SWTOR family and friends


Just like this post title says. This is what I feel the take on things that have changed for me in the world of Star Wars. For months, even a good year and half I’ve been a solo player, with very little interaction within the community of SWTOR itself. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve discovered. “Wow , I’m missing out on so much more by letting my past experiences keep me from doing anything.” It all started with a suggestion from google of all places. I have a google plus page, and it kept suggesting this page here. STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC FAN PAGE that I started to get involved and talk with other gamers about the game, and get their experiences and so forth to see that I’m not the only one that has had these issues in the past with other gamers. I’m not a great player. I still have a lot more learning to do with FPs, and so forth, but what helps is that I’m willing to learn, and take on new challenges. Sadly though some of the servers I use to stick to, only frequented with just nothing more then hate. PVPer’s roll there and call those that play PVE carebears and what not. It’s not that we PVE’ers want to just play PVE, but some PVPer’s are down right rude and nasty about it. From what I’ve seen, heard, and gotten to talk too, is these are the same PVPer’s that are bummed out because they claim their server is dying. So they transfer their toons, or make Alts and come over and harass others that want to enjoy the game. This type of mentality is in all MMO’s and not just subjected to SWTOR. I’m sure many can vouch for that one as I’ve recently found out even as I sometimes play GW2, and that’s still a learning curve for me there as well, but that will probably become another blog in its own time once I get bored with SWTOR which I don’t ever see happening. I enjoy the class stories, venturing into new areas, and now that I’m coming out of my shell so speak, I’ll fully be out of my shell once I join a good guild. Now that is the trick..Finding a decent guild that will help someone who has multiple lvl 60’s spread across the servers learn to play end game content. I’ve made a great deal of friends through social networking, and thought I’d create a post here to show my apperication for the help they’ve given me, just realizing that I am not alone in feeling the bad vibes of online gaming.


So to me that is what makes this community something worthwhile to be apart in. Doesn’t matter how good of a gamer you may be in other games, it’s about being able to come in , ask for help from people that don’t call you names or say “Go away noob” because you’re seeking help. To me being apart of a community means helping out everyone regardless of how well they play. Because let’s just face it. We were all beginners at some point in our lives in gaming. We grow and learn by trial and error, so if you feel you’ve been neglected due to bad gamers, try to learn to ignore them, move past it, and seek out a new adventure somewhere else. That is the sole purpose to having multiple servers. Make friends across each of them, and welcome them into the fold of online gaming. Because let’s face it. Being a bully online gets you no where in all reality, cept that you find other bullies that will laugh with you, or at you. But being nice and helping someone out. Well that shows character, not with just their NPC, but their overall character as a human being, because behind each and every screen, every character, there is a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING controlling it. So like the age old saying goes. “Treat others how you want to be treated.” and if you can do that. You can help curve the online gaming community’s stigma about it being nothing more then Bullies running amok.!!


Thank for taking the time to read this post. And Now back to our scheduled programming!!!

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