Part 2-Beyond Light and Dark

I said I was going to touch base once I took a non force user through KotFE ,and etc. Well I did just that and finished the chapters. So now I will be talking about how a non force user might actually fit into the this theory of mine about being able to use the force. Now I understand this a whole lot better because I’ve done some thinking, and I really watched the cut scenes, and played through it from the original story content all the way up to XIII in KotFE, and now I am beginning to understand where all this “Forcing is being put into play”, I want you to stop and think for a moment. This isn’t about being fully able to harness the force so to speak, but being a leader. The first 3 chapters into the original story were basically you becoming familiar with the whole system, and how to start to be a leader. The band of misfits you call your companions follow you not because they have too, but because they respect you, even if they don’t like your decisions on some things. So hence you are already starting to be groomed for being a respectful leader.

2016-05-22_12-51-26Now before I touch on this photo here. I want to explain something. Remember back on Makeb , if you were on the Empire side at least, Darth Marr gives you a huge amount of lead way, and tells you that you are in charge of getting whatever it is that the Hutts were hiding on Makeb and you went through the entire story line realizing that you were now a leader of sorts to a band of little misfits that really did not have a place in the Empire at all anyways, but still lived their lives accordingly with the devotion to the Emperor as always. That was the first step into becoming a Commander of something. Now we go to the Prelude of SoR, and this statement struck me as odd for a Bounty Hunter.

2016-05-22_12-51-52How can a non force user have all the fates of everyone in their hands? Knowing that they do not wield the force at all. I know this is a general saying that everyone gets, but still if you’re not a force user, and not really devoted to the Empire as say the Warrior, Inquisitor, or Agent, how can they truly have the fates of everyone in their hands. The same goes for the Republic side for a Smuggler who really has no ties to the Republic at all. Not like the Trooper, Knight, or Consular who are all devoted to helping the Republic take out the Empire and kill the emperor. So again how can the fates of everyone be in the hands of people who do not wield the force at all?

LighandDark01In this statement again it looks like you’re being groomed to become a leader even if you do not want to lead these people at all. So even in SoR you are being made into something you really don’t want. I mean in all reality of it all What kind of leader could a Bounty Hunter become, or even a Smuggler, after all they are in it for the money and the glory for themselves. Now there is something else that has always perplexed me beyond reasons and with the next image I will go into further details about it. But still you are about to lead these men and women into a battle that will test everything they once believed to be honest and true for them. Now we are fighting Revan in this and it’s taxing on some because none fully trust one another, and in all honesty why should they? Hasn’t it always been ideal that the Republic and Empire fight, and destroy each other no matter the outcome, but now you have to fight someone who is suppose to be dead.

2016-05-23_13-58-02The puzzle locks that well if you look at it from a Force users view , it would be simple enough to unlock ,but wait. I’m a bounty hunter, so this made me question. “How am I able to unlock these so easily and yet I do not wield the force?” I love puzzles and I look for them in just about everything I do both online and offline. But that isn’t the point here. The point here is if we are non force users, how are we able to unlock these mechanisms by using the force after all? Has the force been inside us all this time, but only dormant because we opted to take what some would say was a mundane path of go for the guns. Even after you unlock everything, you are visited by a spirit, yet again though you do wield the force , but yet Revan’s spirit chooses to speak to you instead of someone else. Yes I know he shows up for everyone, but for a non force user, it would be perplexing enough to try and understand how it happens.

2016-05-23_14-02-50Even Marr and Satele have seen this and knew you were visited by this manifestation. So wait a minute I’ve been visited by a ghost, yet I do not wield the force, how is that even remotely possible? I have never wielded the force , but yet I’m being visited by a dead man. Odd okay, so now we move onto the fact that you must find a way to gather the forces and march into battle. They need your example to lead them into the fight of their lives. Truly it becomes survival of the fittest when you go up against Revan and his cult.

2016-05-23_14-04-55The solo option to gather the forces, and  getting them to band together is not an easy task, but if you soloed it, this is what you had to do. Now mind you. I have never done any of the operations because of being a solo player, so this was the option I always picked. I opted to unit everyone into one further goal, and that was to go after Revan himself, and take him down. We could not let his goal of bringing back the Emperor come to life because it would destroy everything and everyone we know. So yeah we marched into his area, and kicked his spirit ass back into the force.

2016-05-23_14-55-47Here after the battle has ended, and the Emperor has come back to life, it is even noticed by the Spirit of Revan, “Bounty hunter. No outsider has ever held as much sway with the Empire as you hold now.” Hence you have even earned respect from Darth Marr as well, and that is a hard thing to get for being an outsider. He was not keen on asking a Bounty hunter to help out due to the past with Shae and Malgus. But you have earned a lot of respect in the Empire by the end of this fight, and you are now the go to person because of what you are capable of as someone who does not wield the force at all.

