Can’t Believe

It’s been a year

Since I’ve started this blog up again. I never thought I’d keep at it from time to time, yeah I was looking back in past posts and everything and it dawned on me that Dragosani-Legacy has under went some major changes over the last year. New layouts every so often. Various random information thrown out here and there, and of course the fact that when I originally thought of this blog I wanted to do it with one legacy name only until the epic XP boost came last summer, and I grew bored of being on one server and ventured out into multiple servers, but ironically I still landed up on only one server where I do everything. I even done some pvp on other servers where I still won’t send a completed level 50 Legacy over there just so I could have one that is strictly untouched by anything I’ve done in the PVE world. Of course though I am thinking of using my significant other’s account as one to start completely fresh on since he’s never really played with it. It’s in preferred status, but I think that will be in the far future when our RL stop being so chaotic at the moment. Back to this blog being a year old now, it just amazes me that I only started blogging a lot more after being invited last year into the NBI2015 and even though I didn’t get a lot of the posts done because I didn’t pay attention to it all that much. I have met some wonderful people from the SW:ToR community that way as well as twitter too. Of course though I haven’t heard anything more about one for this year or not just yet. Last year I was invited in April, but didn’t really get into all that blogging stuff til about late May early June, where this blog really took off. It became a place for me to vent about the negativity I’ve seen on various things including PVP and why I avoided it along with Guilds like a plague, course now all that has changed in the last year. I am part Co-founder of a guild on Ebon Hawk server, Imp side, but lastly no one really logs in, so I’m at a loss there. Not even the GM logs in hardly. So what I thought was a good idea, turned out to be well, Blahhh for me.

Legacy Achievements

I’ve done so much more in my achievements for the Spyderbane legacy than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve started pushing myself harder as a serious player but finally sticking with a set of mains, and a few minor alts. My alts I use now mostly for crafting or maxing out gathering abilities, and keeping everyone or at least trying to keep everyone in credits to use while still farming for them on the alts as well through various things like Solo Flashpoints, Heroics, and etc. I guess you could finally say that I have adapted and accepted myself as a gamer (wow and I hate labels) but yeah I’ve started to do things I never dreamed possible for me as I was just stuck in the midset of being a mild player. But hitting rank 50 on influence on one companion, not to mention that I now try to bring all my companions up to at least 30 in influence. Yeah sure they are over powered and I don’t have to use the Heroic ability as much, but that is the point for me. Not having to rely on that extra boost all the time. Sometimes I hit it just to hit because I forget it’s there mostly, but I’m enjoying the new level sync even though a lot still hate it. I’ve revisited planets where I just did main story quest and left never wanting to return. Now I go back, hit the Heroics, and if the mood strikes do the side quests as well as I really wasn’t into doing side quests during the Epic XP boosts. Plus lets not forget to mention that a lot of my other names were done pre Epic XP boost, and pre KotFE so it’s a bit of learning curve for me and there are some that I was able to bring over to Ebon Hawk that I loved the characters as did my significant other as well. Like my pain in the ass dark side Sith Inquisitor Raynasia who once sat on a different server but now sits on Ebon Hawk and I’m currently relearning her madness tree again. Darjade who also made the recent move, so I could have at least one Jedi Knight going through KotFE.

What the future holds

For all my characters on Ebon Hawk is uncertain, but the overall Love I have for the community as a whole is good and bad feelings. I guess you get that on every server though. The good and the bad, the non toxic and the extremely toxic. On a few characters I have even went back to doing the SoR story as I once started to loathe doing it since I’ve done it so many times solo. But Reinjasa and Toxi’k have went through it. I am trying to bring my new smuggler up to level and play it now, but still I get bored with that, I even brought of my 1st level 60 Bounty Hunter Tazdes and am now taking him through KotFE since he is “Above the Law”. I still have a few missions on Radqa that I’d love to get done, but alias I don’t think I will in the end and those are the Heroic 4’s for Seeker and Shroud, as you still need a team or at least a minium of 4 players on it. Oricon I don’t think I will ever get it done as so many that do it now are mostly wanting the achievements for it when it hits the Op weekly , and I have never done it, I’ve watched the youtube videos and pretty much know some of the mechanics, but alias I’ve never done it, and won’t attempt to try and put a team together to get it done, same with the Lance breaker Achievement on Yavin-4 as well. But who knows, maybe one day I will have a team of my own that will want to help me tackle those achievements and want to help me become a better player. Right now though I am working on maxing my gear to at least 216, so I’ll keep grinding heroics and etc until I achieve that moment.

Stronghold Addiction

Course now that I own all 5 strongholds I am also working on maxing them out to at least 100% complete even though since bringing Darjade over and he’s a bad Jedi Knight trying to do good now, I’m redoing the main SH for him there and named it Darjade’s Jedi Academy. Toxi’k has his Lair of Shadows on Yavin-4, Reinjasa has her Republic Sanctuary on Nar Shaddaa, and of course Trayvae has his Chamber of Deception on DK, and Radqa has his on Tatooine, so there is all 5 ,and I’m trying decorate them as I want, but some pieces I want are either way to expensive, or impossible to get since I have never done an Op in my life in SW:ToR, but ahh, I’ll figure something out along those lines. All 5 SH are publicy listed for anyone to visit. I’m happy that now I own all 5 SH and have unlocked all 5 fully so that I can decorate them. I won’t lie and say I didn’t do it an easy way, I did a lot of grinding, saving, and selling items that I would never use because I just did not like them on the GTN from the cartel packs. But I was smart, and played it the way I wanted too, course a few names have since left Ebon Hawk and went to various other servers, where I know I’ll have to pay the inintal unlock cost and get the rest by clicking manually on everything to unlock them all, but at least it’s a start should I decide to go back to one of the other servers I use to play on a lot. But that’s for another time I guess.

My Smuggler

Even though I had Kostos and I loved playing her, I recently brought a new smuggler up through the story as well, and well I love him. I lucked out in one of the Cantina packs and got a black/black dye so when I got that I knew instantly that I wanted him in a trench coat, and hat, and lucky enough the hat from the Bounty Brokers is Bind to Legacy, so I was able to send it over to him to wear, and then stash it back into inventory for legacy again. I love the outfit designer now as this has been his look since level 10.


Enjoy and happy gaming friday as it’s friday for me, and I’m going to be logging in and going to play.



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