I’m just not……

Feeling it anymore.

With that being said, I am just not feeling it anymore to bring multiple characters across the KotFE story line. The game play is great, do not get me wrong there, but it’s becoming just like how RotHC and SoR is for me. Dull and well “been there done that,  tired of doing it” again and again. Plus I’m feeling a little disappointed with how they are forcing us to take certain companions that well I didn’t want in the original story lines, and still don’t want to this day. I am not a true huge fan of all the Companions I’ve ran across doing all 8 original class stories. I plan on revisiting my old list of how I thought some should just be well ignored totally. Plus now I realize I never touched base on the character companions on the republic side, only empire side, how shameful of me!?, not really I play empire side more then Republic side, as for I just mostly did it to get the legacy buffs when you click on your main buff on whichever character you are using. Now I have a list ready for all character companions. From Jedi knight all the way down to Bounty Hunter. I am only going to say minor things about each companion as there are a lot, and how I feel they either benefit or don’t benefit in KotFE.

Empire Side

Sith Inquisitor
Khem Val – Yes only cause I have used him a lot prior to 4.0, and still love a Dashade
Andronikos Revel – Off and ON about him, A space pirate that dumped the republic side. Yeah,
Ashara Zavros – No, kill her, or send her back to the jedi, just don’t force me to keep her.
Talos Drellik – Sure he loves to dig up devices and what not.
Xalek – Jury is out, not a fan of Kaleeshs anyways.


Sith Warrior
Vette – Sure a hacker is always good in tight spaces.
Malavai Quinn – Please NO, keep him where ever he is and not force him upon us.
Jaesa Willsaam – Sure a little psycho never hurts.
Lieutenant Pierce – Gated behind PVP for non Warriors, so fine by me.
Broonmark – Tzal are usually loyal to republic, but he’s just a homicidal maniac
Imperial Agent
Kaliyo Djannis – Eh, saddled with her again whether you want her or not.
Vector Hyllis – Can’t wait to see where he’s been, decent fighter so yeah
Doctor Lokin – Love getting him regardless of which character. Rakghouls are a favorite of mine.
Ensign Raina Temple – Please another Noooo,
SCORPIO- Couldn’t we just melt her down and make her into a shiny new weapon?
Bounty Hunter
Mako- She makes no sense for a BH Companion. Not even sure where she would fit in.
Gault- Only for pure comical enjoyment.
Torian Cadera- Sure if he’s grown a pair by now.
Blizz – Love having a jawa
Skadge- Please tell me he got locked up again.

Republic Side

Jedi Knight
T7-O1 -Universal Droid that gets into EVERYTHING!!
Kira Carsen- Hell No, let her be someone elses headache.
Doc – Please no again, I don’t want this womanizer back.
Sergeant Rusk- Sure he loves to kill everything and everyone.
Lord Scourge- Oh hell yeah, bring back this one for sure.
Jedi Consular
Qyzen Fess – Forced to keep him regardless
Tharan Cedrax- Ahhh, No
Zenith – Never used him in original story often, so (shrugs shoulders)
Lt. Felix Iresso- Great for cannon fodder.
Nadia Grell- Please no , another that made no sense into forcing upon us.
Aric Jorgan – Only for Republic side, as a DS Agent, he hates me already.
Elara Dorne – Eh, whatever traitor in my eyes.
M1-4X – Only got him on trooper, as gated behind PVP as well.
Tanno Vik- Killed in Asylum.
Yuun- Another forced one , No thanks, he sits in my base, and I dont use him unless to craft.
Corso Riggs- No more farm boy antics.
Bowdaar – Can’t wait to see his mission recruitment in the coming months.
Risha – Eh, queen for a day, no thanx
Akaavi Spar- Odd one, didn’t really use her much.
Guss Tuno- Only for comical relief.

There it is, my only personal list of companions. Not sure a lot of the republic, and empire original companions will ever truly make sense in KotFE, but I understand that the Empire and Republic we knew before KotFE has all been well almost dismantled, and destroyed. But on to my next topic.

Choices that matter

Now to me this is becoming a joke as I am playing, because well we were told our choices would matter on just about everything in KotFE. We decided whether or not to keep Tanno alive, or kill him. 9 times outta 10 I killed him. Same with Xalex once we got his recruitment, you could beat him in a duel, and gain his respect, imprison him, or just flat out kill him. I refused him once, and keep him afterwards. But also what has me a little peeved at the moment is that during Chapter X, as by now everyone has probably played through it. Well at the end when you’re in the war room and depending on your decision Koth either leaves, or stays, I’ve had him stay on my Smuggler only cause she’s romanced him, but leave on the Agent cause well. Let’s face it, my agent Trayvae is a dick at times. Forcing us to keep all these companions is well pointless, as we do not need this many unless they plan to make changes where we can summon more than just one at a time. Which for some things would be great, others , just no. Just like at the end of Chapter X when you’re standing in the war room and Koth has his hissy fit, or Temper Tantrum as Senya says. You can 3 choices to pick from. But when you pick the 3rd choice it doesn’t matter, as they force you right into Chapter XI without any acknowledgement from picking the 3rd choice. I have done that one of my other agent, and yet when they released Chapter XI, it got ignored. Instead you have to well, I won’t say anymore about Chapter XI, but yeah. And this blocking out the ability of summoning other companions because well , “They placed Story restrictions” there is well mundane all the way around. I want to use a companion with a higher influence then the one I am saddle bagged to run with through an entire small portion of Content. An influence of rank 1 on a new companion because 1, you’ve never had that companion before, and 2, you just don’t want to use them for anymore than cannon fodder is pointless. But yet when you click on the main mission to click the little purple “Play button”, they allow you to pick a companion to go with you. I haven’t checked to see if in game you can swap out, but I’m guess my answer will be “NO” you must use the low level influence ranked one that you are recruiting regardless. I mean seriously? Now my influence with Kaliyo was in high 20’s when I ran my main agent through there, so was happy to place her in tank stance and run with it. But now I’m working on the Trooper Zanedyl and well I’m saddle bagged with her , since I didn’t want to be bothered so much that well last night after getting killed by the two pointless bosses blocking on of the node she needs to place a detonator on. I just said “hell with it, and logged out completely.” One my machine is not that great, and two, with Chapter XI , the damn planet lags more than anything and my abilities have a window of a 5 second delay. But choices matter my ass, as they are proving they don’t matter and if they do, it’s only when you pick the one they want you to pick. So thanks for killing the dream of allowing our choices to really matter. Can’t wait to see what kicks in the next episode.

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