Guilds (The big picture)



Now as I currently stand I am guild-less in SWTOR. That was my own doing because of past experiences I’ve had with two guilds I did join. Both which happened to be on the Shadowlands server both Empire and Republic side. I’ll go first with the guild I helped create..”caffeinated ewoks” not entirely sure what this person was thinking, but he was asking for 4 people to help him create this guild. So being a new lvl 60, I piped up and offered to help him out, grouped up and had all the right people to create this guild. I logged off, nothing more was to be thought of. I went back over to the empire side and go lvl up a new character, now mind you this was back when the first round of 12xp came out before SoR was released. If you know what I’m talking about, then yeah you understand that too. I logged in one day to find out he had left and it instantly made me Guild Master. I didn’t want it because I didn’t like the name in all honesty, so I passed the buck so to speak off to the next person. I told myself that was it. Last time I ever helped anyone create a guild. That was on the republic side, now on the Empire side. This is where it gets interesting as to say. Everyone knows that searching for HK parts on DK became unbearable at times. Specially when the Mobs of insane whatever are spawning left and right, well being a lvl 60 character, they don’t think about attacking you so moving around the Dark Temple is fairly simple. I did that. It was while searching that I run into what I thought would be friends and joined their guild. Which their guild name should have told me something. Not entirely sure what the full name was but it was Helix, and when I asked if it was the Sci-Fi show on TV, I was told it was a reference to Pokemon. Well not being into little furry animals of whatever I didn’t understand it, but still joined their guild and we became friends. I had my two level 60’s on Shadowlands. Dasru and Zo’ris. My Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior. Both Tanks, and when I joined the guild I only did so on the empire side as they didn’t have much time for republic side, didn’t bother me.


Both of my characters were just designed to be tanks, this was before all the 3.0 nerfs that we’ve had recently. Juggs and Guardians are both strong , but no one really messed with them. So we did the entire HK thing to get all his parts. I had to protect them when they went to republic side to get the piece from the Jedi Temple Ruins, because I was the highest level there. I think they were like 14-20 level. I did not mind doing that, They were what I thought at the time good friends. Then I was on one day and said I was going to go make a new character because I just grew bored with being on my 60 all day chasing their pipe dreams of doing whatever for their Legacies. They didn’t want to do HM FPs , PVP, none of that, just sit around all day on their 60’s doing absolutly NOTHING. You know how boring that can be. I wanted to create a new character, put it in their guild , group up and we could level that way together as a group, but never happened. Having the voice I have, I don’t like voice chat so much as I get accused of being a male, and I’m anything but. I can just socialize with men better than women because of my tomboyish personality. I did a lot of things as a tomboy then I did as a regular female. I don’t do the makeup, hair and etc. Hell it only takes me 5 minutes if that to get dressed if I’m going out. For my husband he says I’m the dream girl for him. Blue jeans and Tshirts and sneakers and or Boots. Depends on the mood. Anyways they didn’t want my alts in their guild but yet it was alright for them to create one or two and put theirs in, then again I chalked it up as to “Their guild, their rules.”, but I was growing bored of being logged in on my 60’s when they didn’t want to do anything else.  So that didn’t bother me, I started doing other things on Zo’ris. I did my dailies on Oricon , and so forth. Then the pressure of voice chat came into play. Yes I have Skype, and use to use it daily when I was involved in Second Life because back then I was also a DJ and when I DJed in a club, I liked to have owners/managers and so forth on the list so I could let them know if I was able to make it in SL that night or not. They accepted my voice as is, and didn’t say anything else. But that was like 2 years ago. I stopped Djing in there, gave up on skype cept for a few random friends here and there that I talk too, and just don’t want to join the game of SWTOR. So it’s rarely turned on. Then there is the thing that I have a speaker system with a subwoofer, and two mini speakers to enhance my game play, not to mention I like to turn Winamp on at times and listen to music while playing and don’t want to change anything I do to make for voice chat, not to mention I don’t even know where my headset is anymore. I have it still, but don’t know where it’s at. So because I refused their terms of having to use voice. I was ignored, no biggie I’m use to it. I spent a lot of time in there before being ignored, is why I became good at solo game content in an MMO. Ironic huh?


But now I have found said headset , isn’t plugged in, but I know what drawer it sits in. I understand that when raiding and so forth it’s easier to be on a VOIP type program and talk then having to type out everything. If I could find a guild that doesn’t mind having a player who is fearful of speaking, but can listen, well that would be cool, but most want all active members speaking. Sorry I have a speech problem now too, and I’ll explain that in a minute. But now I’m looking for a guild, and I’m not sure if many guilds will take in a noob so to speak when it comes to end game content, raiding, pvp, and so forth. I know a lot say they will, but that’s the thing with me, you can say one thing , and do another. That I guess is my biggest pet peeve in life in general. Saying one thing, and doing another.


So now comes to the issue of not having proper speech anymore. I was an infant and put on some very strong meds, meds they now use on Animals more so then humans. Imagine that. The drug I’m talking about is called “phenobarbital”, they used it in the 1970’s for control of seizures which I had developed at an early age, and spent 2 years on it , but Drs instructed my mother not to let it get on my gums or it would ruin my teeth. She didn’t listen, so you can guess where I spent most of my childhood, dentist chair, if you guessed. By the time my adult teeth started coming in, they were rotting out as fast as they came in. From the inside out. So before I was even 30 years old. I had all my teeth removed cause no matter how much I brushed, floss, rinsed with moutwash, they still rotted. I have dentures, but can’t wear them as they are to damn big for my mouth. I get called “Big mouth” a lot , but never understood it because those things just don’t sit right in my mouth so I haven’t worn them at all. Believe it or not , when they say having teeth makes a big difference in how one talks, pronounces words and etc. They speak the truth, so yeah I miss having them, I just wish I didn’t have to have them all removed at once. So now there is why I hate voice chat anymore because of not having the proper ways to speak, my words come out funky and etc.

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