Something I’ve noticed

About Empire and Republic

Over the past week and this weekend I have noticed something I never paid much attention to before. The toxicity in general chat and how someone who is new, or just returning to the game may mistake it for a normal general chat just astounds me to no end. While over on the Republic side last week as I was bringing another trooper up through the levels, I saw helpful, and very interesting general chat on the majority of the planets. Some were silent, but others were talking, helping out players with questions, and being over all friendly. Course I saw the occassional guild recruitment messages mostly on the starter planet Ord Mantell for the trooper, and of course on Courscant as well, but then I’d log into Trayvae or Toxi’k (new alt) to do something for the Empire side, and walked into total toxicity. People belittling each other, making fun of their names, outfits they had chose for themselves and their companions, and I was like “Wow, talk about a total 180 degree turn here.” I get the whole Light vs Dark scenerio here and I understand that some people are well just douche bags in general, but it has me thinking, Do some people that RP their character honestly believe that even out of character they need to be so toxic and degrading to someone who asked a simple question, waited a few minutes then decided to use the infamous cap lock to get attention. I’m sorry but I had to stick up for this person in gen chat, because the pace chat was moving I’m pretty sure he thought his question wasn’t seen, so he decided to grab everyone’s attention by using the cap lock move, and low and behold someone saw it and started belittling him in general chat for it. This was Empire side on Nar Shaddaa as I was there with Toxi’k leveling him up. I was just amazed at the difference between the two, because I know these people play both sides, Empire and Republic, but the chats are usually just so much a like that well this past week or what have you, they were different. One was almost sweet, and helpful, and while the other was just so damn toxic that it made me wanna hurl a lightining ball at them and tell them to grow the hell up and stop acting like douche bags. There was no RP going on in general chat, it was just a bunch of people talking and it just exploded into toxicity fast. Then when I went to Hoth there was a guy there complaining about who knows what, but then he exploded into saying “There is no Santa, no Easter Bunny.”, and then went onto saying how all kids these days do not respect anyone, and that they need to be in bed by 7pm, or how they shouldn’t have spring break, etc. etc. you get the idea? He was just so negative that it blew my mind, because people were egging him on, and some even agreed with his statements that it made me stop and think for a moment. Is this what the future of gaming is becoming? Bitterness and Nastiness because they can get a way with it online , and not in their real lives? Also this has me thinking about my next topic.


As many that have read my blog know that recently I became involved with being a co-founder in a guild, Elite Imperial Vanguard, and well while we were doing good on recruiting, it has stopped. The players joined, and now are not returning or just quitting so it has me thinking that maybe we’re on the wrong side of the board here to be starting a guild. I mean republic side seems so much more laid back then the empire side. Course I also took a look through the guild recruitment forums on SW:ToR as well ,and seen that a ton are recruiting now. So it has me thinking that many are gearing up for the 1000 member limit that will be coming next month. We have talked and decided that we will not be like most and deny someone who has alts, because well lets face it, no one wants to sit on their level 65 main all day and grind heroics, some want or have to play the other stories to get the legandary status, or because they want too. For me it’s about crafting now, I am trying to max all the crafting abilities so that I can have them unlocked in my Legacy. So yeah I have to be on various names as I’m still working on a few , while some of my alts are just gatherings, there are a few that are the crafters in general. Of course though I also think many want to join a guild that has been around for a long time, and etc. But like we talked about it, if it’s just gonna be us for a while, then so be it, at least we are attempting to bring ourselves into the guild’s light, and trying to make something good for us. Eventually we’ll grow, just right now things are chaotic, and hellish for a lot. So who knows what the future holds for E.I.V. it may just end up being a group of friends that want to battle the galaxy and work as a unit instead of going solo.

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