A New Year

End of 2015

For me the end of 2015 was a strange one. I was just thinking of letting my time in SWTOR come down a screaming halt until I decided to roll a new Sith Inquisitor. Yes yes I know, I have 3 already, but you must understand that between the Warrior, Agent, Inquisitor is a good story and I do love it. So over on the Shadowlands server I have one Inquisitor named Raynasia, and thought ahhh what the hell. I need one on Ebon Hawk as well. So I rolled a new one and named her Raynasia, well anyway as I was running through Nar Shaddaa doing her class mission. I started paying attention to Gen Chat. Mostly just watching to see if anyone needed help and etc. Yeah strange for me, I know, but low and behold a conversation came out about ERP and etc. Then someone said the name “Neko” as that just blew my mind, so I asked if they knew about second life and sadly they admitted to it. We started talking about all the freaky stuff that goes on over there and how I knew all about Humans pretending to be Cats aka “Neko” Another guy chips in asking questions about it , and we started talking, next thing I know I have a whisper from him, and we begin talking about other things and he apologizes for so many questions as it turns out, he is a new player, just did his Sith warrior, got him to lvl 50 then stopped. Why? you may ask, because he’s preferred, and was in the mood to see if he could make a friend or two. We group up and I give him fair warning about Spoilers and how unless he wants to risk spoilers in the Inquisitor story, that well, I don’t give them, nor will I show them unless he wants to see it. He goes on to say, “Thank you, but doesn’t bother me none,” Okay then we group up and I finish up chapt 1 of the Inquisitors story. Then he asks if it would be possible to make a new character, a Bounty Hunter, and we team up then too. So I say sure, he hops on his Bounty Hunter, I go to create a new one and she’s a pure sithblood hunter who takes no shit from anyone. Her I ended up naming her Vixity. Took me about 5 minutes with an XP boost, plus Double XP to get up to his level which was 12, and now we’re doing our story missions together, but in overall we stop and do planet storys, other little things as well. He doesn’t mind that I’m 3 levels ahead of him, or even sometimes 2 levels. So this is the next topic I’m going on here.


Preferred vs Subscription

I had seen a lot of people saying they couldn’t level up properly with a friend if they were a subscriber, and I beg to differ here. Now this was also a test for me, because I wanted to see if it was possible to stay close to each others levels as humanly possible even with Level Sync. I don’t know how this will work after Double XP is over, but I’m sure it will be worthwhile as well. My newly created Bounty hunter is now level 33, and his is level 30, so it’s not to bad right. We do missions that gain us social points, and we do our class missions separate which is good. Sometimes I’ll jump into his phase to spook him cause I tend to space bar my class mission since I’ve seen it so much. But it’s been fun too, I’ve sent him a speeder once he was able to get the perk from the trainer, granted I now have level 2 in speeder and move faster than he does, but overall we are doing things together and having fun. I am not using any buffs , or etc to boost my Xp at all. I have like 2 majors and 6 minors for leveling but to keep close to him as possible I have not been using them at all. I don’t know what will happen after we both hit level 50 as the game pretty much stops for him right there. So we’ll just have to wait and see. I will probably stop after level 50 on the hunter as we wanna group up for as much as possible, and I don’t wanna let him feel cheated because I can get the subscription each month. But yes you can level up as close as possible with a preferred player if you are a subscriber.


New Beginnings

So much like this post is about having fun and gaming. Having a friend in game now for me is awesome. We would like to start a guild, but we need those final details that SW:ToR has in place for that. For that we need a few more people wanting to create a guild, and we won’t beg on the fleet for that, because 99% of the time it falls on deaf ears specially when most are in a guild and have no desire to help new players create one. I would be the GM of course with him in 2nd. But we’ll get there. I know we will, For now I have a shit ton of things to teach him. I will probably send him over some gear for his bounty hunter that is orange, and help him start to get Common Data Crystals and teach him about gearing up and modify his gear every 10 levels or so until we hit our max. I have a few other speeders I will send to him so he can have different ones, with everything I am showing him, he seems to want to get a subscription but at the moment can’t afford it, so I told him I  would keep an eye out on deals that would be worth it for him if he wanted that subscription and not pay for the monthly fee just yet. So I’ll keep my eyes on Amazon to see if they get anymore good deals out for SW:Tor for him and pass them along. Course right now the only deal still on amazon is the one that would be the best deal for him, if I had an additional $40.00 I would buy this for him and give him the online code to use it so he could unlock everything at one time and see what it’s like to be a subscriber and get all the perks. But I’ll let him check it out to see if it is something he may wanna purchase when he can. But at least he’s not an entirely F2P player, but a Preferred one, so he has some great unlocks already. But yeah, this is a new year, new beginnings all around for me. I do things I never thought I’d be doing, and I’m having fun again in SW:ToR.

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