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I’m not even bored yet

09 I decided a while back to roll a new smuggler since I seemed to have forgotten how to use them after hitting 60. So this is Kostos who is currently doing the story after her main class. I’ve decided I would do Illum before Makeb, or I may just bypass Makeb all together. I haven’t really made up my mind just yet. I know I will do the prelude into SoR all because well who could resist those wonderful 99×3 Common Data Crystals you get once you’ve headed off to Rishi. I leveled Kostos up the same way I’ve done it in the past. Solo style, No grouping, Solo Flashpoints, Solo Heroics, etc. You know my own play style. Of course though I was smart, I didn’t jump right into my modifiable orange gear for her until after I hit level 50. Only time I had to alter anything was her gun, She uses the Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Pistol and I do love it totally. Rishia uses the Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Rifle and I do love hearing the sound of out of this one. Even though I know we don’t have to put our comps in gear anymore, I still like to have a different look for them though. So I just slap on some orange gear, and go out and about. Plus I did spend the credits to get them a different look too for the over all appearance. Course the gear I did choose for Kostos is apart of the gree set. Red Scalene, I just didn’t use the head gear. I was so happy that I have finally came out of my shell and started doing the dailies for the Gree event to build up my rep there to at least get this set. Now her head gear is none other then that Bounty Tracker’s Hat and I got that by checking my cargo bays in a stronghold to see I had the 3 completed Contracts. Plus I did an extra one just to get it started on Kostos.

What I’m currently working on when not playing…..

Now I started this last month and haven’t even published the first post to it yet, but other than the random new one you get when you first start a new wordpress blog. It’s going to be my RP blog with Character background stories, but I haven’t even posted anything there yet. I have on my desk right now a torn out piece of paper with Kostos story just beginning. I will write when I have a thought that is longer than 5 seconds. I will be adding it to my links, but also here is the site address that will follow it. I have set up a twitter account for it and all. Character Stories- For My SWTOR Characters like I said it’s a brand new and everything. I haven’t done much because well even though I’m creative at times. I do tend to draw blanks a lot when trying to write. Then again Significant other has a mouth that won’t stop at times unless I threaten him with Staples, and Duct Tape. Of course like most that write, I want detailed information on what planet I am researching, what her other abilities are and etc. You know like a writer type thing. I want information that will make my character more believable then just what is written out. That takes time when one is doing so much on their own. In the process of doing this, we are trying to look for a new place to live. Much harder when you have pets, and about 75% of landlords hate dogs now cause of bad owners. So yeah a lot is going on in real life that well comes first and foremost. Oh yeah not to forget that significant other lost his twin sister at the start of 2016 too. Yeah it’s been a shitty start for us in RL so far.


In a nutshell

Kostos:No one can be talented, lucky and good-looking all the time. Or so I'm told.

Kostos:No one can be talented, lucky and good-looking all the time. Or so I’m told.

So far this year I’ve lived and learn. It’s all one can do when it comes to online gaming of any kind. The friend thing fell through the floor like I knew it would. Sometimes it sucks to be right about certain things, while other times it’s a blessing in disguise for me. But it’s also got me thinking that maybe I will stay in the solo realm for a good long time. I’m just not good at keeping friendships. I can make them and etc, but that is it. Course I bounce to much on alts to stay on one name for long. But yeah I can and will say this though. Regardless of the nay sayers out there about the death of SW:ToR , I am not going anywhere. I may take breaks and go do other things, but the time and money now invested into SW:ToR is not something I will give up so easily. I have fun there, even if I rarely do anything in group setting, and have no friends there. It’s not a lonely game that I play. It’s a smart game. I don’t put myself out there online and etc. I take other people’s feelings into consideration very seriously and not treat them like a game, because we play a game, does not mean I will play a game on them. I will play a game with them, and that is where a lot of people fail in any community. Lack of consideration for other’s feelings. We are real people operating a pixel after all.

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