A few thoughts….

About everything.

So our GM came back online. Thankful for that because I did not want to inherit this guild, but instead I’ve been put as 2nd in charge. The other Co-founder has not been back in the game in the last 26-27 days. So now that leaves us with a question. We had agreed that after 30 days of inactivity that we will be kicking members from the guild. We want active members, and not be a guild that has the XP boost with dead members in it, plus we are creating a RP guild. Even though it will not soley be who we are. We just want to build a good community for others. I have also been working or trying to work on guild website. I decided to go with Enjin because it’s so vastly known all over the galaxy in SW:ToR. I have even written a back story for us, and it was agreed to use it. Which makes me feel good. Now we have a member that wanted a promotion in the guild so we gave him my old spot and he has already tried to make it his way. As a Council member, I was given the ability to give and take titles away from certain members, even though I never did, I just gave them to my Alts that are in the guild, and when the GM wanted to switch from his alt, to his main as GM owner. Which was good in my book. But now this other invited two new members and gave them our Wrath’s tag, and Recruiter tag, which is not how this guild works. We decided (GM and I) that all new recruits would remain intiates for 30 days. This was to weed out the bad seeds, and the not truly active members of the guild. Which you can’t blame us for, but this other did not know because 1 didn’t ask, and 2 because they helped him out in the past. So I reverted it back to Intiates, and sent him a mail ingame explaining that all new members must remain as this first tag for 30 days, not because of how they helped out someone or not. Plus when I had Trayvae in last night he started bitching about being put on a leash. Well yeah, abuse the power you have been granted, we will yank it. He was sitting on Tatooine which means he was probably at Outlaw’s Den again. A place I don’t go near unless I am doing the GSI missions and need to get in there to scan that one water vapor in there. Then I don’t even fully go in, I know how to get what I need without hitting the PVP flag too. I don’t PVP and trying to be forced into Outlaw’s Den well makes it easy for me to want to avoid that person now. So after about 20 minutes of hearing him whine about having a leash in place. I said I was going back to my trooper who I just recently started and got her to Illum last night. But I didnt even stay then, I ended up shutting down the game and going to bed for the night because he was trying to stress me out, and I don’t take the game seriously. If he was on when the GM came on last night, I am sure they got into it as well.

Being a good sport

A while back I had those Recovered Relics and Manaan Relics that you get from doing the FPs before Shadow of Revan and had collected like 10 of them each and left them sitting in my inventory when I ran across someone on the fleet looking for them. Even offered to buy them too. I decided that I needed to hop to my SH and grab them, because they weren’t doing me any good. Nothing at the two vendors for it that I wanted so I just grabbed the ones she needed and sent them over to her in game and told her “Present, free of charge”, she thanked me right after that because no one is that nice. If I have something I am not using, I will share it with others, or just give it away. Like I said I was not using them, instead I just play those FPs to get the 99×3 Common Data Crystals from completing all the FPs leading up to Rishi. I may take another run through it one the Trooper I am doing, or the Marauder that is currently doing the FPs too. Since SoR is so easy to breeze through it now. But the Trooper I am working with is a Female Rattataki who is currently at level 48 I believe. I finished her main class story last night and decided to move onto Illum. Which is funny because I had people stop and tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do anything on Corellia and well I did. I defeated General Rakton at level 46-47 I believe. Then again I also have a 29 Influence with Aric Jorgan too, so yeah that helps out a lot, plus he’s in tank mode. I haven’t used a healer comp in forever now. I don’t know if this is a bug or whatever but I have a very low maintence cost too when I need to fix gear. I never have to really repair Aric’s gear when he’s in tank. But there was another reason too I decided I wanted a female trooper finally as well, for romanceable purposes too. I have seen so many around the community say how they loved the interaction with their female trooper and Aric, that well even though I refuse to watch someone’s video on it. I wanted to experience it for myself. So yeah her love interest is Aric.

Cathar in Love with Rattakki

2016-03-18_15-28-06 I think the kids if they ever had any would be a little different for sure though. Even though they talk about adopting a pack of runts of their own. Still it would make for interesting babies. Then again all the characters would make for interesting parents in my opinion. No she’s not dark either, it’s just her set up that looks like that. Matter of fact I no longer do LS or DS anymore. Unless it’s my DS V warrior, inquisitor, or agent. Trooper I have been able to keep balanced as totally neutral. Mostly cause I wanted Aric’s greatly approved, or his approval to help our story progress from there. So yeah I had to make some LS and DS choices, but also because some of those choices just don’t make sense in the terms of LS or DS. Kill some innocents to save a planet (LS points) Save the innocents and lose a planet (DS Points) , that is just a sample, but some of the choices for LS and DS make no damn sense at all. I also did an easier way to boost influence with them as well I unlocked the Companion perks too, that helped a lot building up the influence I needed as well for 4x so I don’t have to PVP to get him back. His influence is at level 15 I believe. Elara is at level 13 I believe, as for Yuun too, but Tanno Vik’s, well his is only at level 5-6 I believe. I just can’t get into having him for a companion. Even though I should use him to just unlock his achievements and be done with it. But overall this game play has been truly fun for me this time around. Last time I did the trooper it was during the Epic XP boost which I breezed through it quickly, but this time I took the time and really played through the entire class story and watched the cut scenes. I may go back and finish some of the planet missions before making a final decision about SoR yet. Which I may just for the title they get at the end of Revan, even though they don’t boost you anymore during the solo fight cause normally when I hit there I was already at Max level so their boost was not working anymore. Which is working as they intended.

Breaks are good.

I decided when I made the trooper a while ago  that I would use her to take a break from guild life. Even though we are talking about making a guild for the Republic side once we get the Empire’s side up and running, just at the moment I use Taredj as a break from all the headaches. I am not going to let this guild run my life in SW:ToR if it becomes unfun for me, well I will back off and do other things that I find fun. Hopefully it will not become like that, but right now I am all for the guild life, and glad to be in one finally, and have a hand in creating it. But I also need the down time from it as well. While playing the trooper I have had not one invite to any guilds, or anything in that nature. So I’m happy about that. Anyways time to go work on the website for a bit, then jump into the game. Happy gaming everyone , and thanks for reading.

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