I’m still bugged

Agent stuck in loop

Forever stuck in a loop

Forever stuck in a loop

Yup, it’s been a few days since I tried to complete Chapter X and I am still stuck in a groundhog day movie loop. A little later I will post a clip of the loop from that movie I am talking about, but right now I am just going to focus on what I’ve been doing since I’ve gotten into this damn loop that seems to be forever. So I have decided that I was going to go Rishii , and get the datacrons there, and man I waited for almost 3 hours last night trying to get Wupp to spawn and hung out with a few others that well we grouped up for it, and to avail was not able to get the bugger to spawn. From what I read on the forums, and Dulfy even. Wupp does not like to come out and play often. The other two Grophets I got with no issue what so ever, other than a jedi stealing the first kill for me. But I waited for over 3 hours last night to get him to spawn and just couldn’t. So I gave up and went to bed for the night. I guess I will try for him later on today, since I really have nothing else to do on my agent, and heroic grinding solo just well is mute. Plus I got the Galactic Hero title for doing every damn heroic out there, minus the ones on Makeb, and Illum’s only one. But not onto my next topic.

Guild Headaches

My guild that I was one of 4 members has become a mute point for me. I’m still very much apart of Elite Imperial Vanguard, but yesterday I saw one member log in, and then stayed half an hour, and went offline again. I can’t recruit for the guild if no one is going to be on, and if I can’t do anything more with titles and such as I don’t have ability to change things, I can only wait the 30 days until guild leadership changes to someone that is on, which will most likely be me. Yay! I think. Over the weekend I did not play as much as I just did not feel good, due to various women reasonings. So I slept off and on all weekend. Before I left we had 20 members, and now we’ve dropped down to 15. I don’t understand it, if the original members do not want to be on, then why did they talk me into creating a guild? I understand that Real life happens, but seriously if I don’t have many options to help build the guild, like access to the bank to upgrade Stronghold, or change titles why did they even bother? I have made a main name and I am trying to stick to it, but gesh, with the only one on all the time it’s becoming mute. I have one of my other names in the guild as well Radqa is apart of it, and I was able to log in and use that name for a bit yesterday to do Chapter X, which ironically worked for him, it finished and was able to recruit Blizz, but sadly Trayvae who is my Sniper is stuck in that damn loop. While I have no issue with being in a guild that is quiet , I just wish I could do more at the moment but best I could do is try to recruit people , and explain to them that guild leadership is quiet at the moment as the other 3 co-founding members are not online. The kid that brought us together and I use the term loosely here, is only 14 years old, while one of the other is just 17 years, and the guy that created it is 26, married with child or children, did not ask for full details, but yeah. Here I am, 38 years old, a pet, a significant other, and still able to find game time at least. Then again I’m also fully mentally disabled so I can play all day if I want, and lately I have been. Going 8-16 hours a day game play. During that time I would love to have others on, and hang around with them and talk to them, but alias I can’t really create this guild if none of the other members are on. At least for the moment.


Future plans

Should the guys that help create guild come back on, and I do not know what will happen. I just know that well things will have to change, or something. I started creating Trayvae’s RP Background and once it’s finished it will go on my other blog for SWTOR Character stories, I tend to write his story in between things as I just get bored and well his character starts to come to life in my mind, so I have to write it out on paper before transferring it over to a notepad or a draft in a blog. I always write in pencil so I can either erase a word, sentence, or whatever or if I’m really lazy just draw a line through it so I know to cut out that sentence. But for the time loop, here is a movie clip to Groundhog Day where it’s repeated a lot, and this is what I feel like at the moment with Chapter X in agent mode.


This is what it feels like playing the agent at the moment and being stuck on Chapter X while still no official word on when or if a fix is going to be applied for this chapter for us agents. Here is the forum topic on the main website. We are up to at least for me 7 pages, and I have posted a few times there myself. I have 3 agents on Ebon Hawk, 1 was able to complete it back on the 8th during early access, the other one just before the weekend hit, and now stuck in a time loop, and I will not be leveling up my 3rd agent to take through until this fix this bug. Of all things to gate Blizz behind it is unfair to us that are playing as agents because we can’t even recruit the little jawa bugger into our alliance since chapter x does not complete. I hope we get an answer soon as many are saying they are leaving to go play other MMOs where nothing is broke,(Yeah right in their dreams), No game is perfect, but honestly I will not leave SWTOR as it is the game for me. I just hate alliance grinding for a name that can’t even recruit the one companion I think would mix well into an Agents field. Anyways happy gaming, and thanks for reading.

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