2016-05-23_15-00-24Even Marr knows you are there not just for yourself anymore, but as someone people can look up too because you’ve done what he and Shan could not , you got them to put their differences aside and work together long enough to end Revans threat. So yeah you’ve finally become respected in the Empire after all and have at least one dark council member on your side, along with Lana Beniko knowing that you are the right person to go in the event of a crisis, and she uses that again the future for Ziost as well.

2016-05-23_15-01-14Marr again acknowledges that you’ve held a unique position within the Empire , but yet you’re not from the Empire though. He now acknowledges you as a go to person himself. We all know how tough and hard Marr is to get a long with. But to get that kind of compliment from him meant a lot to the hunter, because now they realize they are an important part of the Empire even if they are not from the empire itself. But also means tougher times are coming and that you will the go to person for it all.

2016-05-23_15-01-26He really does realize now that your partnership with the Empire is high valuable, and accepted among the others. I felt respected as a hunter when he said that to my hunter. So yeah the hunter has truly earned his respect and not just on this encounter alone, but because you have been the go to person for a lot of reasons.


Now I am going to fast forward this and jump into KotFE. It is no surprise that I knelt. I have 1 character  that did not kneel to Valkorion all because I wanted to fight against him and Arcann for the aspect of having played the Expansion from both sides of the fence. But something caught me off guard this time, and it’s this next image that makes it strange.

2016-05-23_17-50-00Even in the beginning Arcann is impressed because he knows nothing of the bounty hunter, but yet he is impressed with how everyone in power seems to turn to you. Seeking your help and yet you do not wield the force at all. Interesting to say the least, because not many would understand it.Even though on this one, I chose to remain silent to annoy him, which I don’t think it worked, but still was fun to see the egg on his half face so to speak. I like to troll some NPC’s from time to time just to see if a reaction will break them, or make them smirk. But guess with Arcann he just doesn’t know how to live life without being in rage mode all the time.

LighandDark02Here is where becoming something greater starts. As you see Valkorion is starting to transfer his power into your body. So hence you are now accepting that the force is becoming a part of you with the help of Valkorion. This is what happens when you kneel and accept that power. When you don’t. you attempt to kill Valkorion and still his power washes out into a huge flash and you are thrown into carbonation chamber either way. But yet you’ve now wielded some small part of the force. I can see how many would feel that they are being forced if they picked the choice to kill Valkorion, or as I see it an attempt to kill him after all. So yeah on that note I would agree having Valkorions power surging through you is a bit forced, but if you chose to kneel. Then you weren’t forced at all. It was your choice that made that decision.

2016-05-23_18-00-28Even Valkorion is impressed with you. You can’t wield the force, but yet you triumph over powers far greater, he is highly impressed with your abilities, and believes he made the right choice in offering his power to you, at least in the beginning. But by the time you actually ask for his input he throws a tantrum and removes you from the easy way for you to get in touch with someone when he doesn’t give you the answers you need. Instead he throws into the wilderness and makes you fight him, and deal with matters that you really do not understand because you can not wield the force. Or could you wield it all that time, but didn’t because you chose to ignore who you truly are?

LighandDark03Before departing you for the time being, he gives you a token more of his power, and leaves you alone. To seek out how you must become greater than in the past. Not an easy task but none the less it’s a task you must now understand  and take head on. You must learn to look inward and find the answers you seek to become greater to Arcann and the rest so that you can defeat them and take the throne. Yet again you do not wield the force, but yet you now have powers that allow you to do just that. Are you being forced into using his powers again? Or are you making the decision for yourself now?



LighandDark04Since I am a non force user, regardless of my decision to kneel or kill him. I have been given powers and a way to use the force even though through it all I’ve been a non force user. But yet even Satele and Marr don’t understand in the ways you’ve changed, or how you are able to wield the force without being a force user after all, but this is now just the beginning of how you’ll be able to wield force powers.

I personally think it is not so much as being able to wield the force, but being able to lead the galaxy into a new way of life. It’s really about becoming a Leader people will truly look up too. For me and this is just again my own theory and opinion in it all, but I believe they have given us the stepping stones to use to become something greater than we were in the past. Letting us know what it is to be a non force user who finally awakens with the ability to harness just a little bit of this power, and for the force users to learn how to live beyond light and dark, and become fully united under one with the force. But none the less it is still about becoming a leader that everyone can look up too, and respect, because they want too, not because you put the fear of whatever into them. I hope you enjoyed this topic, and if you missed the others. Here are their links Force users and Beyond Light and Dark.


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