It’s close

And I can’t wait for it……..

hk-55What I am talking about here is HK-55 and the release of Chapter X in the Fallen Empire. I haven’t even really been playing SW:ToR at the moment. I think this month I’ve played a handful of times. I just lost the love for the game at the moment. While I am leveling out some new alts and redoing story content that I’ve done already. I just haven’t felt the love of playing like I was. Instead I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2, The Lord of the Rings online, Neverwinter, and of course I’ve been going into second life again. Plus I’ve started writing again. Well at least in my head. I haven’t put it to paper yet, or even a blog yet. I do a lot of thinking about various things, so I get what they call writers block. Plus this time I’ve opted to use a pen name as I don’t want my Real life name used for it. But I’ve been sitting here patiently waiting for Chapter X to come, and for HK-55. Also during that time I will be subscribed the entire time so I will have the option to play as HK in August when his own personal story comes to life. I’ve been ignoring the forums , and most things pertaining to SW:ToR because right now it’s all the same bitching I keep hearing. This needs work, That needs work, it’s all mundane in my eyes. I’ve even had to shut off gen chat last night for the first time in a long time. Politics have seem to have exploded here in the USA as of late, so most of my gen chat was filled with “Who’s voting for Trump?”, and etc. I’m registered to vote, but rarely do. My opinion are that all politicians are the same. Lying.cheating slime-bags that do not deserve the pays they get. So I just opted to close out Gen chat for that conversation.


All grind out

That’s the real reason I haven’t felt like playing as of late. You get to chapter IX in Fallen Empire, and it becomes a grind festival for alliance. While yes it can be fun if you’re in a group, but when you’re solo it’s boring as hell, and I don’t really know how to group up. I don’t know my class that well to play in a group setting. So I’m stuck sitting on the sidelines watching. While the Heroics are easy, everyone does their thing as a unit, and etc. But still, I’m just to damn shy to even group up. I didn’t even do much of Gree or the Rakghoul Events this month. I did it on Radqa, to get Lokin, and then quit playing. Course being sick all I’ve wanted to do was get better. The stopped, then last night I decided to go play one of my new alts and got her past chapter 1 in the main story arc before calling it quits and going to bed for the night. But yeah I’m all grind out at the moment for the alliance. Raynasia is just about to start Chapter I for the Fallen Empire. I plan to flirt with Theron on that name. Eh, happy gaming though. I’m gone again!! Catch ya on the flipside of the Dark Side.

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