Are Legendary Status players being punished?

antiragging So with the latest information released about the Light vs Dark event, it seems that Bioware, and etc just did not think this through. For most of us we have a ton of the achievements already unlocked, a maxed or close to maxed legacy, crafting done, etc. So where does that leave us that have these all done, well their suggestion if you want to partake in the event. Jump to a new server and start a new legacy or something along that nature. You need two characters for the Light vs Dark event, and a ton of throw away as well. You have to have all 8 stories done for the legendary part of the event. So basically they told us, “We are really catering to the new players and not the veterans that have been around since pre-launch, and etc.” I’ve only been apart of SWTOR for the last few years. During that time I’ve managed to max my legacies to level 50, maxed crafting, gotten HK-51 and unlocked it on all legacies. So where would this leave me now? In the cold I guess, and as much as I wanted to partake in the event. Starting a fresh legacy and starting a new , well it could happen. But I won’t be holding my breath for it all because of one thing, starting a new legacy with NO perks is NOT my idea of fun. I love my quick travel to ship, I love being able to jump to whatever planet I need to get things done. I have all 5 Strongholds, I can only get so far in the Eternal Championship without just going “Hell with it, and quitting it.” They really did not think this damn thing through when they decided to bring the Light vs Dark event into play, or maybe they did and decided they would punish those of us that have been done so much and expect us to start from scratch. Now I know on POT5, and Jung Ma servers I could go there as I had them strictly for PVP purposes, and did not move any of my other characters from higher legacies there, but I don’t know if I want to go to dead servers and try to play anything there. Granted story wise it would be a charm, all because no one is there, but to even attempt the FPs and other things would be extremely hard cause if it’s a dead server, then how are you suppose to get achieve anything there. While my subscription is still active, and I do go in a and play from time to time, it would give me an option to redo a lot of the older stories again on those other servers, but it’s the point of seeing the same story again and again. As for the goodies they are giving, well the only one I would seriously want are the companions but like many of us, we want to know if the companions come with a backstory, and seriously do we need anymore damn companions to begin with. With the alliance in KOTFE, plus the original companions and add on ones they have released via Cartel Packs, do we really need new ones?

Out of all the gifts besides the companions the only ones I would want are


  • Black/Black and White/White Dye
  • MSM J-37 Jetpack
  • Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber
  • Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber

I don’t care much for the armor as I have my set armor that I want. The Cathar honor sword is not me at all. I wish it was, but it’s just not. Unstable lightsaber well I would put into my cargo hold and forget it. Volatile Lightsaber, well it would go well with my Energized and Over-tuned ones I have unlocked in my account now. The dyes are always a huge want because there are some characters that would look in awesome in the Black/Black, not sure about the White/White due to the fact I am not a huge fan of white in general. So where will this leave me during the event? Well to be honest the steam summer sale is going on now til July 4, I have a few games I got over the weekend to play, so yeah I guess while this is going on, and after KOTFE ends here soon. I’ll be finding games in other areas to partake in since I don’t have a band of friends that I could suggest we all make toons on those dead servers, and go there and play, or anything else in that nature, so Thanks but no thanks, I guess this is one event I won’t be dealing with at all. If I start a new toon it’s to play the way I want, not because they believe they should have locked these damn awards to some silly ass event now. Thanks SWTOR, but this is one player that just doesn’t have the friends to do this with.


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