Beyond Light and Dark

A while back, well not that long ago I put an interesting theory out there about Non-Force users, and Force users have an impact back on Chapter XII-Visions in the Dark, and well today I am going to talk more about it from a force users perspective and hopefully when I run through it later on with my new Bounty Hunter that is due to hit KotFE here soon, I will do the same topic again with a Non-Force user, and expand even further on this perspective and go through it from a Non-force users point of view. Now mind you, this is just a theory I have been toying it, and while some are still uneasy about being forced into all this. I am kind of enjoying it from both sides of the fence so to speak, and I wanted to expand on it a little further. Now when you’re done running around dealing with Valkorion and his little temper tantrum as well. You are tasked with finding out information about the camp you wake up in. Well upon investigating just about everything, you run across this piece of information after clicking on it.

BeyondLightandDarkThe codex entry reads this.

The Force: Beyond Light and Dark

To the Jedi, the Force is a partner to be respected. For the Sith, it’s a power to be harnessed. Others believe the Force can reach far beyond the narrow scope of these two opposing factions. These philosophies aren’t always so black and white.
In remote corners of the galaxy, far from the influence of the Republic or Empire, those sensitive in the Force develop their own beliefs and values. In the Valau tribe of Nagoa, Force sensitives are considered to be marked by the gods, chosen to act as instruments of their gods’ wills. Valau Force wielders undergo an intense ritual to shed their previous identities and act solely as conduits for these gods. The concept of light and dark is irrelevant. The will of the gods is unquestionable, and the Force is simply a tool to enforce it.

Now this brings up my next part of the topic. This image here that I am posting is from the talk you as the player has with Satele Shan after you find her in the camp.

BeyondLightandDark01When this question is asked, it didn’t make sense the first time I played through this chapter, but now I am starting to understand all the little quirks they are giving here. They are basically telling you that you must focus yourself into something better than a Jedi or a Sith. Now that question only pops if you ask how can you become better than them if they are already willing to sacrifice everything they are. It’s explained at how they believe being able to use the force is their reward for serving Valkorion without question. Which poses a greater answer.

BeyondLightandDark02So they devote their entire lives to the Eternal Emperor, whoever it may be, at one time it was Valkorion, now it’s Arcann who they have swore their lives too. They follow his orders without question, and believe their powers to be better for it. Now even though at times I did not agree with how the story was written, it is now starting to make more sense to the character I am currently running through this. It is no longer about Light or Dark, and it is no longer about being a solo whatever. Be it the Consular, Knight, Warrior, Inquisitor, Agent, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler.

BeyondLightandDark03So now they have done what many feel is the impossible. Sacrificing everything for his victory. No matter the cost or whether or not they agree or disagree with the course of action, it is not their place to make that judgement, and they believe since they have that level of devotion. They are the strongest they can be. So here it is you the outlander that must become stronger than even them. To find a way to look past beyond your old ways and become better than ever. I know what you’re thinking right there, this is going to be an impossible task. But alas it’s not, if you stop fighting with the various light and dark side, and learn how to combine the two into one powerful force.

BeyondLightandDark04Now as you are running through the wilderness, they still talk to you, and give you helpful information if you are willing to listen to it. As you see, even Darth Marr tells you how you can become better than Arcann, and he’s right. You can’t beat Arcann through passion or righteousness all because he has abandoned all that a long time ago. He has no sense of anything but his own twisted view of how the galaxy should be ran.  Envy, Greed, Wrath are his tools now, if you care to look at it like that. We all know what happened to his brother Thexan, and everything. Just like the option in the very beginning to either kneel or deny Valkorions power. He shows his colors of Envy and wrath, if you chose to kneel, he murders his father and blames it on you so he can justify his attack on the core worlds that he wants to keep a choke hold on. If decide to deny the power and kill his father, he opts to still blame you, and justify his attacks yet again because of you. It’s all for personal gain. Hence where Greed comes into play.

BeyondLightandDark05Again Darth Marr points out that the enemy stole the empire through deceit and murder, so therefor he is a master of the dark himself. But that is where the training for you to become greater begins. You must learn to harness both the Light and the Dark and strike where he can not see. He has no happy medium, no gray area so to speak. He believes everything he is doing is because he is beyond whatever he believes he is beyond.

BeyondLightandDark06But you are not suppose to defeat the Eternal Throne, just remove him off it, and take over the entire Eternal Empire. At least if that is your true desire after all. Who knows what path some will take when that time comes, but still they are the greatest threat to the galaxy as long as Arcann is sitting on that throne. No one dares to defy him, or question him to his face as he’s been known to kill them out right. Even those that chose Exile are not safe from his temper and rage that he holds inside.

BeyondLightandDark07They even have you beginning to think about what path you will chose when the time comes. Arcann is destined to die, but yet you will have the decision of which path you want, to take the Throne , or walk away and leave it as is and watch it go into total chaos. So now you are starting to think of ways to become better than Arcann, to become better than those that swore their lives to utter devotion, and what not. Now it’s time to start thinking about where you want to go with your own personal saga here. Do you take the throne, and rebuild and reshape the Eternal Empire, or do you just drop it, and walk away into the shadows leaving it in pure chaos.

BeyondLightandDark08Even now they are willing to show you how to become better, how to drop the old ways, and learn the new ways that is needed to become better, to become something greater, and yes even stronger in the force than you have ever been. It’s just a matter of what choices will you make to determine that way. It’s always going to be up to the outlander on what choices they want to take their saga into.

BeyondLightandDark11For the Warrior this spoke volumes, because as the Emperor’s Wrath, then the Empire’s Wrath, you were sent to kill and do it without regard to others. It was just the way of life in the empire once you became the over all Wrath that was used to be an Enforcer, or as many thought of him/her as. The Executioner, but now you must become something better than the Wrath. You must become a leader, someone people will look up to, and not have to worry about the repercussion of someone who is suppose to be the all gotten mighty Wrath. The ultimate killer for the empire. The one that everyone feared the most when they felt they had disobeyed the emperors’ will.

BeyondLightandDark12It is here that you must drop the old ways, and learn the new ways to become someone stronger to be able to over throw Arcann and take the throne away from him, or at least attempt too. No one will ever truly understand the force, and how it moves beyond time and space, and makes others do the wills they do. You’ll never truly master it, or learn to live beyond it, but you must empower it ,and accept that the will of the force is there to guide and nurture you along the way.

BeyondLightandDark13This last part speaks the most volume in the whole chapter to me, because again it reminds you that the force is something no one can ever truly understand, in a sense of it all. It’s also an Enigma of sorts, because no one truly understands the force, and how it does the things it does, or drives people to do the things that they do whether it be light , dark, neutral, or whatever path they have chosen. But to me it speaks the highest volume because you must not only learn how to adapt with it, but change with it, and become something far more powerful even more than Valkorion ever was.

BeyondLightandDark14At the end before leaving that part of the mission. You are given a choice. Be it to fight the creature or stand your ground, or something else. I chose a light side option as they labeled it, and chose to voice this. It’s true, once you accept that death has power of you, it no longer is your enemy but an ally that requires that you don’t have to fight against it anymore. Much like the tides of destiny. No matter what it holds in store for the “Outlander” the cards are beginning to fall into place. Once you stop fighting against the Force, and begin to accept it only then will you truly become something far more greater than you were in the past.

I hope this article proved something useful other than my own random theory and like I said in the beginning I will be touching on this subject when I take a non Force user through KotFE in the future, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on Twitter for that post,because it will be happening soon. I hope so at least. But again , thanks for taking the time to read this long post, and I hope you enjoy my insane theory of how the KotFE is different for everyone.



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