FOTM and how they are wrong

Flavor of the MONTH…..

I recently read a few twitter posts about how some are only playing FOTM short term for Flavors of the Month, give or take how one spells “Flavor”, some countries add a u, others don’t. USA doesn’t they spell words funky, we know this. LOL, anyways I don’t believe in FOTM or anything in that nature. Most find playing as a force user fun, others don’t, me, I’m in a cross at the moment, while playing a force user can be fun at times, it really doesn’t spark much of a challenge for me often. I do love my Force using characters minus the Jedi Consular, I keep wanting to replay them, but the voice actors, and the over all story for Consular is just well to damn vanilla for me. So I tend to avoid making a new character there. Even though I think that maybe the one class I may try as a healer. I’ve never played a healer before because well I’m only into saving my own ass and not everyone else, plus I hear healers get a lot of shit in group stuff, and etc. hence why I never played it, but I just may because it’s something different for me, and I would expect it to be a challenge for me since I’ve never done it. But all that aside I see on the fleet during various times, even start planets and capital planets this infamous questions “Which class and spec should I pick?”, Normally I just tell them to play whatever the hell they want to play, because let’s face it, no one but you is paying for the game right?, even if you are not paying, it’s still your game to play the way you want and not how anyone should say you need to play. Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t take advice from others about what classes and specs they think is good, or looking up certain guides and etc. Because it’s good to get some general knowledge, but don’t let anyone dictate how you are going to play this game, or any game for that matter. It’s one thing to ask for advice on certain classes, specs, and etc, but it’s another to make that choice for that person because so-so is the FOTM , nah, don’t fall into that hype.

How I pick a new class and it’s specs.

This is just one way I play and like I said it’s meant to be leaning towards a guide more so then an option. I look at all the classes, both Empire and Republic, then I look at all the specs on both sides again. Reading over the information provided, looking up the talent trees and so forth. I hover all the abilities and read which each one does and how much of a CD they have, and what not. Then I go back to the main page where it says to chose your path. After a good 10-15 minutes, also moving so often as they don’t log me out during this time period, I pick the AC I want, and then I go over the specs again, and re-read everything, but then I stop and go to dulfy’s guides for PVE gearing and rotations, all because even though gearing while low level is not required, I want to know what I should be stacking overall as I do level up. I don’t buy mods the entire time, I let all my Common Data Crystals grow til I hit SoR Prelude, do those flashpoints, get the 99×3 CDCs, then I’ll upgrade my weapons all the time, but that is like every 5-10 levels or so. I don’t use the Crystals again til I hit 65 and can at least get the new level 65 gear from the vendors. I’m not talking the 216-220 gear, I’m talking about the 208 gear, the basic starter gear for end game stuff, I do that because then it helps me go through KotFE if I chose too, which I normally do, cause I’m a creature of habit, plus I do like the story so far, and when I’ve leveled up a new character that hasn’t played all the way through, it’s more challenging too, instead of stopping at Chapt. IX, I can now play Chapter X-XII, which next time I level a character up it will be through chapter XIII, so yeah that’s my fun, and how I pick and decide things.

Guilds and their FOTM

I’ve seen a lot of guilds recently since the QoL changes moving from 500 members to 1000 members and how they are wanting to grow their numbers fast. I understand that a good guild runs multiple times a day and I’m all for that, but guilds should not be looking just for certain classes and specs. I have went to the other servers where I have characters at just to watch the guild invites spam from one end to the next. It’s like it is some sort of contest now to see who can max their guild out at 1000 members, then I know what will happen, for those that don’t play all the time, or have alts ,will get the boot after a period of inactivity. Then there is their FOTM , again I’m not entirely into this FOTM kind of hype I think it falls more on PVP then anything else,but still I just prefer to play the class I am comfortable with, and what I want to play since no one is paying for my subscription but me. I see a lot more guilds wanting force users than any other class now and it is mostly on the RP servers like The Ebon Hawk server, unsure about the others as I just have storage characters there. Ones I’ve played, and never went back too for some odd unknown reason, other than to have multiple legacies across the U.S.A servers. There isn’t a given time on the fleet, starter planets, even Capital planets that I don’t see at least 15 guild recruitment messages, now the guild I’m in “Elite Imperial Vanguard”, well we don’t spam gen chat with recruitment messages. But our GM and myself are usually on same time sometimes usually when my insomnia is around, or totally different times, we use to have rules and everything, but lately when we have talked we’ve decided to just drop them. Like I told him I want our guild to be more than just a guild, I would like it to become something along the lines of a support group for people who have a tough time doing group content, or wanting to interact with others. Even new players that want to belong somewhere but not sure where, so in retro spec, “Elite Imperial Vanguard” is an outcast guild, for those that just don’t fit in anywhere, whether it be a main , or an alt, it’s welcomed. But we don’t follow the FOTM , or anything in that nature because let’s face it. FOTM only last for so long then it’s moved on, and then you’re told you have to make a new FOTM and level them up as well. Nah, don’t fall into that hype with FOTM, or anything in that nature. Join a guild to make friends, help out on things, and become a force of friends that enjoys the game together or solo, don’t join because of a FOTM type deal.

Summary of it all

Play this game how you want to play and not how others want you to play. After all it is on your computer  that you installed it, created a log in , and decided to start playing. This game can be tons of fun with friends, and without, but it can also become quite toxic as well. Just don’t let others dictate how you should play a certain class, or how you should look, etc. It does nothing but make them feel like they have it all and you have nothing. That is no way to play a game with people. Regardless if they say this and that , and you decide to go another route and they kick you, well then that place was not for you after all. FOTM’s only last a few days, weeks, even a month, then it’s onto the next big thing. Just like I hear people talk about various VoIPs and what not, How they say Team-speak is the best, and etc, but I’ve heard some say others are good too and price cost is well good enough for them. Again don’t let others dictate how you do anything with your time online. It is after all your time online that matters the most, not theirs. So pick a Class you want, then pick it’s AC (Advance Class), that you want to play, not what everyone else is playing at the moment. Overall your choice matters to you in this game not anyone else.

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