The Slow Wait

Is Killing me!!!

So I’ve been playing a lot of various games lately. I keep forgetting that once you install games on an external hard drive that no matter how many times you have to refresh your PC, said games are already installed so no need to reinstall them. So yesterday I played a little SW:ToR in the morning, went into second life, and then updated GW2 while I watched a little TV. I’m doing all this now because I’m patiently waiting for Chapter X to be released next month. So if this is what it will be like to wait for these damn chapters Monthly. I’m gonna go more insane than I already am. As for the friend I had in the game, well that lasted not to long. I have went back to doing what I do best, and that is play on my own.  Course I found out about the games being installed on Sunday night because the log in service for SW:ToR was down for a good few hours by my guess and what I read on the forums. Not that I’m missing much as I don’t really go near the forums again, and I don’t really check my twitter. Course I’ve also been playing some games on my facebook accounts. I have multiple accounts because I love to live a quiet life. I have very few friends anywhere anymore and I don’t know why. My RL account on Facebook has my parents, and I try to keep them away from my gaming life because even though I’m cleverly disguised as an adult. They don’t understand why I’m in my late 30s and love to play video games on the computer instead of my old generation consoles. Bless my parents for having me while they were young, I’m a lucky one even though a lot of bad shit happened as a child with them and etc. I’m lucky to  this day to say I have my parents both alive and kicking. My father just turned 61 on the 8th of this month, and my mother is 58, 20 years older than me. So when she hits 59 in Nov, a month later I will hit 39. Even though they are divorced from each other, they did have a common ground and still do. Just now neither has to deal with the other. But yet I’m still often conflicted between them even as an adult. But enough of that shit. Back to gaming. I really wanna take Raynasia through Knights of the Fallen Empire, but don’t want to reach chapter 9 just yet and be stuck at that grinding for alliances. Even though with her, I plan on romancing Theron Shan for a change. I never romanced nor tried too in SoR. So this will be a fun twist for this inquisitor.


Radqa has been in KotFE

I have him currently going through it and stop with him from time to time because well I’m trying to drag it out, and as fast as these chapters are. Well I want to experience the whole thing over and over again. Call me crazy if you will, but I am enjoying the story even though I’ve already seen it play out so far. Course I’m also taking different choices than I have with the other characters. Course Zanedyl is still stuck on a heroic Mission 2 for star fortress, Even with Companion at rank 20, and base alliances at level 10 or better. I get stuck on the last boss, and I just hate the idea of asking for help, but I may have too.

swtor 2016-01-18 10-42-30-99 Course though I am also still loving the comments made by HK-55. I still can not wait for him to join my crew next month as well. And even more so can’t wait until August to play his chapter. I can’t wait to see the twists and turns they are putting together for HK in general. I know a lot of hate is still going around about this being a subscriber perk to get new players to join, but in all honesty I feel this was a great perk to keep some of us as subscribers to the game. Also I was happy to hear in the latest  stream that pvp will be getting a small amount of love. Granted it’s not like how many were wanting, but at least they are getting some new love here in KotFE. I just know the PVP community is still highly upset about the lack of PVP for them and I truly do feel for them as I have tried PVP, but it just is not my cup of tea so to speak. So I stick with what I know better and that is PVE, I haven’t heard much about new operations and what not for the ones that love to do end game stuff. Hell I still have my last two quests for Seeker and Macro in a few characters quest logs, also have Op for the Dread Masters. I doubt I will ever get them done unless I find a bunch of noobs  that looking for Ops groups to do that one at least. But at least I still play the stories.


Poor Zanedyl

Zanedyl As I stated above I have tried to solo one of the heroic star fortresses and only to fail towards the end. He has decent gear now, 208 I believe, level 20 influence with Lana and Level 11 influence with Alliance base, and I get him to the last boss, and get the last boss to about 3% of health and he kills off Lana before I know it, and then kills me. I tried about 5 times but when my repair bill was 5k or better each time, I just left and went about other things. I think the Rakghoul event is running so may hop over and get what I need done for Lokin and be done with that quest as well. Like the Gree event I really do have fun hooking up with various people that want to group up for the heroics there, and etc. So yeah to make some extra credits I may just log in and go do some Rakghoul events and build my rep up on that as well. But yeah the slow wait is literally killing me I want to do more things in KotFE but must wait for new content. Hey, thanks for reading, feel free to drop a comment down below, and happy gaming whatever.

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