Final thoughts about Fallen Empire

Knights_of_the_Fallen_Empire_logoI took the time today to play it through twice, once with my Neutral Sith Warrior, and then with my extremely dark side Imperial Agent. I have on those two, finished all 16 chapters of KotFE, and now I am writing a review without spoilers for those that haven’t played it, but with after thoughts of what all I saw during my time in KotFE. Like I stated this is all my opinion about everything I saw in the game all the way up to the ending chapter. I will try to make it spoiler free, but I can’t be to sure. I know with the last chapter out, I can keep a lot of the thoughts semi quiet there, but as for chapters 1-15, well I won’t hide the spoilers there. First up I want to talk about the twins Thexan and Arcann. When we first were introduced to the idea of another Empire. We were shocked and excited to see what Bioware Austin was working on in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Twins Thexan and Arcann

5182439-5810365466-brothThe starter for us was seeing them as infants, then into young boys then eventually young men. What we didn’t know was at the time Thexan wasn’t not going to be anywhere in the story after the introduction was over. Why wasn’t Thexan there? Because in a jealous rage Arcann who had been trying for years to gain his father’s attention, even some of his power was feeling well jealous. So as Arcann had enough of his father’s silence, he was going to kill his father in front of his brother, but Thexan being the level headed one yanked his brother back with the force, and with Arcann in a furious rage fought his brother, then struck him down, instantly killing him, only after that did his rage subside and he felt remorse about what he had done. But because he sacrificed his own brother, Valkorion finally gave Arcann the attention he had been craving, but still Valkorion would not share the power he had harnessed. Arcann still did not know exactly what had drawn his father’s attention away so much until the time came that the “Outlander” and Darth Marr showed up in Wild Space after the attacks on Korriban, and Coruscant anywhere that the Sith and Republic were the twins went in and devastated the entire world. After Darth Marr and the “Outlander” were lead into a trap and the player had  to decided to either abandoned ship, or ram it into the Eternal Fleet which we didn’t know who they were at the time. Just that they had invaded us, and the troopers were droids.

First option given in KotFE

So our first option after having Marr killed right before our eyes was to either deny or kneel in front of Valkorion. If you knelt in front of Valkorion well this enraged Arcann as still he could not be warranted any of his father’s power. Much less some of his attention. Now I remember touching base back on this in a previous post of mine. Beyond Light and Dark and then there was part 2 Beyond Light and Dark both of these posts were mainly focusing on Force users vs Non-Force Users But still it pretty much covers what I wanted this post to be about. Whether you knelt before Valkorion or not, that doesn’t matter what did matter was Arcann still very much pouting like a little boy because he has some serious parental issues. Hell even Vaylin has some serious parental issues as well. But still we did not know that Vaylin was even there until she showed up in the throne room. Vaylin was like a well kept secret, only ones that knew about her were Senya, Thexan, Arcann, and of course Valkorion. No where in the opening scenes or teasers we were given about KotFE showed Vaylin anywhere in it. We only knew of Thexan and Arcann. We know she was there sister, but she was the hidden secret from us. She was the sleeper in the family as I like to call her, because we only knew of Arcann and knew that his rage had consume so much of him that he killed his own brother in the heat of his rage.

kotfereview2Through the entire story so far Arcann has been hell bent on destroying the outlander all cause of his father did not give him anything. His rage had consumed him, he had let countless things happen while on his watch. Instead of becoming an emperor that would be respected, he ruled with an iron fist, and installed fear on everyone around, and those that spoke out against him or questioned things that had happened were either killed by his Knights of Zakuul , or they went into exile to avoid being killed, hence seeking out the Alliance to get protection from, or just to hide and keep to their own in the end. Most ended up joining the Alliance once it was shown that the Eternal Throne was not invincible. So that left the newly formed Alliance in it’s power-base hidden on Odessen and the Commander being the once outlander that had escaped Arcann’s prison there in the Spire.

First Season End and leaves it open.

So now that we have had Chapter 16 dropped into our laps, (early access) ,rest should get it tomorrow, but those that have done it, or watched other videos and saw the endings well sure it left a lot of disappoint with some, and distaste in their mouths, so much that I read on the forums a lot of people are just opting to quit SWTOR again. I didn’t quit, I just took a break, I needed a break, I wanted to try other things and I have , but now I’m going to work on a new project for myself in SWTOR. My thinking is now on this, as I said in the beginning I won’t  try to spoil it for anyone, so if you have read this far, and have played the last chapter,  then you’re welcome to finish reading, but if you haven’t and don’t want too, then please hit the “X” button on this post, and I won’t be upset about it.


Afterthoughts about KotFE

STAR-WARS-The-Old-Republic-Knights-of-the-Fallen-Empire-Trailer-7My entire thinking is like this. We were never really promised in taking over the Eternal Empire in the first season. We were  told we had to defeat Arcann, not kill him, even though some would appreciate that option. I towards the end of my extremely neutral Warrior kind of felt sad for Arcann, and did not want to kill him, but wanted him to taste what it was to be defeated, and have sense beaten into him, cause apparently that was the only thing he could truly understand. So after all the fighting was done, thinking that the crash of a scaffold had killed him, I walked away, thinking that was the end. But it wasn’t until after all the dust settled that the next bit of information came into the next season. We had a spoiler thrown out while Bioware was overseas last month, and that was this image here below

CngeDEwUEAI5fuW.jpg large
So what happens now to us. We go into a status of sorts to build even more into the alliance, grinding some more BS as usual, but all the while it will make think about a lot of things that is coming in KotET, like now we have not one, but 2 pain in the asses to deal with. Vaylin proclaiming herself Empress of the Eternal Throne. Scorpion being the deceiving droid we all know she is. Not to mention we have the bonus chapter of HK coming out if those that stayed subbed the whole time, not to mention we have the Dark vs Light event still going on, but now for my next project I am going to do this. I have a level 55 Jedi Knight that is ready to start SoR, and will finish up Ziost before jumping into KotFE, then on another server I have Reinjasa who is my beloved female trooper on Ebon Hawk, well I created a new one over on I believe “The Shadowlands” Server, and she’s currently level 16 I believe, so she’ll be the next one I take through. Unsure yet, as even though my legacies are maxed pretty much everywhere it will be a challenge for me to take them through the entire story line that is required in the Dark vs Light Event, I may try again on the Eternal Championship, but not sure, I can’t get past certain ones, and I’m not good at asking for help, but yeah I’m going to bed now.


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