Influence and Companions

So this is going to my little guide to help people out that just don’t want to take the time, or don’t know how to achieve a good influence rank with their companions. Now with this new system there is no right or wrong way to achieve a good influence even for the new player. When you get your first companion they start out at the base of Level 1 and it is up to you to upgrade this or not. It’s not hard to do. By the time Jordelli was ready to hit KotFE he had an influence of at least base minimum of 10 on each of his companions. Same with Reinjasa, I got them to at least Rank 12 in influence, and here is my little secret that I do for every character I make and play with.

chperks1In this image you can see the “Companion” section in a legacy. I choose to show a clear legacy perk that has nothing. I found this image online, and just cut the piece I needed. To lazy to log in game at the moment to find it in my own legacy. Now I never really deal with the bottom two rows of this. I focus on the top. Once you get enough credits and get your legacy up there in a way. I forget what level it requires if any. I will check it out later when I am in game, and update this post then. But for at least the first two unlocks are 10,000 Credits a piece, It’s for gift giving, and conversations. Then there is the second one which I believe is 20,000 Credits a piece, and I can’t recall the 3rd tier’s cost at the moment, but regardless if you unlock those 6 pieces, you get a better chance of building a higher companion influence.

AricNow this is Aric post KotFE so far, and it was before then I wish I had taken a screenie of his influence before heading into KotFE, but I believe I already had him close to rank 30 in influence if not at 30,but right now I have a new trooper and believe it or not, with minor gifts that I have given him, and with the conversations I already have his influence to rank 20. Unbelievable huh? Not at the least. It is because in the above picture I unlocked the 3 perks for companions. I gain a base of 65 influence in conversations if I pick an option they don’t like, and their gift influences are based on the rank of gifts. On my new trooper I have seen the influence as high as 1700 for a base conversation during a mission that it showed at the end. 1700 is a good one, so is 1300, it builds quickly when you least expect it. Now mind you the Trooper is also Combat Medic and only at level 22 I believe, so yeah I have a rank 20 something with Aric already, and I haven’t even left Taris yet.

2016-04-12_05-47-17Now everyone you see here in Jordelli’s motley crew is all over rank 10 in influence. So when I wanted to get Bowdaar back it was simple. He was rank 20 influence, and once he rejoined me as a companion on my smuggler he went from 20 to 22 in a matter of a few conversations. My goal is mostly to get the main companions up to a higher influence of at least 20 before I jump into KotFE with most of my characters. I have found the higher their influence, the easier it is for me to use them as either Heal (which is rare), or DPS and Tank stance. I do love making them into tanks when I am a DPS fighter , it makes it easier for them to pull the focus off me and onto them as I beat them with my DOTS and what not. Now even my latest BH has a crew of at least 10 on most, except Skadge, I just can’t stand that annoyance they saddled us with.

2016-05-04_15-12-23Even this Motley Crew is at least 10 or better. Torian I believe is closer to 30, and this hunter isn’t even level 65 yet, or in KotFE , I don’t think I’ll be taking her through it just yet until the release of the next chapter is close to being live for us. I had her romance Torian, so it’d be a shame to see them separate so fast. I also believe now that KotFE is here, and everything, that earning credits in game is easier I remember struggling to keep up with certain things before KotFE, like gearing , then there was the myself and companion repair bills that were high at times, but now that companions gain nothing from their gear, it never needs to be fixed. I think my highest repair bill so far has been roughly about 6k and that was cause of TEC for Radqa, he is a tank, and they kept attacking him, plus I’d lag and get stuck in stupid. chperks10

So if you are able to focus on these 6 unlocks for roughly around 90-100k in credits, you’ll gain a lot more influence with the companions on both conversations and gift giving. Now here is a link to Dulfy’s Companion and etc since KotFE has come out, also has the list of what companion likes/loves each gift, and what not. So I hope this helps out a little more to understanding how I have manage to get at least one companion to rank 50, while some of my others are all high 20s to even the 30’s in influences. Also on another note, you can get a lot of companion gifts via on Odessen at the vendor in the Cantina area,they are leaning against the jukebox there, and there are vendors still on Capital Planets, and of course the fleets. Not sure if you still get a lot from the alliance crates when you turn them into the right ones like Military, Underworld,Force,and Research. I know they use to drop companion gifts, but I believe it may have taken a small nerf or whatever since then too. But it’s still relatively easy to get gifts for companions. I know certain crew missions still give gifts. So there you have it, my small way of how I get higher influences on my companions from a completely new character.

It is my personal goal to get most to rank 50, but I’ll be happy to get them to rank 30 at least. Anyways Time to log in and go play a character now. Thanks for reading.

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