Good News…

 All the way around…..

With that, I finally got word about a fix coming on the 8th for agents not being able to complete chapter X, YAY Finally!, and also I’ve talked with the kid that was suppose to be Guild Master, and he has said it will be me that needs to become Guild Master. Sadly though CS won’t help move it, so now we just have to wait it out. I even capped screen shots for it because this is what he wants. Someone that is on all the time. And well, I am on all the time. So now I can start recruiting for <Elite Imperial Vanguard>, and this makes me excited because now things are starting to look up. I officially have a main on the Ebon Hawk Server now, so I am logged into Trayvae a lot more then I was originally planning. Radqa is my backup, along with the other names, that eventually will be in the guild. Our Recruitment message that is posted sometimes in starter planets, and Fleet is this.

<Elite Imperial Vanguard> is recruiting all active members. We are a new guild. Our Focus will be RP/PvP/PvE, but not mandatory. So if you’re interested in joining us, and come join our guild and help us create our legacy. Whisper for details, and for invite.

Well now sometimes the wording changes but at least it’s something. We do have a stronghold, but can’t decorate it at the moment thanks to the other person who disappeared offline without a word. Same with Guild Bank Access, and to edit memberships, tags, and etc. I have even been spending time on the fleet, roleplaying with others in the general area, and it’s been fun too. I even have my own PVP bodyguards when I need them. Amazing that this year is starting to look up for me. I met them on Rishi when I was trying to get the 3 Not so little Grophet’s achievement which I’m still searching for Wudd, since he’s being a pain in the ass to get. I was able to get the other 2 with no issues, but Wudd does not want to be found. I am also on the part in the heroic for The Shroud where you do the jumping bit to get to the boss before the final Heroic 4, still wish they would have made that easier to do. But eventually I’ll find someone that wants to do it, or help out at least.


What’s next in the agent life?

Well nothing til the 8th when the supposedly fix is to be launched with Chapter XI, not that I’m holding my breath on that. But I’ll keep busy until then. But I am starting to think it’s time to create our backstory, and with that I am planning on getting with my 2nd in Command, since no one else but us are on lately. Course that is only if his network connection will allow him longer than 5 minutes. Ironically I do not have issues with my network. Then again for as much money I pay Comcast Cable a month. It better be a good service.


2016-02-27_05-46-03 I still love this outfit on my agent though. I crafted this back when he was in the 50’s and haven’t changed it. Instead I put the 208 gear in front and have boosted his stats, plus I am also crafting my own Augment kits, which are MK-9, and the level 64 for him. While I’m working on others to boost their crafting skills as well. I have Radqa crafting in Artifice, and I’m going to be going with Kero’dow’urki who is my level 65 Chiss Bounty hunter with Armstech, I have Daeqius who is my level 65 Sith Inquisitor. Then there is Domidaq who is working on Biochem at the moment. I also have one working on Synthweaving as well. He’s low level 20’s and I made him into a Sith Warrior Marauder. My other names I just use for gathering materials, and items because I wasn’t into crafting, but now I can see the benefits of it all. I am also working on adding another Legacy, and Personal Cargo bays so that I can extra areas to store crafting material as well. I am really becoming serious about certain characters, while some of my others are going to remain hidden so I can have down time from the guild, even though I may just have them added for helping out lower level players. But that is what I’m doing now. Crafting, and finally becoming a serious player who is trying to build a base of friends in SWTOR. It only took me what a few years to shake the shell off fully.


A song I think fits an Agents Life.

I was listening to music one night while I was on Hoth, and I have a band that I so love, and if anyone knows about Mythology specially Egyptian then you know the name of RA, who is a sun god in Egyptian Mythology, and well as one of their songs pops up to play it reminds me of an Imperial Agent’s life and his/her story in SWTOR. The lyrics are well I’m going to Cut and Paste them, and provide a video with the song. Then you tell me if you think it fits an Agent’s life.


Could it be that it didn’t happen
Could it be that I wasn’t there
I can swear that my eyes are open
But there’s nothing at which to stare
I remember the people dying
Staring blankly into the sky
Unaffected and undistracted
Redirected to pass them by


Cold as steel underneath my broken skin
I’m bleeding
Forced to feel
Devastation murder genocide


My reflection sometimes reminds me
In their image I was born
Technically I’m enhanced they tell me
From their minds my existence torn
They don’t know all the hate I’m feeling
They don’t see how it breeds inside
I’m afraid of the walls around me
I’m afraid but I cannot hide


There’s a reason that I met you
It’s to show me how to die
Simplify my wrong connection
Disconnect me where I lie
There is conflict all around us
There is conflict in my soul
Put an end to what’s beginning
To make me want to play my role


Enjoy the tunes, and thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day/night, weekend, or where ever you are in the world.

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