous Rakghoul. Which was also suppose to be slated to start on December 15 as well, and run for a solid week, but due to whatever known jawa bugs they have developed over the time. Life Day broke it and they could not get it fixed right away. Hopefully in the future they will figure out what they need to do to feed the damn jawas that decided to add their bugs, probably teamed up with the fingerlings from Alderaan from one of the many Killik nests they have on that planet.

In case you do not fully understand  the comments based in this post. Well here are a few images of said Jawas, and their Co-Conspirators. The fingerlings are harder to capture in an image, but they are like nats, they are annoying to no end.












In other breaking News from around the SW:ToR Galaxy

Bounties were not able to be given out as due to same unknown bugs, and or jawas playing their games, Bounty Contract week was broken as well. So the galaxy is unsafe at the moment because of the vicious cycle of bad guys that are wrecking havoc where ever they go because we can not hunt them down and either carbonite freeze them, or just plain ole kill them. Even though it’s frowned upon in the BBC but not uncommon. So what other events have been broken due to a bug like this, or worse. I will keep looking into the fun news as I can, if anything just for amusing posts like these.

Could not resist

If you are now reading this and still laughing I do not apologize for this post because well it was time to shine some humor on these bugs. I know they have been around probably forever,but you gotta admit there comes a point and  time where you just toss your hands up in the air, and go screw it. I’ve got better things to complain about, instead of some pointless bug  that probably will never be fixed in the time frame we want them fixed. But always remember this is just a game, and nothing is ever perfect. If it was, we wouldn’t have issues we have within ourselves, and in our world today as it stands. But always remember to find just a little time in life to smile and laugh, because it truly is the best medicine out there. Anyways thanks for reading, and Enjoy reading this post. Just wait til you see what may pop up next from this odd person.



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