Some Changes

Have been made.

For a few months I was one of the co-founders to a guild on the Empire side of the Ebon Hawk server, and well at first I thought I would inherit the guild cause the GM was offline, but he came back. Granted I didn’t care that he came back, matter of fact I was kind of happy about it, cause I thought great, we could work on building up the guild. We were for a while there, until he said to stop, so I did. Then it just went to being just us in the guild as our other members stopped logging in, or created new alts or whatever. Wasn’t important, but it was sad too. He got the SH, opened up the Guild bank, and we were starting to save up for a Flagship and all. I thought okay we’re taking a break from recruiting, but will go back out there and do it again soon. Soon never came. I understand that everyone of us has a life outside of SWTOR and I totally get that some have families too, but our times were crossed on when we both were online. He works and is on late nights, I don’t work and am on all day long, but couldn’t do much guild wise cause my hands were tied. So it all just started to remind me of how much of a solo player I was actually. So this past weekend I called it quits on my names. If he wasn’t going to be at least a little invested, and give me a little more leg room in the guild. What good was I there then? So not in a rage mode or anything I just went into SWTOR on Trayvae, Radqa, Mahais, and typed in “/gquit” and left. I did mail him a message wishing him good luck with it, as I know he doesn’t really care about the Empire side, as he told me recently he started a new guild over on the Republic Side, and wanted me in that. It was different from what we had, and it just reminded me of how we talked about getting one side of the guild set up, then going and creating another and make it like a sister guild , and with that dream now gone. I just did what was best for me. I quit. I’m not hurt over it at all. It happens. Shit happens really. I just wish that my dream of making a guild for people like me, would actually work out. I wanted the goal of the guild to be something for new and veteran players that just didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere in the SW:ToR galaxy. That’s just the type of person I am. I also think a lot had to do with the name of the guild as well. It just reminds me of how people perceive others in MMOs in general. The guilds name really annoyed me to no ends. I did not like it, and didn’t feel it fit us. “Elite Imperial Vanguards” or “E.I.V.” I think I wouldn’t have had much trouble with it if that damn word “ELITE” wasn’t in it. Just made me think that it’s something you see with the Elite mentality and thinking you’re better than everyone, in reality you’re not. I know for a fact I’m not better than anyone. I am just myself, and I play the way I want to play. That was my whole purpose for even attempting to create guild. I wanted a place for those that have a tough time with being social in a game to come, sit back, relax get a few perks that it has with being a guild, and getting help along the way. It was a noble cause, but it’s gone now. I’m not upset, just disappointed in it. So for trayvae, he’s just an Alt now, no more mains again. Unless I can be convinced to try again at a later date.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Now what doe the title above mean? Easy, I stepped out of my comfort zone by creating new names, and new characters. I have two I am working on at the moment. A Commando Combat Medic, and an Imperial Agent Operative Healer. Normally I tried to steer clear of the Healers in SWTOR, all cause of the flak they take for not doing their jobs properly in group settings, but I also did this because of a few reasons that I will list below.

  1.  I am bored being a DPS or a hybrid mix of Tank/dps
  2. I wanted to try my hand at healing just for myself
  3. I wanted to learn a new talent in SWTOR
  4. Just to better myself over all.

That is just my small list of why I decided to start rolling healers in SW:ToR, I wanted to break free of my every day normal and try something new for me. Now why did I pick the Agent and Trooper knowing that their classes are not the mirrored ones. Easy, it gives me a challenge to break free from the everyday normal. I will have a Bounty Hunter Healer, and a Smuggler Healer, just right now I wanted to focus on Agent and Trooper cause of 2 reasons. 1 is that I love the stories for the 2, and because it’s my play style. Eventually I will have two force users as healers as well. I just have to find a way to stomach through the Consular story line again. Inquisitor I could do to the end of times because I love that story , but Consular I have so much trouble with. It’s to bland for me. Maybe next time I do roll a consular, I will turn them into a dark side consular. In a nutshell though I just wanted to do something different and try something new that I haven’t tried in the past. Course doesn’t change the fact that I am still myself, and that I will always find a way to better myself in the game. Course now I also think it’s time I sit down and learn all I can about a good Keybind, and I know of a great place to watch. Vulkk has a video on keybindings, and etc. so I think  I’m going to head over to his website and watch his video about keybindings so I can understand them better. I hope at least. Anyways Have a good day/night, Monday, or whatever where ever you are. Thanks again for reading.

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