So I’m social Now and well….

Just as the title states. I’m social now. I found a good guild over on the EH server. I talk with new friends, help them out, they help me out, and we have fun …Granted I’m still getting the feel of all that, but overall it’s a good start. So tonight while no one else in the guild was on. I decided even though I would be picked on, tormented whatever, I didn’t care, I qued up for solo unranked PVP in the gear I currently have on my Sith Warrior Jugg, with Immortal tree. swtor 2015-06-01 02-35-41-98Now one of the members earlier told me to get another set of gear, something I’ll like, and set it strictly for PVP, He started to explain  things, and then others chimed it, and by that time I was lost in the FP on Rishi because I wanted to really get my latest toon sitting on Yavin-4 before I quit for the night. This Unranked PVP Warzone was done roughly about an hour ago. I had fun, so yeah I’m looking now into what kind of orange gear I wanna get him for when I do try harder, and etc. So I’ll ask the guild later on, and always if anyone here that reads my blog has suggestions, please don’t be afraid to drop a reply. I have to approve them, and usually check my blog once a day after I’m done posting. But yeah. I feel good about this.


swtor 2015-06-01 02-46-50-89

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