So I’ve been thinking

And researching….

I recently found a thread on the forums that well I give two thumbs up for because it’s a different version. One I haven’t really seen in the community as of late, or if ever actually. I found a topic that is opposite of Weird people group finder thread, well now there is one called Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder, and I’ve actually posted a few comments there myself. Mostly to applaud them for wanting to help the new player learn end game content, which is great because after you do the Chapters , there really is nothing left to do besides grind for the alliance, or make a new alt and start over again which after a while gets well boring and tiresome. I left the guild I was in last year because I wanted to spend less time in SW:ToR and I did for a while. I was having issues and etc from a certain form of player that well now I have thicker skin ,and just really don’t care what anyone says. But I still will not let anyone harass me either. I am a female, and I’ve become damn proud of playing my female characters again. Which was the whole reason for me playing more male characters than females. But back to the main reason this post has it’s title at the moment.

Little research into End game content.

That’s right I’ve been doing research into end game content finally. You know the operations, and etc.  Now my research began here at Vulkk’s website. Yes I do try to support a lot in the game community that are trying to do good, and help new players, even old players that are new to end game content. Another site that I use quite a lot too is Dulfy’s SWTOR area. I’ve even used the Guild Wars 2 section as well as I use to play that game, which reminds me it probably needs updated again. Then I also use Tor-Fashion and Tor-Decorating as well for well you know Fashion for my characters and Decorating a strong hold, and etc. Awevae has also reached over 400 in her Artifice crafting so she is going good there. I need to work on the others now that the grind for XP is back to where it’s manageable. I recently also hit lvl 55 with Awevae as I was crafting to build it up. With her I really don’t know if I will be doing SoR or not yet, or even Makeb as well too. She did Illum and broke the false Emperor. While others are prepping for the next chapter to be released next month, I’ll let them figure everything out on what to say and etc about the new chapter coming out. I just want to focus on the here and now. It’s what I’m good at because I know we are not guaranteed a tomorrow and that tomorrow becomes today. So yeah I tend to live for the here and now. I’ve also taken the time to sit back and think as I write this post on how I want to word it too, because well I have an over active mind that changes subjects quicker then you can change your socks. Plus I have Raven in my lap a lot of times too as she’s always at my side. Unless significant other is home, then she’s with him. But 99% of the time it’s Mommy’s lap she’s in , or trying to get in.  But yeah I’ve been thinking of trying to find a guild that is alt friendly on both Republic and Empire side, and trying to get up into doing end game content, because I know I’m missing out on a shit ton of fun. Even if I have to install a VOIP or whatever. I just hope they understand that I can listen, but not talk cause well I don’t have a microphone anymore. I dumped them all when I gave up being a gaming DJ years ago. I do have a headset with one, but doubtful it still works anymore.

In the end of this post though, I am posting this picture, because given the outfit she has on, while on Illum yesterday, she said this, (Awevae) as they were planning the next attack.


Awevae: Do you know the temperature out there? I’ve got frostbite on my….somewhere you really don’t want to get frostbite.

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