Reinjasa-Level 65-Trooper-Commando-Gunnery

Her current gear and information.

I am placing screen shots of Reinjasa in a mixture of 208/216 gear, fully augmented of course. I take pride in this character, because normally I don’t really do much after a story line is completed, but with Rein, well she’s just so much more to me. She literally is a mark of my true personality. She is my tomboy trooper. Loves to get down and dirty, but can be ladylike in a way as well. She is also the inspiration to my fan fictional blog as well. For the longest time I avoided playing a female in this game because of the sexual harassment I have recieved in the past, so I just figured I’d go with the flow, and play as a male. I mean nothing wrong in that really. I am not pretending to be someone else entirely, well yeah I am, but that is another story. But when I created Rein I did it just because I had heard about the possiblity of romaning Aric Jorgan, and really giving him a hard time about being a male and having to watch a females back. I mean that line still cracks me up.

As you can see in the gallery above, this is Rein in her gear, course that isn’t the gear you see her wearing for that I have a few different outfits in outfit designer. I don’t like the look of the higher end gear, and well let’s just admit it here. Taking the Armoring, Mods, and Enhancements, and Augments from each piece of gear, gets well a little pricey to do it all the time. So I have my favorite orange gear set up in outfit designer, and am able to change her gear when I feel the want too. Of course right now she’s running around in this gear Ventilated Scalene with Black/grey dye pack added to it. I like the way it looks and everything, so next time I’m in game, I’ll have to a few more shots. Of course though I don’t think many troopers have seen this yet.

2016-04-10_04-21-08 As I was going through the main titles for her, I found this little one right after finding the one you get from the Heroic Star Fortress. I was highly impressed that we were finally awarded the Colonel title for our trooper, and yes this is the Ventilated Scalene outfit I mentioned above. I think she looks sexy, and very badass with the attuned cannon she has. So well I’m falling asleep as I type this out. So means I need to go crash for a few hours. It’s been a longgggg night for me with insomina, plus I got the latest story published on my fan fiction blog as well. Yes I know a shameless plug, but eh, it’s me. I’m proud of what I’m achieving at the moment. So if you’re on the Ebon Hawk server, and on Republic Side, feel free to add Reinjasa as a friend, and message me sometime in game. I’ll respond back eventually. I get caught up in decorating the 5 Strongholds that are oh yeah, also fully unlocked now. If I’m not on her, I’m on Jordelli my new smuggler.

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