So ……

It just kind of happened.

I landed in a guild without really even trying. While I was running around on my newly created Imperial Agent. Yes, yes I know, why another damn agent? I like the story line. I had always said that if I ever got back into a guild, it would be one I would help create, or create myself. Well this one I helped create. Yeah, I’m a co-founder and well it’s going on day 2 of this guild. How it happened is kind of funny because I don’t normally pay attention to gen chat all that much on the planets anymore cause of political debates going on. I avoid politics, and religious conversations like they are a plague. To me they are a plague, bringing out the worse in people. I was on Alderaan and this guy keeps saying in gen chat he needs a few people to help him create a guild. I was half way done with my story mission, when after the 3rd time he had posted this request that I decided to whisper him and ask what kind of guild would he like to get started. He proceeds to tell me one with a Master/Apprentice system. Okay, I roll my eyes here because it’s not like there isn’t a million of them already in Ebon Hawk server. We group up and he was able to find 2 more people to help create this guild. Great right, until we find out he’s a free to play player. But no worries there , the other two are subs along with me, sweet, so he has no clue how to set any of this up. As we’re talking in group, the one goes and asks for ages. I drop that I’m 38, the other one is 26, another says 17, soon to be 18,and the original one that brought us together chirps in with 14. I instantly slam my head off the desk. I kind of figured he was a kid because of his typing. The guy that is 26, has ran a guild in the past, so he’s pretty much our GM, even though the 14 year old believes he is. We are kind of letting him have his delusion there. We have a DK stronghold which he wanted the one on Tatooine, and a Guild Flagship. The guy that created it after he talked the kid into letting a sub create it so we wouldn’t have any restrictions has pretty much funded the DK Stronghold. He has an Alt on the pub side that he runs dailies, weekly on to grind for credits, so yeah in a group setting you can grind good amount of credits.  We recruit get the needed amount of players to get our guild bank started, and everything. Mean while this kid is going on and on about how he wanted the Tatooine stronghold. So we stop him right there, and explain to him. The last 3 strongholds are the most expensive ones to unlock for a guild. Hell they are expensive even as a single player. My agent is now level 40, and part of a guild.

Naming a guild is a pain

In the ass. We started to try and come up with names. While our two younger ones were throwing names out there that made no sense, one kept saying he wanted the word “Dark” in there, the other said Imperial Destroyers. While me and the other guildie were trying to come up with something a little more original. I threw out Emperor’s Clandestine Vanguard. Two didn’t like it. Course they wouldn’t, they don’t have that big of a vocabulary yet for being in High School, even though I know some have a very high vocabulary even in Middle School. I was asked what the definition of Clandestine was. So I quoted this from



characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy or concealment,especially for purposes of subversion or deception; private or surreptitious:


So we said that would be a back up name in case the one we had finally decided on wasn’t available. Originally we were shooting for Imperial Elite Vanguard, but it was apparently taken. Who knew? I never seen anyone running around in SW:ToR with that one, but apparently it was taken. So okay, name two. Elite Imperial Vanguard. Got it! So that is what we named the guild. Elite Imperial Vanguard, and which will most likely have a sister guild in the far future if we can get this one up and running smoothly. Me personally I would have chosen another name over Elite, but I was so excited about helping create a guild that I just nixed the idea of kicking Elite. I’ve come to realize Elite does not always have to have an ego attached to it.  So yeah we’re in a guild now.


Now the true fun


Radqa finally had the dust blown off his lightsaber last night as we started grinding heroics for creds to help build this guild. We couldn’t get 2 more people to go with us cause of them being low level, so I and the other guy decided okay, level 60 or better to grind. We did it. When I first logged Radqa in, he had roughly 12k Credits on him. I tend to rob my alts a lot when I need credits. So we ran a ton of Heroics to make a fairly decent amount, not as much as we would have liked, but it worked for us. We plan on doing it again later today as well. So yeah the adventure into a guild is just beginning. So if you’re on the Ebon Hawk and looking for an alt friendly guild. Contact Trayvae, or Radqa and we’ll get you set up. Until next time Folks.


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