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Did you know……

That even before starting KotFE you can start your alliance grind way before starting the chapters to the  story by doing the planet Heroics and getting the alliance crates started early enough to probably be able to max it to 10, even 20 influence levels for your alliance once you hit Chapter IX and end it. I found this out by accident on my Bounty Hunter when I was just being a smart ass and  trying to earn a few extra credits and found that I could start a grind for my Alliance way before I even started KotFE, and at first I thought it to be a flaw or maybe a bug, until I noticed this on a few other characters. I know the alliance crates are bound to legacy which makes it even easier if you are going to grind the heroics on the planets, but not start the KotFE story line, and already have one sitting at the end of Chapter IX and waiting for X like so many of us are. Yes I know I could use numbers, but I love the play with Roman numerals better. Gives it more a flare to me. Now I haven’t tested this out on all planets and with heroics now being a weekly thing which I believe sucks a monkey’s left nut, anyways here are the planets that have heroics that I know of.

  • Alderaan
  • Balmorra
  • Belsavis
  • Corellia
  • Coruscant
  • Dromund Kaas
  • Hoth
  • Hutta (Not sure as it is a starter planet)
  • Ilum
  • Korriban (Not sure as it is a starter planet)
  • Makeb
  • Nar Shaddaa
  • Ord Mantell (Not sure as it is a starter planet)
  • Quesh
  • Taris
  • Tatooine
  • Tython (Not sure as it is a starter planet)
  • Voss

I will update this list in another post once I have confirmed that you can do an alliance grind on the planets that I have listed as starters. I believe you should be able to grind them for the crates, but like I said , I am unsure. I know I see a lot of level 65s on Drumond Kaas, Coruscant. The most I ever see on the main starter planets are guild recruiters and man at times they are annoying as hell to me still. I may start this grind with my latest Sith Inquisitor Raynasia. I haven’t started the latest expansion with her yet all because well I was debating on how far I can try to drag this out, and if I wanted to get Darth Marr killed so fast. So I haven’t clicked on the Mission Console on  my ship yet to start it. I am trying to draw this out because I think I just may wait until sometime later in the month, or even around the beginning of next month when I know that Chapter X is going to be released.


What I’ve been doing lately!?!

I’ve been playing SW:ToR off and on this past week, I have a new Bounty Hunter who is a pure blood Sith named Vixity, a new Sith Warrior named Moilaz, and a new I.A. I moved a few characters to other servers so I could make room for these ones, I haven’t maxed out the full 22 character slots yet on Ebon Hawk, so instead of deleting them, I just thought it would be fun to move them to another server so in case I get tired of the Ebon Hawk server I could jump and do things there that I already have unlocked. I have decided that the pvp servers I am on are mute for me. Even though I enjoy low level PVP, I really won’t go far because I don’t go past a certain tier there. Low Level PVP is fun because not everyone expects much out of you and it’s a great way to learn your class better, but once you hit level 30. It jumps you to the higher ones, and everyone becomes a little more toxic there. But I have noticed that with my characters I tend to stick with the empire side more then the Republic side, and it’s not cause of the Light side vs Dark Side, it’s just I am more comfortable there. This week I haven’t really been playing as I’ve been dealing with allergies. Yes I am allergic to winter, and it has finally hit the eastern part of the United States. Even if I don’t go outside in the colder air, I still suffer with the allergies from it all. I am rarely sleeping, and I can barely breath too. So I sleep when I can, and plus I’ve been  trying to make  time for my RL as well.


My countdown begins

My countdown begins to finally have HK-55 as a constant companion next month. I am so excited about that I just can’t wait to have him in my arsenal of companions. Eventually I will get back to my Bounty Hunter and finish her up, since it seems the person I was trying to level up with, just isn’t all that interested in the “partners in crime” scene anymore. Then again I’m only in SW:ToR mostly to play the story and that is what I do best. While it was nice to have a friend in there to hang around with. I can see mostly that it’s just who I am as a person. I play a game to play a game not really to socialize anymore. I still watch Gen Chat every so often and I do send whispers to people who are asking questions about certain things to help them out since Gen Chat can become very toxic at times. But now I’m just watching the calendar even more as I know the countdown to both Chapter X and HK-55 is so close that I can waiting patiently for it.


Eh, I ran out things at the moment to say, so I’m go play some SW:ToR and have fun the way I know how too. Solo style. So if you see Raynasia running around, say HI, I’ll respond back eventually lol. Happy gaming Friday or where ever you are in the world!!


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Raynasia says, “Have fun in the game we all love to hate at times. Remember your decisions will start having an impact soon.”

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