I’ve been bugged

For the Agent story.

Since the release of Chapter X in the KotFE I was able to play through it the first night with one of my older Agents, who also did not romance Kaliyo at all. I won’t give details, but let’s just say I’m stuck in a groundhog movie loop on my latest Agent Trayvae. I took him through all his stories and started Makeb but once I hit 60, started doing other things like the HK-51 quest, and a few other things to build up to at least level 62, even though I know they scale you down on older things. I also did the prelude to SoR only for Common Data Crystals, and once I started Rishii, I grew bored. Been there done that over 10 times it’s mute to me now. I do not care about the title at the end of SoR so I bypassed it. I may go back now and finish Makeb just to get it out on my mission log, same with Illum, even though I am growing rather bored of those two FPs at the end, course I could always just save Illum, and not do the FPs anymore. Also I did group up while doing the HK quest to find his parts on Taris, and Hoth, and ended up doing those two FPs because we thought you got the items at the end instead of doing the HM, which for False Emperor, we got the item needed, but not in regular group mode (Tactical ) for The Foundry, but when I decided to take a quick run back through it , I was able to get the last of my HK parts to finish his quest line. Now I remembered why I opted to pay the 350 Cartel Coins to unlock him, his quest is one of those headaches you do once, and swear “never again.”  As you can see in the snapshot below I may be stuck in the quest time loop on Odessen for ending of Chapter X, I can call on Kaliyo outside of the Alliance base, and use her, I also was able to gain more influence with her, from 20 to now 22. So yeah I’m happy about that.

2016-02-26_16-45-30 I took this snapshot last night while running the Qyzen alliance recruit, and this is how Kaliyo had killed the Worthy Jagannath Target. She left him standing as he was dying. Simply amazing. The outfit you see from the back on my Agent is one I crafted in Armormech. Who is now maxed out on it , I crafted this outfit back when he was in his 50’s only cause I really liked it. Here is the Tor-fashion link to it. I even wanted to some crafting for purple gear, but find that it requires the Exotic Isotope Stabilizer and that is usually locked to HM Flashpoints, and so forth. So I dyed his armor Black/Grey, and spent the credits to lock him in it for good, while his front page is all with I believe 208 gear that I got from the data crystals I had collected, and some where even a drop or two in some of the solo stuff I did. I can not totally recall, but I was going to crafted him some new relics on my 55 Jedi Sent, Awevae, but couldn’t because I do not have the Exotic Isotope Stabilizer and I am not paying GTN prices, nor dropping crystals that can be used for other things on it. So I may have to luck out and just spend the credits to get him some decent relics.  He also my main now on the Ebon Hawk Server. I am not entirely sure if I want to go the route of augmenting his 208 gear , or just wait a bit. I also thought that with all  the sudden changes in gear, that all gear crafted was modifiable now, and sadly I’ve come to see that it’s not. The gear Trayvae is wearing is maxed at level 56, and only had a dye module in place. So I do not know if this is a bug, or what, but it’s not modifiable like they are saying all gear is. I may have to see if I craft it, if I can learn a new schematic from it, and if I can improve on it. Since the original gear I did want for my agent is still way to costly and that is the Agile Reconnaissance of course I have only checked on the Ebon Hawk since that is my main server now, I may have to float over to the others and see if it’s there in a cheaper price range now or not. But anyways if you are playing an Agent at the moment, DO NOT PLAY Chapter X  as it is currently bugged and you’ll be stuck in a groundhog day loop for the ending of it. Trust me it’s not fun, and you can’t recruit Blizz since he’s locked behind finishing chapter X. Anyways, have a good day/ night where ever you may be, and Thanks for reading.

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