Voidstar (My proudest moment)

Now this is something I’m proud of, and images will come sometime during this post. I did Voidstar PVP last night, just cause I couldn’t sleep, and I’m not a fan of watching television often. It’s just not something I’m really into. Plus not a lot of guild members were on, and I know my husband likes to watch the end game when I take on Revan. Don’t know why, he’s seen it like 9 times now, I think I’ve done it close to 11 or 12 times. But anyways I took Shawcade and decided to take him into PVP unranked just to see if I could do anything with it. I did, I was proud of myself. I did pretty good as images below will show you time and date, and something that I’m impressed with.

Voidstar1 Voidstar2 Voidstar3

But now I’m thinking since I love the lightsaber he has, and it’s unlocked via through my account collection if it would be smart to copy that same light saber and add the Expertise crystal into it so that I can keep the one for PVE and Endgame Raids and so forth, and just have the one for PVP and switch them before I tend to go back into PVP again at a later date, and should I do the same with his gear as well, as I have no issues with getting copies of the gear that I like for him, He wears the Reaver Mask, Boots, Gloves, and the Eradicator pants, belt. that I bought when it was on sale last time, and then I turned around and unlocked it with CC account wide. His jacket is something I can pick up at the level 50 vendor for comms on the fleet/and or Corellia lvl 50 vendor in the spaceport. I was told to keep that gear at least I think if I remember correctly around 160-179 range so the bolsters will apply correctly so that I can get the 2018 Expertise in the PVP zones. Yeah as you can see I’m trying to really learn this, and understand things, but sometimes guild chat gets into many things at one time and when I’m off doing my thing. I tend to get lost and forget that guild chat is even going. I even recently installed Teamspeak since the guild on Ebon Hawk that I’m on doesn’t require it, but yeah I’m trying to fit in better than before. BTW Desolation is the guild I now am a member of.  On a final note. Earlier tonight I took Shawcade to Yavin-4,and smacked Revan yet again. and here is the lastest image of Shawcade “The Empire’s Wrath” and Darth Marr claiming the galaxy!!


swtor 2015-06-01 16-18-28-09Happy Monday and Enjoy the gaming night/day where-ever you may be!!

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