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Been looking for more.

I just recently have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and well I made a post on my twitter about being a force-user and all, and how I find no challenge in it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Warrior, Inquisitor, Consular, Knight, but it’s just after doing all 8 classes, and really playing them through this time around. I’ve found that the force users don’t really have a true hard core challenge that I am looking for. While yeah , running around stabbing things and using your force powers is always fun, and well relaxing for me. I now find the true challenge in being a Smuggler, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, and Imperial Agent. More so the Agent and Trooper than Smuggler and Bounty Hunter, I just can’t really get into them all that well. I have done them, and I enjoyed the one liners, but I just can’t see how they truly fit in the galaxy. I even went through on the Ebon Hawk server and deleted a lot of Alts that I got to level 60, and stopped playing with cause of various reasons, I still have Trayvae, Mahais, Toxi’k, Reinjasa, and a few others, but I went from like 20 alts, down to I believe 12. I have my main on the Empire which is Trayvae, my main on the Republic which is Reinjasa, even though as of late she’s been starring her a fan fictional blog I recently started because oddly enough. I dream of my characters, and their insane companions and how I believe the conversations would play out more if we had more interaction with them. But I created a fan fictional blog just for her, Toxi’k and Trayvae may make an appearance there in the far future, but right now it’s solely focused on Rein.


Reinjasa – Commando- Gunnery -Trooper


Toxi’k – Assassin – Hatred- Sith Inquisitor


Trayvae – Imperial Agent – Sniper – Engineer

These are my Mains, even though Toxi’k does not have a guild to be in, and I plan to at least try to keep him that way, same with Reinjasa. But these are the 3 that I use, while my other names like Radqa, and Daeqius are now alts, and well grinders for me for alliance crates, these are the ones that I will take through KotFE. Plus also late last night, or early this morning, whatever you want to call it. I finally brought a female Jedi Knight through the main story. I had forgotten about not having a Jedi Knight running through KotFE so I’m currently working on her as well.


Alekael – Jedi Knight – Guardian – Defense

I can’t just bring myself to grind with all 8 classes and bring them through KotFE, story wise, I love it, just well so long and boring to get from this to that, maybe once this season ends in KotFE will I bring the others through it, just right now I’m focusing on using these ones right here. Don’t get me wrong I do love my force users that I have, it’s just I’m finding the lack of challenge to use them all the time. With Rein and Tray it’s harder , because Tray is stationary, meaning since he’s a sniper, he’s suppose to be entrenched, and at least with Rein she can shoot her cannon at you while running around. So for me that is the true challenge, moving and keeping myself alive while fighting. Even though for Rein I recently got Aric to level 50 on influence. My proudest moment while so many are doing it ,and have done it on various Comps, Rein was the first one I actually stopped, took the time to go through the entire story with her, skipped RotHC though, and I even recently started doing SoR again because I gave myself a break from it. Mostly only thing I wanted out of SoR is the title for each character got, and I have them all, just not on the characters I’ve brought through until Recently.

What about Bounty Hunter and Smuggler?

Well I do have a smuggler I started to bring through KotFE, but well grew bored with her even. So Kostos is more like a collector now, things I don’t need in my legacy storage I store on her, even though she was romancing Koth, and I got his influence up to 30 I believe, I just stopped. I don’t really like the smuggler at all. I did it mostly cause I wanted to say I had a smuggler, as for the Bounty Hunter, well he’s so lack on updates in gear, that I rarely use him as well, he was pre-KotFE, and even though I started to bring him through, like the Smuggler I just grew bored. Even my consular is sitting in the stronghold being ignored because like the BH and Smuggler, I just can’t play with them. I’ve tried, and I just can’t. I don’t really like them, but had to have them for species unlocks, and Legandary status. So I’ve also been working on rest of my Legacy titles and so forth for the Spyderbane legacy, and I am thinking of saving up enough Cartel Coins and renaming that legacy because I just don’t like it. I thought I would, but I’m looking for something different now. Course when one would look at my family tree, I have a few set up as Brothers/Sisters, and rest are adopted children. Eh I think that is enough about this. Time to go play now, that I’m fully awake and have had a few cups of coffee into my system.

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