So I’ve a confession,

About Kostos

37So yesterday my smuggler topped out at level 65 and ran through the KotFE story line up to chapter IX, and I couldn’t be happier. Her story line was different from the others somewhat. I mean come on, she’s a smuggler and now an alliance commander. Of course though I did not think that I would actually like playing a smuggler again, but I did, and it was fun. Now I’ll probably do the same, take a female Bounty Hunter and go through the same way again. As I was playing the smuggler I made her into a cheap tease, always flirting with the guys she could, and etc. Why not? It’s fun, and hilarious too. But I decided to bypass SoR all because well been there, done that, grew bored. I know I missed the chance to get the title at the end of SoR but I’m not to disappointed anymore about titles. I don’t even have nameplates on anymore in the game. That is because it’s less laggy for me. As I was playing through the smuggler I was debating on who I wanted to romance. Lana I tend to leave for the guys as the idea of same sex relationships just aren’t my cup of tea, so it was a toss up between Koth and Theron. Yes, yes, yes I shot down the good ole farm boy from Ord Mantell, I did it once on my Twi’lek and said never again. He’s to how can I say it, too Choir boy for me. Always wanting to help out the little fellow and all. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good idea at times, but come on, she’s a smuggler, she’s suppose to mix it up with the bad guys too. Plus I just have this thing for doing things outside the normal standards and what not. I don’t know why, but I just do. Now I know you’re probably sitting there thinking I started to romance Theron as most everyone loves Theron, but ahaha I have a surprise for you, and it’ll show up in the next part of this in a few moments.


So who did I romance in KotFE

2016-02-02_02-35-15 That’s right I chose Koth Vortena to romance in KotFE. I decided this just as I was playing through, and took the chances to flirt with him when I could during the first 9 Chapters. It wasn’t until towards the end of Chapter IX that I decided I would do the outside of the norm for me and go with Koth. I think they make a cute couple. A smuggler Zabrak that has a kick ass and take names later attitude. In just the short time I’ve been using him, I have found out he’s not half bad as a companion either. I mean they could dial down his talking during battles a little more for my taste, but overall I’m happy that I decided to really give him a chance. Not sure who will be the next romance for my newly created BH, but I’ll work on that at another time. Lately though if you noticed the trend with me is that I went back to playing a female whatever in various classes in SW:ToR all together. Guess it was time to break out of the male persona and go with my right gender, even though I will always play both sides of the game I just felt it was time to romance some men as a female. Oh well , got sidetracked here and lost all train of thought about romancing the companions. Damn that title sounds a little to close like romancing the stone. LOL, yeah I’m in a strange mood today. But ahhh well, time to go play and romance Koth some more, or at least try too. Who knows!!

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