My Proudest Moments

in KotFE so far.

I decided that today I would write a post about my proudest moments so far in Knights of the Fallen Empire. These are achievements that I’ve done alone, and I have accomplished a lot by reading various things, watching youtube videos from other players, and learning how to work things on my own. It’s how I achieve a lot in my life. Not just in SW:ToR, but overall as a person too. I am forever learning something new about the characters I work with. I do find it more challenging to run around with a rifle, cannon, or even pistols then using say lightining, force choke, etc. I find the true challenge in playing smarter and not harder.By that I mean I haven’t dared attempt to solo a Heroic 2 Star Fortress since the companions got nerfed, because I just didn’t think I could do it. Plus I heard it was time consuming as well. But all that ended earlier last night. I ran through the Heroic 2 Star Fortress with just myself, Aric, and of course the level 10 ranks with the alliance. Aric is ranked 50 in Influence so he’s done, I can’t bring him up any higher, and he’s still my proudest achievement to date because I don’t really try to make them past 30 in influence, but I did with Aric. So since my start last summer over on the Ebon Hawk server I have done some pretty amazing things over the last year that well I say I have grown as a player in SW:ToR and I’m proud of it. I took all 8 classes through and got their unlocks, and this was before the Legendary status icon popped up. I worked through all my companions to be granted their unlocks as well, I’ve obtained all Species to play with whatever I decide to create. I’m no longer afraid to group up even though I don’t do it often unless I’m in an open instance for a Heroic and the respawn timer on the boss is well long. I still try to help out new players in the game along the way. I roleplay on occassions when the mood strikes now. I’m co-founder in a guild that well even though we’re small, and quiet, it’s working out just for us. But the most proudest moments I have well started last night for me.


A historical moment for me


Nothing like seeing a Star Fortress explode as you make your escape.

Like I said above, last night was a historical moment for me as I soloed a Heroic 2 Star Fortress and played it extremely smart. I logged in Reinjasa just for general purpose to run some random planet heroics and etc. when I decided I wasn’t tired, and I wanted to try what many were saying was harder than anything. But could be done, but long and time consuming. It was, I took roughly about an hour and half to almost 2 hours to run through the Tatooine Star Fortress. Reinjasa is in I believe 208/216 gear, mixed and matched just for her specs, and augmented to the hilt as well. So she’s doing pretty good, and I have her with some good stats, next time I’m in game, I will snap a picture of her stats with and without Buffs. Aric does awesome in healing mode, but I normally prefer to have him in Tank mode since I’m a DPS only and it’s easier for him to attack then for me to become prime target number 1 all the time. Course I may also use the Target Dummies on the ship, and record that as well to let you see how I have a decent rotation going. I don’t use what everyone else uses, I use what I’m comfortable with, and can get the maxed results for my own taste. Again I’ve watched videos, and read a lot over on Dulfy for the PVE guides there so that when gearing up, even if I start a new character, I know what I am getting myself into for each class, and due to the fact that Mercenary and Commando are mirror specs I had to use the 4.0 Merc DPS for PVE , But after I finished that Heroic last night I was excited because I got the “All For One” part done, along with the “Fully Armed and Operational” , I was so excited about the legacy title that I did not even bother to check for the player one that you are suppose to get as well.  Liberator of X Planet achievement and a title. I didn’t even check that out when I was done. I was just so happy because it also added some new achievements to my legacy as well. I have a 50k SH perk, and a few other things. So to celebrate that historic moment for me, I logged Rein out, and jumped on Toxi’k who is my latest Inquisitor that is just well a total mean asshole. Course though while running on Korriban I ran into someone that says “You look dangerous and very sexy as well too.” My first thought was “Um okay, if you only knew that I’m a female playing a male, but Eh, whatever.” I thanked that person and said, ” I do try hard to impress.” So Toxi’k has close to 7 Million Credits on him from various GTN sales lately, and with Biochem Crafting and selling them on the GTN as well. I decided it was time for a new Stronghold.

All 5 Strongholds

Toxi'k's Sith Academy

Toxi’k’s Sith Academy

Yup this is Toxi’ks home for the time being, unless Rein decides to kick him out and take over the Yavin stronghold and place him on Nar Shaddaa. I have one more SH to work on unlocking, but the Yavin Temple one has I believe 5 0r 6 already unlocked. I still need to work on the Tatooine one , but I’m not there hardly, I just use it mostly go to the planet to jump to heroics and or something else fairly easy for me. But I have all 5 SHs now , and I’m proud because this also is a HUGE achievement for me. Now to work on decorating them and unlocking them. When I first bought the Yavin Stronghold I was in total awe with the cutscene to get there. I loved the look of it being on an isolated island overlooking the rest of the moon. It was truly breath taking, kind of reminds me of Odessen as well. I love that planet as well. I guess I’m just a strange one. I would rather live outdoors then inside a building, or a city, but love the over views you get from various places.

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I mean who couldn’t really love the views from the Yavin4 Stronghold. I really love it, and I can’t wait to explore the secret cave once I have it fully unlocked. But this is what I’ve been proud of since I started playing a lot more this past year. I’ve had a ton of fun, even though sometimes it’s boring running things solo, but it helps me learn how to PVE better too. I think I’m going to work on the solo star fortresses to earn some of the other hidden achievements since I know now that Aric and Reinjasa are a strong team together. I am also working on the next installment for my fan fictional story blog as well with Aric and Rein. I can’t wait to put it on the blog too. I have it saved as a draft at the moment because of writers block, but it’s coming along nicely. If you are curious about what I’m talking about here the link to the SWTOR Fan Fictional Story Blog.

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