So I took a break

2016-05-20_17-46-47I thought this image would sum up a lot for me as I write this post. As you have noticed that I haven’t blogged much or even said anything about being in SW:ToR at the moment, and that is because this weekend I took a break from it. Not because of anything bad, but when you have a Legacy Level of 50, all 8 class stories done, it really becomes a mute option if you’re not a raider, grinder, into PVP, or anything else in that nature. So I did what most do, I took a break, started a new blog, and got into some other types of MMOs, and Singleplayer games. Now why you may ask? Because I needed a break from SW:ToR, I needed to step back and breath in the fresh air so to speak. I needed to regain focus on why I love playing video games, and plus I just needed an overall break in general from SW:ToR. I’m not saying everyone should do that, but sometimes you just need to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. I gave up with the Healers in SW:ToR because they are designed for groups and well let’s face it. I’m not much of a group content type of person. I retried my hand at PVP only to give up after a few matches, even moved that character to another server before I went on a small break.

TwitterIf you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen a lot of this over the weekend. I started trying out other games, some newer, some older, but overall I just needed a break from SW:ToR and hence is why this blog came to life. Granted I will always love SW:ToR as it is extremely my 1st full time MMO that I have played, but let’s face it. I am also a story lover, and I can’t find anymore content in SW:ToR for me to get into that does not require a group, so I went some where else over the weekend while waiting for the new Chapter in KotFE. Nothing wrong with it really? Unless of course you’re one of those die hard fanatics that believes everything should revolve around a certain game. I’m sorry I just can’t do that anymore. I want to expand and explore other games. so I decided that with everything done I could do as a solo player in SW:ToR at the moment, that I would broaden my game library with some other games I wanted to try out. Plus go back to a few other games that I was neglecting. So no I’m not giving up SW:ToR and I’m still very much an active subscriber now, but I decided to not log into the website, the game itself much over the weekend as I wanted to try other things. Not that its all bad. I found a few new games I will be playing when I don’t want to play SW:ToR all the time, but also because it’s a relaxing thing for me. Trying something new, and enjoying it. So as I said in the beginning a break is always a good thing. So now it’s time to go find something else to do since I’m up wayyyy to early because of an over zealous dog that needed to go outside before the sun rose.


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