My Own Personal Updates:

To Website/Blog….

Recently I decided that I know a many of my fellow SWTOR fans that do read my blog haven’t ever asked, because if they are like me. We all have a way to make our blogs stand out and shine with our personalities. While yes my is really dark natured which does not mean I’m a bad person. I just prefer the darker side of life. (Yes pun intended), I have now opted to give my fellow fan mates /familia, whatever you may wish to call us a different look on my blog. It may take a few refreshes, dump your cookies (not the kind you eat), but whatever you may, there has been a change here to my personal fan blog. I have redone the color settings for the main articles and what not for it to be easier for people to read. I took this into consideration after reading a forum post on the official forums yesterday about someone asking for a color scheme change because the dark background with like a goldish text was hard for them to read. Yes I do admit at times I hate reading the forums because there is no way to change the colors. When I ran an online gaming forum for my Vampire: The Masquerade , I gave everyone the option to pick the best color suited forum for them. I was not without merit there because I believe in choices, specially since no one but us usually ends up going to the Eye Doctors to have our eyes checked out, and I also know a lot in the gaming community are actually color blind. So I was looking for a new theme for wordpress when I realized that my current one has various theme color schemes built right into it. This is the theme I am using now. It has multiple color schemes, and best part is that it was “FREE” yes I do love the free word in a sense because I am paying for my own hosting, but I don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a decent theme. I picked today to do it of all days because I knew SWTOR would be down for the maintenance which I tend to call it “break things/then try to fix them a few days later” time. So I figured I’d do some updating on various things, crank up the winamp player, and write a few posts, work on Trayvae’s  back story and what not, while waiting for them to bring the servers back online. Plus I’m also looking into other things at the moment as well so I take pauses in between things. Not sure what I’m going to do though for next topic.

With this guild…

I have recently talked with the kid that wants me to be the new guild master, but yet we are waiting for the switch since according to Bioware, since they have implemented the transfer service to automatically move onto the next subscriber after a period of 30 days of inactivity with current one. I am now running a guild, and now this is where it gets tricky. How do you recruit for something that you can’t control just yet? By that meaning the little display message that pops up when they have a “Daily message” to show, or even change titles, then there’s not able to decorate the SH due to no gold keys being given. Do I feel a little out of my league at the moment? Well yeah I do because this is hard. While the other active member that was in the guild with me has decided to leave, claims he just doesn’t want to risk becoming guild leader in case I’m not on. Um hello, that won’t happen, 1 he’s isn’t a co-founder, and 2, I am on daily with Trayvae. I have not once went a day without logging him in. He’s my Armormech crafter, so I log him in daily to craft and sale some things on the GTN for others to use. I’ve also gotten a guild bank and placed it in my stronghold, and have another one waiting to come off timer so I can donate it to the guild as well. All the while I am also looking into websites for guilds.  I know there is Shivtr, Gamer Launch, and Enjin. Which most seem to use Enjin the most, but I’m also looking at it like this, I can’t afford to pay their prices either. Truth be told I am not even sure what exactly Elite Imperial Vanguard is anymore. It originally started to become a RP guild , but at the moment I’m thinking it will be better to keep it as a social guild until more players join. Then again most will bitch about that too, but I’m not giving up. I keep researching information about the guild setups and everything. I know that once I get control of it, the titles will be changed. Course I am also thinking the recruiting message will be changed as well, to something like this. “<Elite Imperial Vanguard> is currently recruiting new and active members, at the moment we are a social guild that would love to become something more. We have a SH ,Bank, and working on everything else, if interested in joining or want more info, Send me a whisper for info/invite and help us create our legacy.”  Course I don’t believe in sitting on starter planets spewing that out every 5-10 minutes. I’ve found some of the best guilds don’t go on recruitment drives like that, but to get our footing into the door I know I have too. So all my time online wasn’t totally wasted while waiting for the game to update, I managed to look into a few guild hosting website, and now my launcher is updating. Sweet. I only have been up since 9:30am est time. So before it all finishes, and I can start playing. I have recently decided that what ever may happen with the guild, it will. I am not going to stress about it because it’s not worth it for me to at the current moment. I still have like 16-17 days before it’s able to become fully mine.

2016-02-27_05-47-46 But I just can’t wait to log in, and finally get chapter x to progress for him. I’ve waited all this time patiently waiting for him to get past the end of Chapter X, and go recruit Blizz. I need to work on my trooper for Chapt. XI

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