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I’ve been thinking that lately I am going to stick with just 2 of my 20 some characters on Ebon Hawk. I’m not pulling all them through KotFE anymore. It’s not that I don’t want too, it’s just well the joy of using lightsabers has died for me. I’m more into the Agent and Trooper, more so the Trooper than the Agent now. Of course it could also be that well for my Agent he’s tied to a guild and even though when I logged in last night on him to check on some things , mostly Common Data Crystals since I am trying to gain 50 influence with Jorgan on my new trooper that well I just can’t seem to be really bothered being in a guild. I guess I am just to use to be alone in the game, and have been for so long that being in a guild is difficult for me now. Course I also have ones that I never finished leveling up, or anything, or once they hit 55 I stopped playing. Of course though now that she’s now level 65, has Jorgan back I will probably start doing Heroics on the others if for anything, just to get the crates so I can give them between my Agent and Her to level up the alliance. Not sure if I’ll do the Heroics for Star Fortresses though as even though I see “LFG” for them on Odessen all the time, but yeah I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea for me to stay in this guild or not. I don’t know what to do at this point. I enjoy my alone time more than I do being around people. Course it could be also that the GM and I have become really good friends that we seek advice on things so much, that well this is a new area for me, and I don’t know how to deal with it. Last time I tried to have friends online well, I’m there, they know I’m there, but we don’t talk all that much anymore. Course I don’t even log into my second life as much either now.

The most heartfelt and most touching scene

In the latest chapter has been for the female trooper at least for me. The first time I played the trooper was back last summer and it was only to unlock the buffs and everything but I couldn’t stand Jorgan at first, or anything. I hated the idea of having him for a companion so I dumped the 1st chance I could, but over last weekend and this past week, well something in me has changed. I decided I wanted to see a female romance him, even though most wouldn’t go all the way and marry him I did on two of my female troopers, and their scene to be reunited was the most heartfelt one that I could even see in a game. I normally don’t cry about things like this, hell I think the last time I cried about a romance in a video game was back on my Playstation during the scene Cloud and Aerith and then in Playstation two with Tidus and Yuna during their special scenes. Odd I would remember those two scenes out of all the RPG’s I have played over the years. But back to the trooper, well being reunited with Jorgan well it just felt more real with those two than anything. I know it’s just a game, and I shouldn’t be that close to my characters, but I honestly did become close to them.

True love stood the test of time for these two.

True love stood the test of time for these two.

And it did for them all because even though in the game they say 5 years have passed since they were standing side by side, it was just touching to see the interaction with them. It was also nice to know that their romance would be continued without any complications too. Usually like most do after 5 years they move on and find love from another, but not Jorgan’s character, he remained faithful and with hope, even though after a while he started to lose that hope. But for me this scene when they reunited was the most heartfelt scene ever I have seen in a game. The Agents and Kaliyo wasn’t to much to jump up and down about, but this one sure was. So now that he’s almost level influence 50, and maxed level 65, I am thinking of also going back and going through some older missions I didn’t do just to earn credits and Common Data Crystals.

But yeah as for my Trooper’s name, well some have a hard time with it, because it’s a word play again. This trooper was named Reinjasa. I like odd names, and having that name generator helps me come up with some good ones, because if I see one name I like, then another, I just tend to put the two together and come up with a unique name. Course unlike the Agent, she’s guildless and probably staying that way too. Plus I may go and do the HK-51 Quest just for kicks since I didn’t see the need to spend cartel coins on him for this name because I wasn’t sure I was keeping her at first, but now I am. She’s my main on the Republic side now. So for Empire Side there is Trayvae who is my agent and main, and on the Republic side there is Reinjasa, so I am usually on one of those two more than any of my others anymore. I just needed a break from everything for a few days and get my head clear, but may start spending time on Trayvae again just for kicks since most seem to think he’s an asshole character, and he is. He’s the male counterpart to me in Real life, as for Rein, well she’s the tomboy side of me that is always true to who she is.


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